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UCI rankings post-Vuelta

There have been a number of changes to the men's UCI rankings since the last issue just prior to the Vuelta. At the top, Lance Armstrong has finally lost his number one spot that he has held for the past three months. His successor is Vuelta triple stage winner Erik Zabel, who is now 165 points clear of Davide Rebellin in second place, and 500 points clear of Francesco Casagrande in third.

The Vuelta winner, Angel Casero, only managed to move from 68th to 61st spot, but this is understandable as he placed second last year, and has been out injured for much of 2001. Other riders to benefit from the Vuelta include second placed Oscar Sevilla (30th - 6th), David Millar (54th - 25th), Levi Leipheimer (123rd - 32nd), David Plaza (115th - 55th), Santiago Botero (178th - 57th), José Maria Jimenez (348th - 58th), José Luis Rubiera (109th - 68th), and the big mover, Claus Michael Møller (511th - 91st).

It's been just over a year since Jan Ullrich won the men's road race and finished second in the time trial at the Olympics. He has lost those points now and fell from 4th to 11th on the scale. A win in the World Championships would of course reverse this, as they are worth the same points as the Olympics.

Erik Zabel now has a good chance of remaining as number one until the end of the year, unless Rebellin or Casagrande win the World's. Erik Dekker is an outside chance as well, given that he will score some points for winning the World Cup.

Rankings as of September 30, 2001

Individuals (old ranking in brackets)

1   (2)   Erik Zabel (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom              2,220.00
2   (3)   Davide Rebellin (Ita) Liquigas-Pata                 2,055.00
3   (6)   Francesco Casagrande (Ita) Fassa Bortolo            1,714.00
4   (1)   Lance Armstrong (USA) US Postal Service             1,713.00
5   (5)   Gilberto Simoni (Ita) Lampre-Daikin                 1,644.00
6   (30)  Oscar Sevilla Ribera (Spa) Kelme-Costa Blanca       1,499.00
6   (7)   Romans Vainsteins (Lat) Domo-Farm Frites            1,499.00
8   (12)  Erik Dekker (Ned) Rabobank                          1,496.00
9   (9)   Michael Boogerd (Ned) Rabobank                      1,471.00
10  (10)  Paolo Bettini (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step                1,416.20
11  (4)   Jan Ullrich (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom             1,367.00
12  (11)  Dario Frigo (Ita)                                   1,335.00
13  (8)   Raimondas Rumsas (Ltu) Fassa Bortolo                1,198.00
14  (23)  Jens Voigt (Ger) Credit Agricole                    1,154.50
15  (22)  Joseba Beloki Dorronsoro (Spa) O.N.C.E.-Eroski      1,150.00
16  (17)  Sergey Gontchar (Ukr) Liquigas-Pata                 1,085.00
17  (21)  Jaan Kirsipuu (Est) Ag2R Prevoyance                 1,067.00
18  (19)  Andrei Tchmil (Bel) Lotto-Adecco                    1,029.00
19  (15)  Michele Bartoli (Ita) Fassa Bortolo                 1,018.20
20  (14)  Laurent Jalabert (Fra) CSC Tiscali                    951.00
25  (54)  David Millar (GBr) Cofidis                            907.00
27  (96)  Juan Miguel Mercado Martin (Spa)         874.00
32  (123) Levi Leipheimer (USA) US Postal Service               852.00
47  (76)  Scott Sunderland (Aus) Team Fakta                     713.00
51  (18)  Abraham Olano Manzano (Spa) O.N.C.E.-Eroski           700.00
55  (115) David Plaza Romero (Spa) Festina                      672.00
57  (178) Santiago Botero Echeverry (Col) Kelme-Costa Blanca    654.00
58  (348) José Maria Jimenez Sastre (Spa)          651.00
61  (68)  Angel Luis Casero Moreno (Spa) Festina                622.00
65  (13)  Roberto Heras Hernandez (Spa) US Postal Service       578.00
68  (109) José Luis Rubiera Vigil (Spa) US Postal Service       572.00
88  (192) Massimo Donati (Ita) Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola     475.00
91  (511) Claus Michael Møller (Den) Milaneza-MSS               469.00
94  (161) Eddy Mazzoleni (Ita) Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola     460.00
99  (157) Robbie McEwen (Aus) Domo-Farm Frites                  436.00
100 (148) Mikel Zarrabeitia Uranga (Spa) O.N.C.E.-Eroski        435.00


Division I

1 Fassa Bortolo                               7,520.00 pts
2 Team Deutsche Telekom                       7,007.00
3 Rabobank                                    6,712.00
4 Mapei-Quick Step                            6,319.00
5 Lotto-Adecco                                6,124.00
6                                5,928.00
7 US Postal Service                           5,912.00
8 O.N.C.E.-Eroski                             5,871.00
9 Cofidis                                     5,838.20
10 Domo-Farm Frites                           5,151.00

Division II

1 Alessio                                     3,844.00 pts
2 Ag2R Prevoyance                             2,841.00
3 Jean Delatour                               2,676.00
4 Bonjour                                     2,584.00
5 Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone                2,168.00
6 La Francaise Des Jeux                       1,942.00
7 Gerolsteiner                                1,798.00
8 Milaneza-MSS                                1,762.00
9 Bankgiroloterij-Batavus                     1,601.00
10 Team Fakta                                 1,589.00


1 Italy                                      12,411.10 pts
2 Spain                                       8,842.00
3 Germany                                     7,853.50
4 Belgium                                     7,165.50
5 France                                      6,952.00
6 Netherlands                                 6,191.50
7 U.S.A.                                      5,162.00
8 Switzerland                                 4,671.00
9 Australia                                   3,309.00
10 Russia                                     3,298.50

Complete rankings

Houwelingen critical of Vuelta result

Adri van Houwelingen of the Rabobank isn't happy with Angel Casero as the winner of the Vuelta. "Casero is the winner of cycling by numbers. He never attacked. And in the top 10 of the overall classification only one rider - Mercado - won a stage [Ed: Claus Møller (8th) also won one]. That says a lot, but it is the image of the whole season. The differences are small."

The final result saw 15 Spaniards in the top 20 on GC, significantly greater than the proportion of Italians in the top 20 of the Giro d'Italia, or French in the Tour de France top 20. US Postal DS Johan Bruyneel's comment at the start that the race "only interested the Spaniards" turned out to be quite accurate.

However, others believe that the Vuelta was one of the most exciting stage races of this season. It was fast and aggressive with only small time gaps separating the top riders. The race wasn't decided until the final day, and Casero rode a tactically sound race in order to put the pressure on Kelme to control things. Oscar Sevilla showed himself as a potential future star, and American Levi Leipheimer blew the socks off everybody to take a podium spot.

There was Jose Maria Jimenez' return to his best climbing form, with victories in three stages, as well as the mountains and points competitions. His teammate Juan Miguel Mercado also showed himself as a future climbing star.

The ONCE team disappointed, especially with the failure and subsequent abandonment of Joseba Beloki, who led the race for a short time. Another disappointment was Marco Pantani, who spent most of the race in his own yellow-clad peloton before his predictable abandonment. His compatriot Gilberto Simoni (winner of the Giro) made up for it and really came into form in the final week.

Two time Vuelta winner Alex Zülle managed to finish in 109th place, and was anonymous throughout the race. To his credit, he did not abandon what may be one of his last major tours. Likewise, Abraham Olano didn't reveal any of his abilities, even in the time trials.

Italian team for the World's

Road Race

Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo)
Michele Bartoli (Fassa Bortolo)
Ivan Basso (Fassa-Bortolo)
Daniele Nardello (Mapei-Quick Step)
Paolo Bettini (Mapei-Quick Step)
Paolo Lanfranchi (Mapei-Quick Step)
Davide Rebellin (Liquigas-Pata)
Gianni Faresin (Liquigas-Pata)
Gilberto Simoni (Lampre-Daikin)
Eddy Mazzoleni (Tacconi Sport Caldirola)
Massimo Donati (Tacconi Sport Caldirola)
Denis Lunghi (Team Colpack)
Danilo Di Luca (Cantina Tollo-Acqua & Sapone)
Giuliano Figueras (Panaria-Fiordo)

Time Trial

Marco Pinotti (Lampre-Daikin)

Belgian team for the World's RR

Mario Aerts (Lotto-Adecco)
Serge Baguet (Lotto-Adecco)
Christophe Brandt (Lotto-Adecco)
Andrei Tchmil (Lotto-Adecco)
Axel Merckx (Domo-Farm Frites)
Johan Museeuw (Domo-Farm Frites)
Dave Bruylandts (Domo-Farm Frites)
Nico Mattan (Cofidis)
Chris Peers (Cofidis)
Marc Wauters (Rabobank)
Geert Verheyen (Rabobank)
Peter Van Petegem (Collstrop-Palmans)

Dutch team for the World's

Michael Boogerd (Rabobank)
Maarten den Bakker (Rabobank)
Jan Boven (Rabobank)
Erik Dekker (Rabobank)
Karsten Kroon (Rabobank)
Steven de Jongh (Rabobank)
Marc Lotz (Rabobank)
Matthé Pronk (Rabobank)
Bart Voskamp (BankGiroLoterij-Batavus)
Thorwald Veneberg (Rabobank)

With two more from:

Addy Engels (Rabobank)
Remmert Wielenga (De Nardi-Pasta Montegrappa)
Remco van der Ven (BankGiroLoterij-Batavus)
Jan van Velzen (BankGiroLoterij-Batavus)
Bram de Groot (Rabobank)
Bert Hiemstra (BankGiroLoterij-Batavus)
Aart Vierhouten (Rabobank)
Jans Koerts (Mercury)

Jalabert out of French World's team

Laurent Jalabert will not, despite his best intentions, be captaining France at the World Championships in Lisbon. The Tour de France King of the Mountains is suffering from tendonitis in his knee, which he felt a few days prior to the Grand Prix des Nations.

"I underwent a treatment with anti-inflammatories, but the pain persisted, preventing me to move forward," said Jalabert today. "Not to be at full strength on as hard and demanding circuit is not possible: there will be 65 kilometres of climbing. To take part in a World Championship, you have to be hundred percent of your condition."

"I will take a break of at least a month. I also will consult a chiropractor. I have said that, perhaps, I would make an end to my career next year: it is certainly a possibility. It will be my 14th season. I don't feel able to gain the Tour but a World Championship, a one day classic as I did in San Sebastian."

"Yesterday, I was depressed. The decision was not easy to take and communicate to the members of the French team. But, they have to understand that I did not forfeit for lack of motivation."

No World's road race for Van Moorsel

Dutchwoman Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel will not start in the World Championships in Lisbon, October 9-14, she announced on Sunday evening. After winning the gold medal in the women's 3000m individual pursuit in Antwerp, she accomplished one of her goals this season. She has always said that the Lisbon course would not be suited to her abilities, although she is still listed as a starter in the time trial.

Museeuw to Mapei?

According to Gazet van Antwerpen, Johan Museeuw has an verbal agreement with Mapei-Quick Step. He should sign within a few days and starts his contract on December 1. Next year he will be a rider, the year after he will start as a public-relations man for Mapei, Belgium. And in the future he will work with Mapei's young team.

Mercury suspended by the UCI

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has suspended the Mercury division I trade team after it failed to top up its bank guarantee within one month of it being drawn upon. In an official statement, the UCI indicated that "several riders" had requested using the guarantee, as they had not been paid for several months.

"In accordance with article 2.16.031 of the UCI Regulations, the Trade Team whose guarantee is drawn upon shall be automatically suspended if the guarantee is not made up to its full amount within one month," read the statement.

The guarantee is worth a total of US$850,000, a quarter of the team's budget. The UCI stated that the Mercury team will be "suspended until it has rectified the situation."

So far this year, the team has sacked or freed several riders and staff, including assistant managers Johan Lammerts and Alain Gallopin, riders Niklas Axelsson (Alessio), Laurent Chotard (?), Chris Horner (Prime Alliance), Chann McRae (US Postal), Pavel Tonkov (Lampre) and Peter van Petegem (Collstrop-Palmans).

Farm Frites-Hartol 2002

Manager Michael Zijlaard has selected the Farm Frites-Hartol women's team for next season, hoping to build on its 77 wins in 2001. Olympic and World champion Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel, national champions Sissy van Alebeek, Anouska van der Zee, Sonja Pfister-Van Kuik, Daphny van den Brand and Madeleine Lindberg will all form the basis of the team, with the latter choosing to extend her contract despite a heavy fall in the Holland Ladies Tour and thoughts of retirement.

At the end of December, Esther van der Helm, Sharon van Essen and Bertine Spijkerman will leave to join the Dutch National Team next season. Australian Margaret Hemsley, who had a superb early season but was seriously injured in a race in Mallorca, will not ride for Farm Frites-Hartol next season. She is choosing a team that will allow her optimal preparation for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002.

German Hanka Kupfernagel has already left, but team manager Michael Zijlaard will negotiate with Elsbeth Vink in the coming days for an extension of her contract. Team Farm Frites-Hartol will have nine riders in 2002.

3rd Giro della Provincia di Lucca

The final preparation for many riders before the World's is this relatively new Italian four day stage race, from October 2-5. The race totals 703 kilometres, and is held over a fairly selective parcours. The main riders who will be present include Jan Ullrich (Telekom), Michele Bartoli and Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo), Davide Rebellin (Liquigas), Paolo Bettini (Mapei), Andrei Tchmil (Lotto) and Romans Vainsteins (Domo-Farm Frites).

The stages

Mapei to Lucca

The Mapei-Quick Step team has been decided for the 3rd Giro della Provincia di Lucca, October 2-5.

Riders: Paolo Bettini, Paolo Fornaciari, Paolo Lanfranchi, Daniele Nardello, Luca Scinto, David Tani, Andrea Tafi, Pavel Zerzan. DS: Fabrizio Fabbri

35th Subida al Naranco

This Saturday, October 6, sees the 35th edition of the Spanish climbing race, Subida al Naranco. The race is 161 kilometres, starting in Oviedo, capital of Asturias, at 12:20. The route have several climbs: Alto El Pedroso (Cat. 3), Alto La Campa (Cat. 2), Alto Gargantada (Cat. 3), Alto Manzaneda (Cat. 1), Alto del Naranco (Cat. 1 and finish).

The teams who will take part are: ONCE,, Kelme, Relax-Fuenlabrada, Jazztel, Euskaltel, Festina-CSC mixed team, Mapei, La Pecol, Milaneza-Maia, Recer-Boavista, Spanish amateur team, and a selection of riders of Asturias such as Coque Uria (ex-Polti) and Santi Perez (Barbot).

Courtesy of Miguel Fernandez Rico

Publi Tour Midi-Pyrénées cancelled

The first edition of the women's Publi Tour Midi-Pyrénées, scheduled for October 3-7, as been cancelled according to the organisers. An explosion in the AZF factory in Toulouse caused the Midi-Pyrenees police to prohibit any events of this nature through the area for the time being. The race will now take place in May 2002.

Butler and Taylor's End-to-End records

Both the men's and women's 840 miles Lands End to John O'Groats long distance records were broken on the weekend. Gethin Butler set a new men's record at 44:04:19 (19.06 mph/30.72 km/h), and subsequently went on to break the 1000 mile record, clocking 55:53:07 (17.89 mph/28.84 km/h). Lynne Taylor set a new women's End-to-End record at 53:48:21 (15.6 mph/25.16 km/h).

All these records are subject to ratification by the RRA (Road Records Association). There are reportedly an army of 'checkers' throughout the route who complete witness statements, the first one being a lady in her eighties called Elaine Hancock who lives just a few miles from the start and always comes out to cheer on any record attempts.

Courtesy of Syd Hancock

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