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USCF National Track Championships - CN

Lehigh Valley Velodrome - Trexlertown, PA, August 27-31 2002

Event program and results    Qualifying    Quarter Finals    Semi Finals    Finals    Men's Sprint

August 27-29: Women's Sprint


Lindenmuth quickest over 200m

Tanya Lindenmuth
Photo: © Mike Gladu
Click for larger image

Defending champion Tanya Lindenmuth (Focus 2004) set the fastest time in the women's sprint qualification, on the first day of the US Track Nationals in Trexlertown, PA. Lindenmuth blasted around the outdoor track in 11.713 seconds (61.47 km/h), the only woman to go under 12 seconds. In second place was 2001 Junior Sprint Champion Sarah Uhl (Dankso/Wheelworks/IF) in 12.096, followed by Jennie Reed in 12.184 and Suzie Tignor (Frisco) in 12.499.


Photos by Mike Gladu


  • Tanya Lindenmuth sets the standard for the womens match sprint competition at US Elite Track Nationals
  • 2001 UCI World Junior match sprint gold medalist Sarah Uhl qualified second to Lindenmuth


1 Tanya Lindenmuth                             11.713 (61.470km/h)
2 Sarah Uhl                                    12.096 (59.524km/h)
3 Jennie Reed                                  12.184 (59.094km/h)
4 Suzie Tignor                                 12.499 (57.605km/h)
5 Jamie Pettinato                              12.609 (57.102km/h)
6 Karen Wooten                                 12.931 (55.680km/h)
7 Elizabeth Reap                               13.004 (55.368km/h)
8 Martha Dunne                                 13.022 (55.291km/h)
9 Cindy Lakatosh                               13.150 (54.753km/h)
10 Mary Hensler                                13.157 (54.724km/h)
11 Brooke O'Connor                             13.218 (54.471km/h)
12 Michelle Cassidy                            13.435 (53.591km/h)
13 Erica Allar                                 13.475 (53.432km/h)
14 Alane Ballweg                               13.682 (52.624km/h)
15 Colleen Hayduk                              13.925 (51.706km/h)
16 Laura Kolbe                                 14.246 (50.541km/h)
DNS Effie Wardenburg
DNS Rebecca Conzelman

Quarter Finals

Lindenmuth, Uhl, Reed and Tignor advance to finals

Jennie Reed
Photo: © Mike Gladu
Click for larger image

With rain cutting short the competition on Day 2 of the US Track Nationals, one of the few events that was held was the women's sprint quarter finals. In the first match, fastest qualifier Tanya Lindenmuth (Focus 2004) had no problems in beating Jamie Pettinato (Tri State Velo) in straight heats, and this turned out to be the trend for the morning. None of the quarter-finals went to three races as Sarah Uhl (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF) beat Liz Reap (T.E.A.M. Fuji), Jennie Reed (unattached) beat Karen Wooten (Ranchos), and Suzie Tignor (Frisco Cycling) beat Martha Dunne (Team Redlands/Jelly Belly).

The women's semi final heats are as follows: Tanya Lindenmuth vs. Suzanne Tignor and Sarah Uhl vs. Jennie Reed. Lindenmuth has won the last three National Championships in this event, Sarah Uhl is the 2001 Junior National Champion in this event and Jennie Reed has twice previous won the National Championship.


Photos by Mike Gladu

  • Tanya Lindenmuth of Focus 2004 seems pretty relaxed before the first ride of the 1/4 finals at Nationals - much less than coach Lucy Tyler.
  • Jamie Pettinato of East Coast Velo appears focused on the job at hand - beating top seed Lindenmuth in the best of three ride 1/4 finals.
  • Lindenmuth focused on Pettinato in the first ride of the 1/4 finals.
  • Tanya Lindenmuth lights it up for the win.
  • One lap later - were back to spins and grins.
  • Sarah Uhl, 2001 Junior World Sprint Champion keeping her eyes on her competition.
  • Sarah Uhl and "The Reaper" - Liz Reap - match speeds at the rail.
  • Sarah Uhl holds Liz Reap on the rail in their second ride.
  • Jennie Reed keeps her eyes riveted on the competition.
  • Karen Wooten leads out the sprint under the watchful gaze of Jennie Reed.
  • Martha Dunne gets a generous push from Mike Fraysse in her first ride of the sprint 1/4 finals.
  • Suzie Tignor of Frisco, Texas enters the competition fresh off her match Sprint victory at Masters Nationals.
  • Suzie Tignor gets the jump on Martha Dunne from behind in their first ride in the quarter finals of the women's sprint.
  • Tignor clearly looking at the body of Dunne even when the bike is aimed in a feint toward the pole.
  • Dunne (R) led it out the first ride, was forced into the lead in the second, and for the second time the result is the same at the line as Susie Tignor wins


Match 1

1 Tanya Lindenmuth (Focus 04)                   2-0
2 Jamie Pettinato (Tri State Velo) 

Match 2

1 Sarah Uhl (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)              2-0
2 Liz Reap (T.E.A.M. Fuji) 

Match 3

1 Jennie Reed (unattached)                      2-0
2 Karen Wooten (Ranchos) 

Match 4

1 Suzie Tignor (Frisco Cycling)                 2-0
2 Martha Dunne (Team Redlands/Jelly Belly) 

Semi Finals


Photos by Mike Gladu

  • Suzie Tignor gave top seed Tanya Lindenmuth a run for her money in the Women's Match Sprint Semi Finals.
  • Tanya Lindenmuth keeps an eye on Suzie Tignor in their second and deciding ride of the Women's Match Sprint Semi Finals.
  • Liz Reap claims fifth place overall in the Women's Match Sprint Minor Final (over Jamie Pettinato, Martha Dunne and Karen Wooten.
Match 1

1 Tanya Lindenmuth (Focus 2004)       12.476    12.705
2 Suzie Tignor (Frisco Cycling Club)

Match 2

1 Sarah Uhl (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)    12.753    12.422
2 Jennie Reed (Greg's/TREK)


Another title for Lindenmuth

Tanya Lindenmuth
Photo: © Mike Gladu
Click for larger image

In the women's sprint, it was a battle between hometown favorites Tanya Lindenmuth (Macungie, Pa.) and Sarah Uhl (Perkasie, Pa.). Lindenmuth, a 2000 Olympian and the defending women's national sprint champion, won the title, beating Uhl in the first and second heats of the sprint finals. Uhl, the 2001 World Junior Champion in the women's sprint, won the women's espoir (under 23) sprint title, in addition to her second finish in the elite women 's sprint.

"I'm fighting a cold, so it's not fun breathing," said Lindenmuth. "I led it [the final heat] out, to make sure I wouldn't have the pressure to pass someone. I'm glad I raced Sarah in the finals, because you want someone to push you in the finals. She did well.I'm really excited about the younger riders coming up like that who aren't afraid to really give it their all against the defending [national] champ."


Photos by Mike Gladu

  • Suzie Tignor stretches the final for Bronze out to three rides by taking the second ride of the best of three Final in the Match Sprint v. Jennie Reed.
  • Jennie Reed takes ride three over Suzie Tignor to claim the Bronze Medal.
  • Tanya Lindenmuth comes around 2001 Junior World Sprint Champion Sarah Uhl on her way to winning the Gold Medal.
  • Tanya Lindenmuth wipes her eyes on the cool down lap after winning the Gold Medal in the Women's Match Sprint.


Gold medal ride

1 Tanya Lindenmuth (Focus 2004)       12.663    12.746
2 Sarah Uhl (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)

Bronze medal ride

1 Jennie Reed (Greg's/TREK)           13.577             12.599
2 Suzie Tignor (Frisco Cycling Club)            12.996

Final classification

1 Tanya Lindenmuth (Focus 2004)
2 Sarah Uhl (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
3 Jennie Reed (Greg's/TREK)
4 Suzie Tignor (Frisco Cycling Club)
5 Liz Reap (T.E.A.M. Fuji)
6 Jamie Pettinato (Tri State Velo) 
7 Martha Dunne (Team Redlands/Jelly Belly) 
8 Karen Wooten (Ranchos)