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12th Paralympic Games - JO

Athens, September 18-27, 2004

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Track Day 4 Round Up - September 21, 2004

Heroic comeback by Modra

Five WRs broken in Women's Kilo

Kieran Modra, the man who wasn't going to participate in these Paralympic Games until the day before the Opening Ceremony, is currently Australia's best medal performer after taking his second gold medal with a courageous ride in the Men's B1-3 Sprint Final. Modra's performance lifts Australia's unequalled tally of medals from the Athens track to nine, with six gold, two silver and one bronze.

In the other final event contested on Day 4 at the Olympic Velodrome, an astounding five world records were broken in the Women's LC1-4 & CP3/4 Kilometre TT, with China taking a clean sweep of the podium, Ju Fang Zhou, Feng Zhen An and Qi Tang taking gold, silver and bronze respectively.

Modra, from South Australia, could easily have forfeited the semi-final to Japan after he and pilot David Short were sent crashing to the velodrome floor when the front tyre of their bike rolled off the wheel in the second of a best-of-three race tilt. The Aussie pair had skin torn off their legs, arms and shoulders, but after applying ice to their wounds and welts, returned to win the third semi-final race to set-up a finals tussle for the gold gong, once again against Slovakian Vladislav Janovjak and his pilot Juraj Petrovic.

"I have to say I could hardly walk after that crash... both of us were hurting all over," said Modra, 32. "We were a mess physically and mentally for a while there. I've always wondered about what the pain would be like after a fall like that - now I know.

"The crash happened so quickly, I didn't know what was happening for a few seconds. But it was a case of picking ourselves up off the ground and focusing on what was needed," he added.

Forty five minutes later, as both limped to their bikes and by their own admission "feeling very sorry and sore", proceeded to overhaul the Slovakian pair, coming back from 1-0 down to take a a gutsy 2-1 win to snare the gold. However, it didn't all go Australia's way - bronze went to Japan's Shigeo Yoshihara and Takuya Oki, who narrowly beat Aussies Anthony Biddle and Kial Stewart with another 2-1 win.

Modra will see how stiff and sore he feels overnight before deciding whether to 1km Time Trial.

In the qualifying round of the Women's B1-3 Tandem 3km Individual Pursuit, America's Karissa Whitsell and Katie Compton set a new Paralympic record with a time of 3 minutes 38.795 seconds (49.361 km/h), less than a second clear of Australia's Lindy Hou and Toireasa Ryan, but almost four seconds ahead of another Aussie duo, Janet Shaw and Kelly Mccombie.

More clear cut was the Men's LC1-4 & CP3/4 Team Sprint qualification, which saw the Australian trio of Peter Brooks, Greg Ball and Christopher Scott clear winners over teams from USA and France.

Racing at the Athens Velodrome concludes tomorrow, with medals from the Women's B1-3 Individual Pursuit, Men's LC1-4 & CP3/4 Team Sprint and Men's B1-3 Kilometre Time Trial all up for grabs.


Men's B1-3 Sprint
Heat 1
1 Kieran Modra (Australia)                 11.350   11.214
  David Short
2 Shigeo Yoshihara (Japan)
  Takuya Oki
Heat 2
1 Vladislav Janovjak (Slovakia)                     11.247   11.557
  Juraj Petrovic
2 Anthony Biddle (Australia)               11.177
  Kial Stewart
For gold and silver
1 Kieran Modra (Australia)                          11.432   11.811
  David Short
2 Vladislav Janovjak (Slovakia)            11.351
  Juraj Petrovic
For bronze
1 Shigeo Yoshihara (Japan)                 11.066            11.385
  Takuya Oki
2 Anthony Biddle (Australia)                        11.342
  Kial Stewart
Final classification
1 Kieran Modra (Australia)
  David Short
2 Vladislav Janovjak (Slovakia)
  Juraj Petrovic
3 Shigeo Yoshihara (Japan)
  Takuya Oki
4 Anthony Biddle (Australia)
  Kial Stewart
5 Achim Moll (Germany)
  Torsten Goliasch
6 Daniel Adam Gordon (Great Britain)
  Barney Storey
7 Tatsuyuki Oshiro (Japan)
  Hideki Tanzawa
8 Patrice Senmartin (France)
  Frederic Janowski
9 Matthew King (USA)
  Eric Degolier
10 Krzysztof Kosikowski (Poland)
   Lukasz Tunkiewicz
11 Brian Cowie (Canada)
   Murray Solem
12 Christos Kalimeris (Greece)
   Symeon Triommatis
Women B  1-3 Tandem 3km Ind Pursuit
1 Karissa Whitsell (USA)                3.38.795 (49.361 km/PR
  Katie Compton
2 Lindy Hou (Australia)                 3.39.694 (49.159 km/h)
  Toireasa Ryan
3 Janet Shaw (Australia)                3.42.435 (48.553 km/h)
  Kelly Mccombie
4 Tone Gravvold (Norway)                3.46.581 (47.665 km/h)
  May Britt Hartwell
5 Michaela Fuchs (Germany)              3.49.096 (47.141 km/h)
  Eva Fuenfgeld
6 Iryna Fiadotava (Belarus)             3.50.596 (46.835 km/h)
  Aksana Zviahintsava
7 Yi Mei Xu (China)                     3.51.150 (46.722 km/h)
  Xiaolei Yan
8 Shawn Marsolais (Canada)              3.54.825 (45.991 km/h)
  Lisa Sweeney
9 Ana Miguelez (Spain)                  3.58.176 (45.344 km/h)
  Beatriz Eva Grande
10 Yadviha Skorabahataya (Belarus)      4.00.602 (44.887 km/h)
   Natallia Piatrova
11 Merja Hanski (Finland)               4.01.462 (44.727 km/h)
   Virve Taljavirta
DNS Lyn Lepore (Australia)
    Jenny Macpherson
Men LC1-4&CP3/4 Team Sprint
1 Australia                                53.310 (50.647 km/h)
  Peter Brooks LC1
  Greg Ball LC4
  Christopher Scott DV4
2 USA                                      55.411 (48.726 km/h)
  Daniel Nicholson DV3
  Ron Williams LC2
  Paul Martin LC2
3 France                                   57.439 (47.006 km/h)
  Laurent Thirionet LC3
  Patrick Ceria LC2
  David Mercier LC1
4 Germany                                  57.621 (46.857 km/h)
  Tobias Graf LC3
  Gotty Mueller LC2
  Guenter Brechtel LC1
5 Czech Republic                           57.659 (46.827 km/h)
  Jiri Bouska DV4
  Jiri Jezek LC2
  Michal Stark LC3
6 Spain                                    58.517 (46.140 km/h)
  Javier Otxoa DV3
  Amador Granado LC2
  Roberto ALCaide LC2
7 Italy                                  1.00.685 (44.492 km/h)
  Fabrizio Macchi LC3
  Andreas Gemassmer LC3
  Fabio Triboli LC1
8 Canada                                 1.04.453 (41.890 km/h)
  Marc Breton LC1
  Jean Quevillon DV3
  Bruce Penner LC4
Women LC1-4&CP3/4 Kilometre TT
                                       Actual time   Correction %  Corrected time
1 Ju Fang Zhou LC1 (China)               1.15.491         100        1.15.491 WR
2 Feng Zhen An LC1 (China)               1.17.711         100        1.17.711
3 Qi Tang LC3 (China)                    1.30.136      86.966        1.18.387 WR
4 Allison Jones LC3 (USA)                1.31.526      86.966        1.19.596
5 Karen Jacobsen DV4 (Denmark)           1.21.801      97.691        1.19.912 WR
6 Barbara Buchan DV3 (USA)               1.31.255      89.458        1.21.634 WR
7 Fiona Southorn LC1 (New Zealand)       1.21.864         100        1.21.864 
8 Claire Mclean LC1 (Australia)          1.21.952         100        1.21.952
9 Jirong Wang LC2 (China)                1.24.516      98.986        1.23.659 WR
10 Susan Van Staden LC3 (South Africa)   1.36.664      86.966        1.24.064
11 Sara Tretola LC1 (Switzerland)        1.25.503         100        1.25.503
12 Daniela Prochazkova DV4 (Czech Repub  1.35.335      97.691        1.33.133