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2003 MTB World championships - CM

Lugano, Switzerland, August 30 - September 7, 2003

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September 5 - Four-cross

Qualification    Final    Preview

Chausson again, Prokop upsets US trio

By Kristy Scrymgeour

Anne-Caroline Chausson and Michal Prokop won Gold medas in the 4-Cross event this evening winning all their heats along the way. Chausson takes the win to remain undefeated in this event whilst Prokop takes the title from two time World Champion Brian Lopes.

With thousands of people lining the course to watch the spectacle event of 4-Cross, the riders certainly put on a show. 61 men started with Wade Boots (Australia), Cedric Cracia (France), Eric Carter (USA), Brian Lopes (USA), Michal Prokop (Czech Republic) all showing that it was their night. Nobody could have predicted who would win out of these five guys.

In the semi-finals however, Boots missed the gate and failed to move into the final and Gracia slid off the course to eliminate himself from the event leaving a final of three Americas and a Czech.

Prokop was the one to get the jump out of the gate in the final and had the choice line all the way to finish to take the gold ahead of Carter and Boots leaving Schmith to take fourth place. Boots made the small final look easy taking fifth place.

Prokop was very excited with his win putting on an emotional show on the podium, whilst Carter explained his run. "It was totally my fault, I went too early and I hit the gate. These days the races start so fast that you have to anticipate and on this course, whoever was in the lead could pick the perfect line and it was impossible to pass. I think the gates were inconsistent here too, sometimes they would release on the gun and other times just before or after so it was hard to get a rythm.

In the women's race it was clearly Chausson and Katrina Miller (Australia) who owned the runs tonight, both easilt winning their heats leading up to the semi finals. In a dramatic semi, Miller who had led all the way down the run, crashed on the stutter bumps only meters before the line. She quickly tried to drag her bike across the line in front of the two US riders but was too late and was therefore eliminated from the event. Miller still wanted to ride the small final, but was taken off to hospital instead for stitches in her hand.

In the final Chausson was untouchable and came across the line to win yet another World Championship. Sabrina Jonnier (France) took second place from Jill Kinter (USA)with Melissa Buhl (USA) taking fourth position.

Chausson was all smiles after the event when she was swamped by fans and media. Cyclingnews caught up with her at the podium when she went through her run. "I had a really good start and then I saw someone come up on my inside to pass, but when you are in front on this course you have your choice of lines so I had the advantage." Chausson, who has been injured this year almost didn't compete today. "This is my first 4-Cross event this year and I was hesitant to come tonight and I wasn't confident that I had the best form. It is also late in the evening and we have the downhill tomorrow so it was a hard decision but I am very happy now." Of tomorrow Chausson is looking forward to it despite her injured hand. "I still have no feeling in my hand but it will be OK."


Images from the four-cross qualifiers by Kristy Scrymgeour

Images from the four-cross finals

Final Results

1 Michal Prokop (Czech Republic)
2 Eric Carter (USA)
3 Brian Lopes (USA)
4 Brian Schmith (USA)
Small Final

5 Wade Bootes (Australia)
6 Cedric Gracia (France)
7 Dale Holmes (Great Britain)
8 Pablo Galán Carrasco (Spain)
1/4 Finals
9 Greg Minnaar (South Africa)              36.98
10 Michal Marosi (Czech Republic)          37.41
11 Karim Amour (France)                    38.97
12 Mike King (USA)                         43.62
13 Mickael Deldycke (France)               36.30
14 Lucas Tamme (Czech Republic)            36.84
15 Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland)        36.98
16 Bas De Bever (Netherlands)              37.23
1/8 Finals
17 Scott Beaumont (Great Britain)          36.47
18 Kamil Tatarkovic (Czech Republic)       37.86
19 Pascual Canals Flix (Spain)             38.27
20 Filip Polc (Slovakia)                   38.50
21 Leiv Ove Nordmark (Norway)              39.21
22 Jamis Vanags (Latvia)                   39.77
23 Vlastimil Hyncica (Czech Republic)      39.91
24 Geza Kinda (Roumania)                   48.78
25 Romain Saladini (France)                37.28
26 Rich Houseman (USA)                     37.47
27 Matej Vitko (Slovakia)                  37.66
28 Carlos Barcons Gonzalez (Spain)         38.24
29 Pascal Seydoux (Switzerland)            39.22
30 Thomas Schafer (Germany)                40.57
31 Robin Baloochi (USA)                    41.19
32 George Atherton (Great Britain)         37.10
1/16 Finals
33 Jordi Lunn (Canada)                     38.11
34 Nathan Rennie (Australia)               38.72
35 Filip Matus (Czech Republic)            39.73
36 Matej Cze Charvat (Czech Republic)      40.11
37 Roger Gonzalez Salvador (Spain)         40.13
38 Remo Heutschi (Switzerland)             40.30
39 Yoann Paccard (France)                  40.73
40 Yuta Kurise (Japan)                     41.23
41 Marco Zingg (Switzerland)               41.62
42 Sorin Parau (Roumania)                  42.30
43 Maciej Jodko (Poland)                   43.25
44 Sergey Maltsev (Russia)                 45.05
45 Marcis Scerbinins (Latvia)              45.10
46 Artem Grek (Russia)                     48.92
47 David Klaassenvanoorscho (USA)        1:02.62
48 Sascha Meyenborg (Germany)              37.25
49 Jared Rando (Australia)                 38.91
50 Ivan Oulego Moreno (Spain)              40.11
51 Gabor Deli (Hungary)                    40.26
52 Derek Ger Bahlo (Germany)               41.06
53 Mihaly Gulyas (Hungary)                 42.81
54 Filip Cillik (Slovakia)                 44.22
55 Carmine Falco (France)                  47.45
56 Maciej Kucbora (Poland)                 48.34
57 Adrian Kiener (Switzerland)             51.52
58 Mick Hannah (Australia)                 37.15
59 Sidney Gerber (Switzerland)             39.69
60 Andrew Neethling (South Africa)         41.47
61 Luke Strom (Australia)                  42.45
DSQ Péter Prájczer (Hungary)
DNS Christopher Kovarik (Australia)
DNS Joel Panozzo (Australia)
DNS Fumanetto Anderson (Brazil)
DNS Markolf Berchtold (Brazil)
DNS Volkmar Berchtold (Brazil)
DNS Nino Antic (Croatia)
DNS Will Longden (Great Britain)
DNS Steve Peat (Great Britain)
DNS Jens Böttner (Germany)
DNS Marcus Klausmann (Germany)
DNS Frank Schneider (Germany)
DNS Stefan Kudella (Germany)
DNS Glyn O´Brien (Ireland)
DNS Ben Reid (Ireland)
DNS Colin Ross (Ireland)
DNS Andrew Yoong (Ireland)
DNS Oleg Voronin (Russia)
DNS Jure Logar (Slovenia)
DNS Rok Podbevsek (Slovenia)
DNS Colin Bailey (USA)
1 Anne-Caroline Chausson (France)
2 Sabrina Jonnier (France)
3 Jill Kinter (USA)
4 Melissa Buhl (USA)
Small Final
5 Tara Llanes (USA)
6 Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)
7 Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)
8 Katrina Miller (Australia)
1/4 Finals
9 Mio Suemasa (Japan)                      44.36
10 Michelle Dumaresa (Canada)              46.40
11 Diana Marggraff (Equador)               47.94
12 Dalma Kiss (Hungary)                    49.91
13 Jana Horáková (Czech Republic)          43.55
14 Tatjana Schocher (Switzerland)          46.14
15 Claire Buchar (Canada)                  46.84
16 Leana Gerrard (USA)                     50.17
17 Eva Castro Fernandez (Spain)            50.34
18 April Lawyer (USA)                      50.94
19 Bohdana Pulpanova (Czech Republic)      53.07
20 Katarina Siskova (Slovakia)             53.61
21 Helena Boskova (Slovakia)               55.48
22 Jamie Lilly (USA)                     1:10.94
DNS Celine Gros (France)
DNS Nolvenn Le Caer (France)
DNS Laetitia Le Corguille (France)
DNS Tracy Moseley (Great Britain)
DNS Antje Kramer (Germany)
DNS Kathy Pruitt (USA)
DNS Marla Streb (USA)


1 Michal Prokop (Czech Republic)         0.35.5
2 Eric Carter (USA)                      0.36.1
3 Mickael Deldycke (France)              0.36.3
4 Scott Beaumont (Great Britain)         0.36.5
5 Wade Bootes (Australia)                0.36.6
6 Brian Lopes (USA)                      0.36.7
7 Lucas Tamme (Czech Republic)           0.36.8
8 Greg Minnaar (South Africa)            0.37.0
8 Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland)             
10 George Atherton (Great Britain)       0.37.1
11 Mick Hannah (Australia)               0.37.2
12 Bas De Bever (Netherlands)            0.37.2
13 Sascha Meyenborg (Germany)            0.37.3
14 Romain Saladini (France)              0.37.3
15 Michal Marosi (Czech Republic)        0.37.4
16 Cedric Gracia (France)                0.37.4
17 Rich Houseman (USA)                   0.37.5
18 Matej Vitko (Slovakia)                0.37.7
19 Kamil Tatarkovic (Czech Republic)     0.37.9
20 Jordi Lunn (Canada)                   0.38.1
21 Carlo Barcons Gonzalez (Spain)        0.38.2
22 Pascual Canals Flix (Spain)           0.38.3
23 Pablo Galán Carrasco (Spain)          0.38.4
24 Filip Polc (Slovakia)                 0.38.5
25 Nathan Rennie (Australia)             0.38.7
26 Jared Rando (Australia)               0.38.9
27 Karim Amour (France)                  0.39.0
28 Leiv Ove Nordmark (Norway)            0.39.2
29 Pascal Seydoux (Switzerland)          0.39.2
30 Dale Holmes (Great Britain)           0.39.5
31 Sidney Gerber (Switzerland)           0.39.7
32 Filip Matus (Czech Republic)          0.39.7
33 Jamis Vanags (Latvia)                 0.39.8
34 Vlastimil Hyncica (Czech Republic)    0.39.9
35 Matej Charvat (Czech Republic)        0.40.1
35 Ivan Oulego Moreno (Spain)                  
37 Roge Gonzalez Salvador (Spain)        0.40.1
38 Gabor Deli (Hungary)                  0.40.3
39 Remo Heutschi (Switzerland)           0.40.3
40 Thomas Schafer (Germany)              0.40.6
41 Yoann Paccard (France)                0.40.7
42 Derek Bahlo (Germany)                 0.41.1
1 Anne-Caroline Chausson (France)        0.41.0
2 Katrina Miller (Australia)             0.41.4
3 Jill Kinter (USA)                      0.41.7
4 Tara Llanes (USA)                      0.42.0
5 Sabrina Jonnier (France)               0.42.0
6 Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)        0.43.1
7 Jana Horáková (Czech Republic)         0.43.6
8 Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)           0.43.7
9 Mio Suemasa (Japan)                    0.44.4
10 Melissa Buhl (USA)                    0.46.1
11 Tatjana Schocher (Switzerland)        0.46.1
12 Michelle Dumaresa (Canada)            0.46.4
13 Claire Buchar (Canada)                0.46.8
14 Diana Marggraff (Equador)             0.47.9
15 Dalma Kiss (Hungary)                  0.49.9
16 Leana Gerrard (USA)                   0.50.2
17 Eva Castro Fernandez (Spain)          0.50.3
18 April Lawyer (USA)                    0.50.9
19 Bohdana Pulpanova (Czech Republic)    0.53.1
20 Katarina Siskova (Slovakia)           0.53.6
21 Helena Boskova (Slovakia)             0.55.5
22 Jamie Lilly (USA)                     1.10.9
DNS Celine Gros (France)                       
DNS Nolvenn Le Caer (France)                   
DNS Laetitia Le Corguille (France)             
DNS Tracy Moseley (Great Britain)              
DNS Antje Kramer (Germany)                     
DNS Kathy Pruitt (USA)                         
DNS Marla Streb (USA)