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Lance is in the lead, followed closely by Museeuw and Tchmil, with Ullrich and Zabel just out of the picture. No, it's not some fictitious race on a computer, rather, it's the ranking of riders based on the number of nominations we received in our 'Gobsmackingly Brilliant Rides of 2000' section. What started by Swedish reader David Voller has now generated several hundred emails from readers, which we have condensed into 83 separate performances, which are all listed here. If you click on a rider's name, it will take you to the comments from readers around the world, with their reasons for the nomination. now allows you to vote for your favourite performance of the year and everyone who votes goes into the draw for the prize, the Blackburn Motivator indoor training system, which allows you to ride from Moab to Paris-Roubaix indoors on WebDVD. We have selected the top 15 by their number of nominations as of December 18, 2000.

Note: Voting has now closed for the best rides of 2000 competition. The results and prizewinner will be announced shortly.

All the Nominations

Name                                             Nominations
Lance Armstrong - Tour de France                     31
Johan Museeuw - Paris-Roubaix                        26
Andrei Tchmil - Tour of Flanders                     19
Jan Ullrich - Olympic Games                          14
Erik Zabel - World Cup                               10
Vjatcheslav Ekimov - Olympic Time Trial              10
Axel Merckx - Giro d'Italia/Belgian Champion         9 
Marco Pantani - Giro/Tour                            9 
Andrea Tafi - Paris-Tours                            8 
David Millar - Tour yellow                           8 
Francesco Casagrande - Giro/Abetone                  8 
Leontien van Moorsel-Zijlaard - Triple Olympic Gold  7 
Erik Dekker - Tour de France/San Sebastian           6 
Oscar Freire - 10 wins as World Champion             6 
Chris Boardman                                       5
Kelme team                                           5
Alex Vinokourov                                      3
Andreas Kloden                                       3
Romans Vainsteins                                    3
Scott Sunderland                                     3
Stefano Garzelli                                     3
Tyler Hamilton                                       3
David McKenzie                                       2
Gord Fraser                                          2
Jason Queally                                        2
Jeremy Yates                                         2
Laurent Dufaux                                       2
Marty Nothstein                                      2
McGory and Aitken                                    2
Nicole Cooke                                         2
Niklas Axelsson                                      2
Roberto Heras                                        2
Telekom                                              2
US Postal team                                       2
Alistair Sponsel                                     1
Andrei Zintchenko                                    1
Armstrong, Zabriskie                                 1
Brad McGee                                           1
Championship of Zurich                               1
Clara Hughes                                         1
Danilo Di Luca                                       1
Dave Bruylandts                                      1
David Plaza                                          1
Euskaltel-Euskadi team                               1
Evgeni Petrov                                        1
Floyd Landis                                         1
Frank Vandenbrouke                                   1
Gary Neiwand                                         1
Genevieve Jeanson                                    1
Gethin Butler                                        1
Gian-Matteo Fagnini                                  1
Gilberto Simoni                                      1
Henk Vogels                                          1
Saturn Women - HPLJWC                                1
Javier Otxoa Palacios                                1
Jerome Chiotti                                       1
John Lieswyn                                         1
Kai Hundertmark                                      1
Kam Po Wong                                          1
Ken Muhindi of Kenya                                 1
Linda McCartney team                                 1
Livingston, Hamilton                                 1
Marcel Wust                                          1
Mari Holden                                          1
Mark Renshaw                                         1
Miguel Martinez                                      1
Nico Mattan                                          1
Nicole Reinhart                                      1
Olympic - German team                                1
Paola Pezzo                                          1
Pia Sundstedt                                        1
Piotr Wadecki                                        1
Richard Virenque                                     1
Santiago Botero                                      1
Saturn Women                                         1
Stefano Zanini                                       1
Steffen Wesemann                                     1
Stuat O'Grady                                        1
Mercury team                                         1
Thomas Frischknecht                                  1
Trevor Lister                                        1
Victor Hugo Peņa Grisales                            1
Yvonne  McGregor                                     1

Here's what you can win...
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Blackburn Motivator
Photo: © Bruce Ewert

Once again, is offering a lucky reader a fabulous prize if they enter our competition. This time, the definitive training system for the Internet (TM) junkie is on offer, courtesy of Blackburn. The Blackburn Motivator system allows you to ride Moab, Monterey or Paris-Roubaix indoors on WebDVD. Your pedaling dynamically controls the DVD's video speed, with the patented Blackburn Motivator Interactive Real Video Training System. What better way to make training indoors actually enjoyable!

To be eligible for this prize, you will have to answer the question relating to the product, with hints available on the web site, Entries close at midnight (GMT) December 31, with the winners announced in the early New Year. Note: even if your rider/performance doesn't win, you will still be eligible for the prize. Please only vote once to save us the extra work of weeding out duplicates.