Results and Reports for December 8-9, 2001


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New Mexico State Cyclo-cross Championships

Journal Center, NE Albuquerque, Sunday, December 9, 2001

Weather: Very cold, dry, moderate wind, clear

A Race

From top to bottom, this was the closest and most bitterly fought A-race of the cyclocross season. Places 1, 3, 6, and 8 were not decided until the final few hundred meters. Of note were Andel/Knight-Williamson and Morgan/Allen duels; these pairs shadowed each other for most of the race. Knight-Williamson shed Andel for good on the last half lap and put in nearly the fastest lap of the day in the process. Morgan won the sprint for third. Larson snuck past Heinz to take the 35+ silver.

B race

Wykoff took command on the 2nd lap and never looked back. A tight pack of chasers formed and Kerr eventually emerged from that group to move alone into 2nd. He was closing the gap to 1st in the final laps. Third was nip-and-tuck all the way to the tape, with Newell getting it over Kern by a bike length. Cobb and Schoeny both flatted.

C & Juniors

The C-race was combined with the junior race. Maes was 8th overall, Shere 10th, Ritz 11th, Donnelly 13th, and Lujan 18th. Donnelly fell from contention after flatting.

In the junior race McCallister took the lead immediately and extended it every lap. For 2nd week in a row, Neal is outsprinted in the final 30 meters.


A-race - 8.5 laps (approximately 60 minutes)
1 Stephen Knight-Williamson (
2 Alex Andel (                             0.10
3 Hawke Morgan (Hanseatic/Ochsner)                   2.27
4 Dave Allen (Velo del Norte)                        2.29
5 Dan Swinton (UNM Lobos)                            2.54
6 Scott Larson (NM Bike & Sport)                     3.38
7 Darren Heinz (Hanseatic/Ochsner)                   3.48
8 Kevin Buggie (Zia Velo)                            4.42
9 Patrick Ramirez (Crazy Cat)                        4.44
10 Todd Telander (unattached)                        5.45
11 Rich Plunkett (unattached)                        6.08
Seven laps behind
12 Peter Maglidt (NM Bike & Sport)
Medal winners
Gold: Alex Andel ( (State Champion's jersey)
Silver: Hawke Morgan (Hanseatic/Ochsner)
Bronze: Dave Allen (Velo del Norte)
Gold: Stephen Knight-Williamson ( (State Champion's jersey)
Silver: Scott Larson (NM Bike & Sport)
Bronze: Darren Heinz (Hanseatic/Ochsner)
B-race - 6.5 laps (approximately 45 minutes)
1 Dave Wykoff (Velo del Norte)
2 Dave Kerr (NMVS)                                   0.24
3 Dave Newell (NMVS)                                 0.50
4 Pete Kern (unattached)                             0.50
5 Mark Eichinger (unattached)                        1.14
6 Guy Tann (Pedros)                                  1.25
7 Silvio Menezes (NMVS)                              2.44
8 Jamie Ryan-White (                       2.50
9 Lee Souders (NMVS)
10 Bill McLain (NMVS)                                3.55
11 John Boland (Hanseatic/Ochsner)                   4.25
12 Nat Cobb (Hanseatic/Ochsner)                      5.01
13 Derek Moffett (NMVS)                              5.24
14 Tim Schoeny (Sports & Wellness)                   5.43
Five laps behind:
15 Jerry Shere (Hanseatic/Ochsner)
Medal winners
Gold: Dave Kerr (NMVS) (State Champion's jersey)
Silver: Dave Newell (NMVS)
Bronze: Guy Tann (Pedros)
Gold: Dave Wykoff (Velo del Norte) (State Champion's jersey)
Silver: Pete Kern (unattached)
Bronze: Mark Eichinger (unattached)
C-race - 4.5-laps (approximately 35 minutes)
1 Brandon Maes (Hanseatic/Ochsner)
2 Tove Shere (Hanseatic/Ochsner)
3 Charles Ritz (Hanseatic/Ochsner)
4 Bill Donnelly (unattached)
5 Pat Lujan (NMVS)
Medal winners
Gold: Brandon Maes (Hanseatic/Ochsner) (State Champion's jersey)
Silver: Tove Shere (Hanseatic/Ochsner) (State Champion's jersey) Top female
Bronze: Charles Ritz (Hanseatic/Ochsner)
Juniors - 4.5 laps (approximately 35 minutes)
1 Ben McCallister (Tri-sport/RRHS)
2 Stuart Knight-Williamson (               1.21
3 Ben Grant (Tri-sport/RRHS)                         2.16
4 Mike Neal (                              2.16
5 Vince Metzger
6 Jeff Golik Jr (Tri-sport/RRHS)
7 Chris Osburn (
8 Brandon Boucher (Tri-sport/RRHS)
9 Bryson Sewell (Velo del Norte)
10 Anthony Ebert (Tri-sport/RRHS)
11 Tim Osburn (
12 Anthony Alderete
13 Kevin Truesdale (Tri-sport/RRHS)
14 Matt Lacombe (Tr-sport/RRHS)
15 Matt Almodova (Tri-sport/RRHS)
16 Mesa Lange-Scovel (unattached)
17 Ashley Truesdale (Tri-sport/RRHS)
Medal winners
Gold: Ben McCallister (Tri-sport/RRHS) (State Champion's Jersey)
Silver: Stuart Knight-Williamson (
Bronze: Ben Grant (Tri-sport/RRHS)
Jr Females
Gold: Mesa Lange-Scoval (State Champion's jersey)
Silver: Ashley Truesdale (Tri-sport/RRHS)

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