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Cyclingnews 2005 Reader Poll Results

Best female cyclocross rider

Lyne Bessette at US nationals - riding against the men in the non-championship Liberty Cup
Photo ©: Ed Collier
(Click for larger image) A true champion Lyne Bessette  smiles as she wipes out during the Liberty Cup race.

Just as she has blitzed almost every race in North America this season, Lyne Bessette blitzed the poll for top female cyclocross rider. It's hardly surprising - about the only significant race Bessette has not won this year was the US national championships because, of course, as a Canadian she's not actually eligible.

In Bessette's absence, poll runner-up Katie Compton made her annual appearance at a major cross event and won the US national championship. You have to admire Compton's style. She trains quietly at home for a few months, turns up to nationals and blitzes the field, then declines a spot on the US team because it's more important to her to be able to captain a tandem for blind stoker Karissa Whitsell in Paralympic events. That's class, and 18 percent of you agree!

Top German cyclocrosser Hanka Kupfernagel was third.


                               Votes   %ge
1 Lyne Bessette                 2106  33.5
2 Katie Compton                 1153  18.4
3 Hanka Kupfernagel              847  13.5
4 Daphny van Den Brand           646  10.3
5 Barbara Howe                   633  10.1
6 Christine Vardaros             307   4.9
7 Wendy Simms                    272   4.3
8 Laurence Leboucher             240   3.8
9 Maryline Salvetat               77   1.2
Total                           6281