"Gobsmackingly Brilliant" rides of 2000

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Andrea Tafi


Tafi in P-T

Michael Bauman
Hillsdale, MI
Sat, 9 Dec

Tafi at Paris-Tours.

Paula Weber
Sat, 9 Dec


I absolutely agree with David Voller. The history, the drama, the amazing feats of bravery and shear power of these men on bicycles through all sorts of terrain and weather. The one day World Cup Classics rule! A favourite is hard to pick for the year. With Museeuw, Tchmil, Zabel, Axelsson (almost) and Rumsas in the end, but I think I read and reread Tafi's the most. My all-time favourite is 1997 Giro di Lombardia where Jalabert won the day and Bartoli drove the break so hard for the final kilometres that the other three in the break could barely hold his wheel! He won the World Cup with that ride.

David McNutt

Boulder, CO, USA
Fri, 8 Dec


Paris-Tours: Tafi's Revenge. Imagine having the world's top roleur and a proven team player at your disposal for your Worlds and Olympic teams and then ignore him. Tafi's win was the perfect.

Ian Robertson
Renfrewshire, Scotland
Monday, December 4


For me, the performance of 2000 had nothing to do with the stature of the race, (whilst Paris-Tours is a classic, I realise it is not of the importance of P-R, L-B-L, etc) but with the attitude of the winner. What really gave me a buzz was the message sent to the Italian national team selectors when Andrea Tafi rode the field off his wheel in an allegedly sprinterfest event, having been snubbed as not good enough for their Worlds team. This guy oozes class, but doesn't, perhaps to his disadvantage, go around shouting about it a la Bartoli or Pantani.

John Rudge
Friday, November 24


Andrea Tafi and his particular show in the Paris Tours.

Jose M Peña
Madrid, Spain
Mon, 11 Dec


Tafi on his way to Tours

Alexander Vogt
Tue, 12 Dec


Tafi in Paris Tours - What an attitude
Ryan Clark
Fri, 15 Dec