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12th Paralympic Games - JO

Athens, September 18-27, 2004

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Track Day 2 Round Up - September 19, 2004

Australia dominates Day 2

Otxoa blows pursuit WR out of the water

By the Cyclingnews Team

Australia's cycling Paralympians continued where their able-bodied countrymen left off on the second day of track cycling, with standout rides from comeback kid Kieran Modra, who won the Men's B1-3 Individual Pursuit, and Peter Brooks, who took out the Men's LC1 Individual Pursuit title. Lindy Hou and Janelle Lindsay also showed ominous form in the Women's B1-3 sprint qualifying round, posting a time of 11.675 seconds over the final 200 metres to qualify fastest going into tomorrow's sprint finals, and Christopher Scott showed impressive form by qualifying fastest in the Men's CP4 Individual Pursuit.

Equally inspiring was Javier Otxoa's ride in the Men's CP3 Individual Pursuit. Otxoa, a former professional with Spain's Kelme road squad, lost his twin brother Ricardo after both were hit by a car when out training in February 2001. While no longer able to compete in the professional peloton due to substantial brain damage, Javier Otxoa's love for the bicycle saw him return to Athens and smash Daniel Nicholson's previous world record by almost 16 seconds with a time of 3'57.480 in today's qualifying round.

Oxtoa wasn't the only one to make a mockery of the world record. Kieran Modra, who only gained a start in the Paralympic Games two days ago after weeks of legal wrangling, trumped the field in his qualifying ride of the 4km individual time trial at the Athens Velodrome. With pilot Robert Crowe, the pair clocked in at 4 minutes 21.451 seconds, slashing more than five seconds off the existing mark of 4'26.498.

"It's not over yet," a happy Modra said after his qualifying ride. "This time just shows everyone where we are out in terms of form.

Sidelined from the cycling squad after a recent Court of Arbitration in Sport finding that fellow Australian Lyn Lepore was deserving of her place in the team, Modra was granted a new place in the Australian team last Thursday after the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) accepted overtures from the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) that he deserved special consideration. While accepting the bona fides of the CAS finding, the APC believed Modra had a genuine argument to also compete on his competitive merits.

The decision proved to be well-founded, as Modra and Crowe finished fastest in the first round of the B1-3 Individual Pursuit and again the finals, where the Aussie duo lapped the Dutch pairing of Jan Mulder and Pascal Schoots to claim the gold medal in a time of 4 minutes 23.874 seconds. Bronze went to Ian Sharpe and Paul Hunter of Great Britain, who rode the 4000 metres in a time of 4'33.487, two seconds faster than Spain's Christian Venge and David Llaurado.

"This is just magic... just awesome," said a jubilant Modra. "We had a point to prove and we've done it."

Modra's countryman Peter Brooks added to Australia's accolades with victory in the Men's LC1 Individual Pursuit, where Brooks defeated his Austrian arch-rival Wolfgang Eibeck by almost six seconds to finish with a time of 4 minutes 54.476 seconds. In the ride for bronze, Italy's Fabio Triboli took a comfortable win over Ivan Renggli of Switzerland.

Aside from the Aussie whitewash, Spain's Roberto Alcaide triumphed over Jiri Jezek of the Czech Republic to become the Men's LC2 Individual Pursuit Olympic champion in world record time, while Laurent Thirionet (France) took a nail-biting victory from Germany's Tobias Grafin the Men's LC3 Individual Pursuit final, Thirionet's winning margin a ever-so-slim 89/1000ths of a second. Germany's fortunes changed in the Men's LC4 Individual Pursuit, where Michael Teuber lapped Spain's Juanjo Mendez to take a convincing win in the gold medal final; Teuber's compatriot Hans Peter Beier was also successful in the bronze medal ride, beating Austria's Wolfgang Dabernig.


Women Sprint-Open (B1-3) Qual
1 Lindy Hou (Australia)                             11.675 (61.670 km/h) WR
 Janelle Lindsay
2 Karissa Whitsell (USA)                            11.864 (60.687 km/h)
 Katie Compton
3 Aileen Mcglynn (Great Britain)                    11.939 (60.306 km/h)
 Ellen Hunter
4 Lyn Lepore (Australia)                            12.645 (56.939 km/h)
 Jenny Macpherson
5 Shawn Marsolais (Canada)                          13.352 (53.924 km/h)
 Lisa Sweeney
6 Yi Mei Xu (China)                                 14.962 (48.121 km/h)
 Xiaolei Yan
Men Ind Pursuit (CP Div 3) Qual
1 Javier Otxoa (Spain)                              3:57.480 (45.477 km/h) WR
2 Darren Kenny (Great Britain)                      3:59.188 (45.152 km/h)
3 Andrew Panazzolo (Australia)                      4:06.521 (43.809 km/h)
4 Maurice Eckhard (Spain)                           4:08.554 (43.451 km/h)
5 Daniel Nicholson (USA)                            4:09.285 (43.323 km/h)
6 Rodrigo Lopez (Argentina)                         4:17.980 (41.863 km/h)
DSQ Jean Quevillon (Canada)
Men Ind Pursuit (CP Div 4) Qual
1 Christopher Scott (Australia)                     3:35.370 (50.146 km/h) PR
2 Peter Homann (Australia)                          3:43.315 (48.362 km/h)
3 Jiri Bouska (Czech Republic)                      3:47.321 (47.509 km/h)
4 Lubos Jirka (Czech Republic)                      3:53.706 (46.211 km/h)
5 Klaus Lungershausen (Germany)                     3:55.548 (45.850 km/h)
6 Stephan Herholdt (South Africa)                   3:56.170 (45.729 km/h)
7 Janos Plekker (South Africa)                      3:58.448 (45.292 km/h)
8 Albert Michini (USA)                              4:04.058 (44.251 km/h)
9 Michael Kurz (Austria)                            4:11.165 (42.999 km/h)
10 Michel Alcaine (France)                          4:13.750 (42.561 km/h)
11 Petr Plihal (Czech Republic)                     4:16.365 (42.127 km/h)
Men Ind Pursuit-Open (B1-3) 1st Rnd
Heat 1  1 Christian Venge (Spain)                   4:32.963 (52.754 km/h)
         David Llaurado
        2 Miguel Angel Clemente (Spain)             4:37.319 (51.925 km/h)
         Ignacio Soler
Heat 2  1 Ian Sharpe (Great Britain)                4:29.345 (53.463 km/h)
         Paul Hunter
        2 Stephane Cote (Canada)                    OVL
         Pierreolivier Boily
Heat 3  1 Jan Mulder (Netherlands)                  4:27.984 (53.734 km/h)
         Pascal Schoots
        2 Francisco Gonzalez (Spain)                OVL
         Juan Suarez
Heat 4  1 Kieran Modra (Australia)                  4:26.920 (53.948 km/h)
         Robert Crowe
        2 Brian Cowie (Canada)                      OVL
         Murray Solem
Men Ind Pursuit-Open (B1-3) Finals
Gold    1 Kieran Modra (Australia)                  4:23.874 (54.571 km/h)
         Robert Crowe
        2 Jan Mulder (Netherlands)                  OVL
         Pascal Schoots
Bronze  1 Ian Sharpe (Great Britain)                4:33.487 (52.653 km/h)
         Paul Hunter
        2 Christian Venge (Spain)                   4:35.595 (52.250 km/h)
         David Llaurado
Men Ind Pursuit-Open (B1-3) Final classification
1 Kieran Modra (Australia)
 Robert Crowe
2 Jan Mulder (Netherlands)
 Pascal Schoots
3 Ian Sharpe (Great Britain)
 Paul Hunter
4 Christian Venge (Spain)
 David Llaurado
5 Miguel Angel Clemente (Spain)
 Ignacio Soler
6 Francisco Gonzalez (Spain)
 Juan Suarez
7 Brian Cowie (Canada)
 Murray Solem
8 Stephane Cote (Canada)
 Pierreolivier Boily
9 Mattis Opstad Eriksen (Norway)
 Terje Tho
10 Vasili Shaptsiaboi (Bielorussia)
 Aliaksandr Danilik
11 Emanuele Bersini (Italy)
 Fabrizio Di Somma
12 Raphael Ioset (Switzerland)
 Beat Howald
13 Olivier Donval (France)
 Alexandre Bizet
14 Jason Bryn (USA)
 Glenn Bunselmeyer
15 Tatsuyuki Oshiro (Japan)
 Hideki Tanzawa
16 Shigeo Yoshihara (Japan)
 Takuya Oki
17 Mark Kehoe (Ireland)
 Ian Mahon
18 Christos Kalimeris (Greece)
 Symeon Triommatis
Men Ind Pursuit (LC3) 1st Rnd
Heat 1  1 Laurent Thirionet (France)                4:02.961 (44.451 km/h) PR
        2 Andreas Gemassmer (Italy)                 OVL
Heat 2  1 Fabrizio Macchi (Italy)                   4:11.631 (42.919 km/h)
        2 Paul Jesson (New Zealand)                 4:12.891 (42.706 km/h)
Heat 3  1 Tobias Graf (Germany)                     4:07.044 (43.716 km/h)
        2 Michal Stark (Czech Republic)             4:13.986 (42.522 km/h)
Heat 4  1 Antonio Garcia (Spain)                    4:08.613 (43.441 km/h)
        2 Victor Marquez VEN                        4:19.171 (41.671 km/h)
Men Ind Pursuit (LC2) 1st Rnd
Heat 1  1 Ron Williams (USA)                        5:12.087 (46.140 km/h)
        2 Gotty Mueller (Germany)                   5:13.215 (45.974 km/h)
Heat 2  1 Paul Martin (USA)                         5:26.183 (44.146 km/h)
        2 Morten Jahr (Norway)                      5:32.082 (43.362 km/h)
Heat 3  1 Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)               5:01.433 (47.771 km/h)
        2 Amador Granado (Spain)                    OVL
Heat 4  1 Roberto Alcaide (Spain)                   4:57.942 (48.331 km/h) WR
        2 Alfred Kaiblinger (Austria)               OVL
Men Ind Pursuit (LC1) 1st Rnd
Heat 1  1 Ivan Renggli (Switzerland)                5:05.869 (47.078 km/h)
        2 Pierangelo Vignati (Italy)                5:15.002 (45.713 km/h)
Heat 2  1 Fabio Triboli (Italy)                     5:01.713 (47.727 km/h)
        2 Guenter Schambeck (Germany)               OVL
Heat 3  1 Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria)                 4:56.058 (48.639 km/h)
        2 Guenter Brechtel (Germany)                OVL
Heat 4  1 Peter Brooks (Australia)                  4:52.997 (49.147 km/h)
        2 David Mercier (France)                    OVL
Men Ind Pursuit (LC4) Finals
Gold    1 Michael Teuber (Germany)
        2 Juanjo Mendez (Spain)                     OVL
Bronze  1 Hans Peter Beier (Germany)                4:32.091 (39.692 km/h)
        2 Wolfgang Dabernig (Austria)               OVL
Men Ind Pursuit (LC4) Final classification
1 Michael Teuber (Germany)
2 Juanjo Mendez (Spain)
3 Hans Peter Beier (Germany)
4 Wolfgang Dabernig (Austria)
5 Erich Winkler (Germany)
6 Bruce Penner (Canada)
Men Ind Pursuit (LC3) Finals
Gold    1 Laurent Thirionet (France)                4:02.809 (44.479 km/h) PR
        2 Tobias Graf (Germany)                     4:02.898 (44.463 km/h)
Bronze  1 Fabrizio Macchi (Italy)                   4:07.432 (43.648 km/h)
        2 Antonio Garcia (Spain)                    4:08.326 (43.491 km/h)
Men Ind Pursuit (LC3) Final classification
1 Laurent Thirionet (France)
2 Tobias Graf (Germany)
3 Fabrizio Macchi (Italy)
4 Antonio Garcia (Spain)
5 Paul Jesson (New Zealand)
6 Michal Stark (Czech Republic)
7 Victor Marquez VEN
8 Andreas Gemassmer (Italy)
9 Beat Schwarzenbach (Switzerland)
10 Bradley Cobb (USA)
Men Ind Pursuit (LC2) Finals
Gold    1 Roberto Alcaide (Spain)                   4:58.587 (48.227 km/h)
        2 Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)               5:01.228 (47.804 km/h)
Bronze  1 Paul Martin (USA)
        2 Ron Williams (USA)                        OVL
Men Ind Pursuit (LC2) Final classification
1 Roberto Alcaide (Spain)
2 Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)
3 Paul Martin (USA)
4 Ron Williams (USA)
5 Gotty Mueller (Germany)
6 Morten Jahr (Norway)
7 Amador Granado (Spain)
8 Alfred Kaiblinger (Austria)
9 David Kuster (Slovenia)
Men Ind Pursuit (LC1) Finals
Gold    1 Peter Brooks (Australia)                  4:52.476 (49.234 km/h)
        2 Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria)                 4:58.437 (48.251 km/h)
Bronze  1 Fabio Triboli (Italy)                     5:03.428 (47.457 km/h)
        2 Ivan Renggli (Switzerland)                5:07.995 (46.754 km/h)
Men Ind Pursuit (LC1) Final classification
1 Peter Brooks (Australia)
2 Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria)
3 Fabio Triboli (Italy)
4 Ivan Renggli (Switzerland)
5 Pierangelo Vignati (Italy)
6 Guenter Schambeck (Germany)
7 Guenter Brechtel (Germany)
8 David Mercier (France)
9 Marc Breton (Canada)
10 Roman Marcek (Slovakia)
11 Walter Marquardt (Germany)
12 Akio Sakuma (Japan)
13 Loukas Anestis (Greece)
*OVL = overlapped