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Rosebery Carnival - NE

Tasmania, Australia, January 14, 2006


Robinson lands first senior wheel win

By Rod Morris in Rosebery

Wheel Winners
Photo ©: Lynne Ryan
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Launceston junior Tom Robinson officially came of age as a senior cyclist when he won the 49th annual Rosebery Wheelrace in stylish fashion yesterday.

Robinson, enjoying his first full season in open ranks, won his fourth race of the Tasmanian summer track carnival season, against a field full of class.

Although the depth was clearly lower than what Tasmanian supporters had been treated throughout the Christmas series, the Rosebery Wheel was still a major handicap event to be won.

Riding from 110m, Robinson had enough sprint in his legs to win from Burnie's Aaron Jones, who is still seeking his first major wheel win and 2003 Rosebery Wheel winner, Matthew Atkins.

Although held on January 14, 2006, yesterday's wheel will be officially listed as a 2005 event as the original carnival was washed out just prior to Christmas and carnival organisers at Rosebery are already making plans to ensure the 50th annual Rosebery Carnival - scheduled for December 2006 - is a huge event.

Grace Sulzberger
Photo ©: Lynne Ryan
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Robinson's win keeps him well in contention in the fifth annual Cycling Tasmania Rider-of-the-Season award, which will see points on offer at today's Mersey Valley Carnival at Latrobe and the ultimate carnival at St Helens on January 21.

Robinson enjoyed a good day on the track bike, by also finishing second in the A Grade Scratch behind American Jame Carney and third in the 1000 m Lightning Handicap behind Devonport's John Rayner and Launceston's Jamie Perry.

Yesterday's Rosebery Carnival was under a cloud - literally - with rain delaying the start of bike event and forcing the running races to be brought forward.

The final of the 1000 m Lightning Handicap - won by John Rayner - was tempered somewhat - when three A Grade riders fell at the top of the home straight.

American Elliott Gaunt went over the top of the already fallen Gareth Atkins and Adam Hartley.

None of the trio race again for the remainder of the carnival with Atkins ferried to the Burnie Hospital - some 150 km away - for treatment.

Gaunt suffered cuts and abrasions to his back, arms and legs - as did Hartley - while the latter also endured severe damage to his track bike.

Miss and Out Winner
Photo ©: Lynne Ryan
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Because of the original rain delay from December and the shuffle in the programme - and the injuries from the Lightning Handicap - the A and B Grade Scratch races were combined and Carney declared his seriousness in winning some prizemoney with an emphatic victory ahead of Tom Robinson and Daniel Cutting.

Fellow American Bobby Lea was impressive in winning four the of the eight lap prizes on offer in the 8 km scratch race.

Ulverstone's Kate De Paoli was a surprise winner of the Women's Rosebery Wheelrace.

Riding from the outmark of 240 m, De Paoli found something extra special in her final sprint to the line, outgunning Sarah Eaves (160 m) and backmarker Grace Sulzberger (60).

Sulzbrger - whose elder brother, Wesley, had earlier in the day finished second in the Australian Road Race Championship in Adelaide - had better luck in the Women's Scratch Race, while the Lightning Handicap for the girls went to Launceston's Alitta Laskey.

Winners of the junior wheelraces at Rosebery went to Andrew Dolan (U17), Jacob Fielding (U15) and Bradley Ryan (U13).

The Tasmanian Carnivals continue this weekend with the Mersey Valley - Devonport Cycling Club programme at Latrobe, starting at 11 a.m.


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Images by Lynne Ryan


Rosebery Wheelrace, 2000 m
1 Tom Robinson (110)                             2.10.38
2 Aaron Jones (140)
3 Matthew Atkins (110)
4 Steve Martini (200)
1000 m Lightning Handicap
1 John Rayner (60)                               1.06.07
2 Jamie Perry (75)
3 Tom Robinson (55)
4 Aaron Jones (70)
Invitational Elimination
1 Jame Carney                                    7.48.93
2 Bobby Lea
3 Tom Robinson
4 Kaiden Homan
Invitational Derby
1 Bobby Lea                                        13.68 (last 200 m)
2 John Rayner
3 Andrew Loft
4 Michael Maine
5 Matthew Atkins
6 Jame Carney
A & B Grade Scratch
1 Jame Carney                                    8.10.59
2 Tom Robinson
3 Daniel Cutting
4 Kaiden Homan
5 Jamie Perry
6 Aaron Jones
C Grade Scratch
1 Steve Martini                                  7.10.82
2 Ben Laskey
3 Michael Maine
4 Matthew McDonagh


Rosebery Wheelrace, 2000 m
1 Kate De Paoli (240)                            2.45.23
2 Sarah Eaves (160)
3 Grace Sulzberger (60)
4 Emma Heynes (200)
1000 m Lightning Handicap
1 Alitta Laskey (100)                            1.13.45
2 Kate De Paoli (120)
3 Emma Heynes (100)
4 Belinda Thompson (100)
4000 m Scratch Race
1 Grace Sulzberger                               4.50.46
2 Kate De Paoli
3 Karissa Ling
4 Emma Heynes


J1 Wheelrace
1 Andrew Dolan (180)                             2.12.28
2 Matthew Siermicki (200)
3 Brenden Sutton (180)
4 David Lyons (140)
J2 Wheelrace
1 Jacob Fielding (200)                           2.15.08
2 Callan Walker (230)
3 Madison Catlin (240)
4 Sam Brett (70)
J3 Wheelrace
1 Bradley Ryan (scr)                             1.14.12
2 Izac Guest (5)
3 William McDonagh (135)
4 Macey Stewart (100)
J1 1000 m Handicap
1 Andrew Dolan (90)                              1.10.72
2 Timothy Taylor (140)
3 Matthew Siermicki (140)
4 David Lyons (70)
J2 1000 m Handicap
1 Luke Ockerby (scr)                             1.15.83
2 Callan Walker (115)
3 Sam Brett (35)
4 Amy Cure (65)
J3 1000 m Handicap
1 Liam Ockerby (60)                              1.32.23
2 William McDonagh (135)
3 Bradley Ryan (scr)
4 Izac Guest (5)
J1 Scratch, 4000 m
1 Matthew Kent                                   5.18.09
2 Ben Grenda
3 Alex Benson
4 David Lyons
J2 Scratch, 3000 m
1 Luke Ockerby                                   4.29.33
2 Sam Brett
3 Brandon Stewart
4 Jacob Fielding
J3 Scratch, 2000 m
1 Bradley Ryan                                   3.13.55
2 Izac Guest
3 Drew Redman
4 Liam Ockerby
Mixed Relay
1 James Whiteroad, Daniel Cutting, Kate Pedley   2.31.17
2 Jason Waldron; Jame Carney; Danielle Taylor    2.34.03
3 Mark Jones, Matthew Atkins, Olivia Scott       2.35.94