Park Tool BLT-1 Spoke Wrench Belt

By John Stevenson

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Belt up
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Bike mechanics need to keep their trousers up too, and Park Tool's BLT-1 is as practical as it is whimsical. The nylon webbing belt threads through a buckle that's shaped like a Park spoke wrench, complete with plastic coating. Unlike a spoke wrench, though, fitting and usage of the BLT-1 requires no special training or techniques – just thread the webbing through the buckle, tighten to a comfortable point and you're away, with your trousers safely supported.

There's 42in (107cm) of webbing to go at, so whippets may want to trim the end. I hate the smell of burning plastic, so I just tuck it into itself, which looks scruffy, but works.

One disadvantage compared to a regular strip-of-leather-with-holes belt is that there's no built-in warning system for the spread that comes of winter inactivity or too much wrenching and not enough riding. With a regular belt you know you've been overdoing the felafel rolls and underdoing the riding when you can't use the usual hole, but with the Park belt you just stop snugging when it's right. We'd like to see Park come up with a calibrated Version 2.0 to keep us guys who get fat in the winter on our toes – or at least able to see them.


Not just a chi-chi – it works.

Price guide: $12.95 (USA)
Pro: Holds up your trousers
No warning against winter widening
More information: Park Tool 's website
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