Tour of Tasmania - 2.5

Australia, August 30 - September 3, 2000

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The stages:

  • Stage 1 - August 30: Devonport - Launceston, 149 km
  • Stage 2 - August 31: Launceston - St Helens, 163 km
  • Stage 3 - September 1: Swansea - Hobart, 143 km
  • Stage 4 - September 2: Hobart - Mt Wellington, 108 km
  • Stage 5 - September 3: Salamanca criterium, 60 mins


The 2.5 class Tour of Tasmania has had a hiatus of 20 months, as it was last held in January 1999. It is a five day, five stage race and was rescheduled this year to give riders - both local and international - the opportunity to race in Australia before the Olympics. The winner of the previous two editons was talented MTB rider, Cadel Evans who simply ripped the legs off the field on the stage where it mattered - the climb up to Mt Wellington.

Stage one, from Devonport to Launceston is 149 kilometres over a hilly parcours, although the largest climb is only category 3. The stage finishes with a bump at Hapsden before descending into Launceston. Stage two is 163 kilometres from Launceston to St Helens and will test the riders with a tough category 2 climb over St Patricks River (km 40) and a category 3 at Weld River (km 125). Then follows a flat stage from Swansea to Hobart (135 kilometres) with just one category 3 climb en route.

The toughest stage is the fourth which starts outside Hobart's Wrest Point Casino and goes for 108 kilometres, culminating in the climb of Mt Wellington (1270 m). This is 12 kilometres of uphill at about 5-6 percent and will certainly split the field. The final stage is a mere formality, a one hour criterium in Salamanca.

The Tour of Tasmania is also the third and last round of the Skilled Engineering Series which started with the Bay Series and the Melbourne-Sorrento in January.

Team List

Skilled-Germany            Milo-Russia

Jens Lehmann (Ger)         Alexei Markov (Rus)
Robert Bartko (Ger)        Serguei Klimov (Rus)
Daniel Becke (Ger)         Vladimir Karpets (Rus)
Thorstun Rund (Ger)        Vladislav Borissov (Rus)
Guido Fulst (Ger)          Denis Smyslov (Rus)

Brevtex-Haco               Caffe Paesano-Cgu
Tyson Lawrence (Aus)       Steven Cunningham (Aus)
Shaun O’Neill (Aus)        Darryl Beddome (Aus)
Mark Petterson (Aus)       Todd Lorenz (Aus)
Rhys Pollock (Aus)         Danny Eckert (Aus)
Danny Clark (Aus)          Jade Lean (Aus)

Don Smallgoods-Aust U19    Garrisons Finance-Tasmania

Ashley Humbert (Aus)       Todd Parnell (Aus)
Rory Sutherland AC(Aus)    Daniel Cutting (Aus)
Bernard Sulzberger Tas     Trevor Innes (Aus)
Rick Steele (Aus)          Mark Leis (Aus)
John Cantwell (Aus)        Simon Price (Aus)

Tasmania International     Jayco-VIS

Olaf Pollack (Ger)         Troy Clarke (Aus)
Christian Lademann (Ger)   Hilton Clarke (Aus)
Anton Chantyr (Rus)        Paul Redanback (Aus)
Edouard Gritsoun (Rus)     David McPartland (Aus)
Peter Milostic (Aus)       Robert Boag (Aus)

New Zealand                Nortas

Robin Reid (NZl)           Gareth Atkins (Aus)
Jeremy Robinson (NZl)      Steve Aitken (Aus)
Geoffrey Burndred (NZl)    Matt Sydes (Aus)
Jeremy Yates (NZl)         Steve Price (Aus)
Trent Perry (Aus)          Karl Menzies (Aus)

Peugeot-Berri Ltd          Pratties-TIS

Robert Tighello (Aus)      Nathan Clarke (Aus)
Bayden Burke (Aus)         Matthew Rice (Aus)
Glenn Chadwick (Aus)       Caleb Manion (Aus)
Brent Dawson (Aus)         Sid Taberlay (Aus)
Dan Smith (GBr)            Matthew Conn (Aus)

Past Winners

Mercury Tour

1954 Colin McKay (Aus)
1955 Neil Geraghty (NZl)
1956 Jim Nevin (Aus)
1957-1959: No event
1960 Colin Hymus (Aus)

Tour of the North

1961 Allan Grindall (Aus) (Aus)
1962 Vic Browne (Aus)
1963 (2) Vic Browne (Aus)
1964 Mal Powell (Aus)
1965 Ray Bilney (Aus)
1966 Dan Wilson (Aus)
1967 Alan Baker (NZl)
1968 Kevin Morgan (Aus)
1969 Kerry Wood (Aus)
1970 Don Allan (Aus)
1971 Russell Tankard (Aus)
1972 (2) Don Allan (Aus)
1973 Barry Uyatt (NZl)
1974 Remo Sansonetti (Aus)
1975 (2) Remo Sansonetti (Aus)
1976 (3) Remo Sansonetti (Aus)
1977 Gary Sutton (Aus)
1978 Michael Wilson (Aus)
1979 John Trevorrow (Aus)
1980 Geoff Skaines (Aus)
1981 Murray Hall (Aus)
1982 Wayne Della (Aus)
1983 Wayne Hildred (Aus)
1984 Jack Swart (NZl)
1985 Michael Lynch (Aus)
1986 Stephen Fairless (Aus)
1987 Barney St. George (Aus)
1988 Kevetoslav Pavlov (Rus)
1989 No event
1990 Brian Fowler (NZl)
1991 Grant Rice (Aus)
1992-1995: No event

Tour of Tasmania

1996 Stephen Hodge (Aus)
1997 Alan Iacuone (Aus)
1998 Cadel Evans (Aus)
1999 (2) Cadel Evans (Aus)

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin