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Spanish Cycling federation suspends investigation into del Olmo

Meeting in Madrid yesterday, the National Competition Committee of the Spanish Cycling Federation decided to suspend its investigation into the case of Txema Del Olmo. Riding for Euskaltel-Euskadi at the time, del Olmo tested 'non-negative' for EPO during this year's Tour de France and was suspended from the race. However, the Spanish authorities have recently expressed doubts about the UCI's urine test for EPO and in this case the committee said that the 85 percent level of basic isoforms of EPO that determines a positive is not set by any regulation but has been established unilaterally by the laboratory.

The committee went on to say that taking action against del Olmo could be unconstitutional under Spanish law, and that any action could be challenged because of the admission of the director of the Chatenay-Malbray laboratory, Dr Jacques de Ceaurriz, that "our method is not 100 percent perfect." The recommendation of the IOC that a combined urine/blood test for EPO should be used was also a factor.

Bremen Six field announced

The field for the next event in this winter's round of Six day races has been announced. Sport director Patrick Sercu – one of the most successful Six day racers of all time – announced yesterday the 24 riders in 12 teams that will take part in the 38th Bremen Six, Germany, January 10 to 15

Sercu expressed disappointment at the absence of Rolf Aldag, who has taken part in the Bremen event for the last two years. "I don't know the reason [for his absence]" said Sercu.

38th Six days of Bremen start list

Scott McGrory (Aus)/Matthew Gilmore (Bel)
Andreas Kappes/Andreas Beikirch (Ger)
Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart (Swi)
Etienne de Wilde (Bel)/Juan Llaneras (Spa)
Robert Slippens/Danny Stam (Ned)
Silvio Martinello/Marco Villa (Ita)
Jimmy Madsen/Michael Sandstod (Den)
Stefan Steinweg/Erik Weißpfennig (Ger)
Adriano Baffi (Ita)/Gerd Dörich (Ger)
Mario Vonhoff/Christian Lademann (Ger)
Lars Teutenberg (Ger)/Marty Nothstein (USA)
Jens Lehmann/Guido Fulst (Ger)

Navigators 2002: new bikes and four new faces

The Navigators team announced its 2002 roster yesterday, with nine riders from the 2001 squad staying on board, four new faces and a new bike sponsor, Italian bike demi-god Colnago.

The team retains Chris Baldwin, Siro Camponogara, Vassili Davidenko, Oleg Grichkine, Todd Littlehales, Glen Mitchell, USPRO crit champion Kirk O'Bee, Burke Swindlehurst, and Mark Walters while the new faces are Brian Sheedy, a 26 year old neo-pro from Michigan, Ryan Guay, formerly of 7-Up, Thomas Leaper, who moves over from Panaria and Ciaran Power (see first edition news).

The acquisition of Colnago as bike sponsor is something of a coup for the Navigators. This is the first time the Italian company has sponsored a pro team based in the US. Team director Ed Beamon said, "It is a great privilege and an honour to have the support of such a legendary institution."

Team roster

Chris Baldwin (USA)
Siro Camponogara (Ita)
Vassili Davidenko (Rus)
Oleg Grichkine (Rus)
Ryan Guay (USA)
Thomas Leaper (Aus)
Todd Littlehales (USA)
Glen Mitchell (NZl)
Kirk O'Bee (USA)
Ciaran Power (Irl)
Brian Sheedy (USA)
Burke Swindlehurst (USA)
Mark Walters (Can)

Peat to ride Orange, Lopes to stay on GT?

Steve Peat – one of the several MTB stars rendered rideless by the change of ownership of GT Bicycles earlier this year – will be aboard an Orange in 2002. Peat is putting together his own sponsorship package, independent of affiliation to any particular team, and will be provided bikes by the British company.

Meanwhile, it's strongly rumoured that Brian Lopes will be riding a GT next year, as GT's new owners, Pacific, get the company's marketing and sponsorship sorted. According to Transcend Magazine, the deal is not yet final, but looking very likely.

BURN to qualify for Solo Worlds

The organisers of the BURN 24 Hour race have announced that the 2002 edition will be a qualifying event for the "Solo Worlds" at the 24 Hours of Adrenaline.

A delighted Tyler Benedict of the BURN team said "This is a huge honor for our event, making us a bigger part of the national endurance racing scene!"

The BURN 24 Hour's website ( will be updated in the next few days, and for more information on the 24 Hours of Adrenaline series, see

Recent results and new features on Cyclingnews

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