"Gobsmackingly Brilliant" rides of 2000

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Marty Nothstein


No one seems to have mentioned Marty Nothstein's performance in the match sprint at Sydney. After a four year wait following his narrow defeat at the hands (or should I say legs?) of Fiedler, Marty came back to qualify first and dominate every opponent on his way to winning the gold medal, without losing a single ride. Deserves a vote at least, I'd say...

Christopher Moyer (0 and 1 in the match sprint against Marty in my career)
Champaign, IL, USA
Mon, 11 Dec


Marty Nothstein, winning the only gold for the USA in the Olympics, qualifying first, then beating all comers on his way, undefeated to the gold medal, an incredible display or will, power, and determination to come back from the silver medal in 1996, even the class of the worlds best sprinters said he was untouchable. Thank you

Dave Hansen
Wed, 13 Dec