49th Six Days of Zurich - 6D

Switzerland, November 26-December 1, 2001

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Day 6 - December 1

Final victory to McGrory/Gilmore in a nail-biting finish

The final night's racing in the Zurich Hallenstadion saw a nail-biting finish to the Six Days of Zurich. Three teams, Scott McGrory/Matthew Gilmore, Jimmi Madsen/Andreas Beikirch, and Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart were in contention for the overall victory, although Risi was suffering from a cold. In the last madison of the evening, McGrory/Gilmore and Madsen/Beikirch managed to take a lap out of Risi/Betschart, forcing the Swiss pair into third place overall.

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Photo: © Pascal Meisser
The first madison of the evening was the 30 km Mövenpick madison, won by Madsen/Beikirch from Risi/Betschart and McGrory/Gilmore. At this stage, the three leading teams were close on points, but all three teams were on the same lap.

The final madison was 60 minutes plus 40 laps, and Risi/Betschart poured it on for the first part of the race, taking a lot of points in the intermediate sprints. They looked like they would win their 8th Six Days of Zurich until Madsen/Beikirch and McGrory/Gilmore attacked with 15 laps to go, successfully taking a lap out of the Swiss pair. This was more than enough to give McGrory/Gilmore the overall victory, with Madsen/Beikirch gaining enough points to pass the Swiss for second place.

During the evening's racing, the track record was broken for the flying lap time trial (250 m). American Marty Nothstein smashed the former record of Jens Fiedler (13.13 seconds) with 12.94 seconds, well in front of Bruno Risi (13.28 seconds) and Franco Marvulli (13.31 seconds).

In the Stayers competition, Felice Puttini, paced by his father Roberto, won the event for the third time, beating Carsten Podlesch (Bruno Walrave) and Hanskurt Brand (Rene Aebi).

The amateur competition (Six Jours de l'Avenir) was won by Belgians Iljo Keisse/Jürgen van Loocke, who beat Germans Stefan Löffler/Jan Ott by a solitary point, with the race being decided in the final sprint.


Photo's by Pascal Meisser



30 km Mövenpick madison 

1 Jimmi Madsen (Den)/Andreas Beikirch (Ger)
2 Bruno Risi (Swi)/Kurt Betschart (Swi)
3 Scott McGrory (Aus)/Matthew Gilmore (Bel)

Final standings after night 6

1 Scott McGrory (Aus)/Matthew Gilmore (Bel)/Dani Schnider (Swi)         264 pts

1 lap behind

2 Jimmi Madsen (Den)/Andreas Beikirch (Ger)/Niki Aebersold (Swi)        266
3 Bruno Risi (Swi)/Kurt Betschart (Swi)/Markus Zberg (Swi)              257

7 laps behind

4 Giovanni Lombardi (Ita)/Marco Villa (Ita)/Fabian Cancellara (Ita)     191
5 Danny Stam (Ned)/Andreas Kappes (Ger)/Thomas Frischknecht (Swi)       182
6 Etienne Dewilde (Bel)/Lars Teutenberg (Ger)/Eugeni Berzin (Rus)       159

9 laps behind

7 Adriano Baffi (Ita)/Christian Weber (Swi)/Roger Beuchat (Swi)         142

14 laps behind

8 Gerd Dörich (Ger)/Mario Vonhof (Ger)/Bert Grabsch (Ger)               177

19 laps behind

9 Alexander Aeschbach (Swi)/Franco Marvulli (Swi)/Martin Elmiger (Swi)  328

28 laps behind

10 Erik Weispfennig (Ger)/Stefan Steinweg (Ger)/Roland Müller (Swi)      62

32 laps behind

11 Franz Stocher (Aut)/Frank Kowatschitsch (Ger)/Massimo Strazzer (Ita) 122

33 laps behind

12 Marty Nothstein (USA)/James Carney (USA)/Markus Joho (Swi)           275
13 Frank Corvers (Bel)/Jimmy Hansen (Den)/Marco Cannone (Ita)           58

35 laps behind

14 Patrick Fäh (Swi)/Patrick Kraus (Swi)/Beat Wabel (Swi)               105

47 laps behind

15 Markus Kammermann (Swi)/Lorenzo Lapage (Bel)/Christian Heule (Swi)    66

DNF Silvio Martinello (Ita) 
DNF Robert Slippens (Ned) 
DNF Lukas Zumsteg (Swi)


Final standings after night 6

1 Iljo Keisse/Jürgen van Loocke (Bel)          111 pts 
2 Stefan Löffler/Jan Ott (Ger)                 110 
3 Patrizio Frigeri (Swi)/Karsten Wörner (Ger)  91 
4 Oliver Mattmann/Ralph Zimmermann (Swi)       76 
5 Kevin Jaeggi/Stefan Peterer (Swi)            32 
6 Michael Müller/Tobias Baumgartner (Swi)      29 

1 lap behind

7 Stefan Mittelhammer/Karsten Lange (Ger)      20 
8 Reto Küng (Swi)/Kay Wörner (Ger)             6


Final standings after night 6

1 Felice Puttini (Swi)/Roberto Puttini (Swi)   20 pts
2 Carsten Podlesch (Ger)/Bruno Walrave (Ned)   21 
3 Hanskurt Brand (Swi)/Rene Aebi (Swi)         21 
4 Peter Jörg (Swi)/Robert Buchmann (Swi)       25 
5 Stefan Klare (Ger)/Christian Dippel (Ger)    29 
6 Jan Ramsauer (Swi)/Jozef de Bakker (Bel)     36 
7 Sabino Cannone (Ita)/Dieter Durst (Ger)      45 
8 Ruedi Keller (Swi)/Peter Steiger (Swi)       55