"Gobsmackingly Brilliant" rides of 2000

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McGory, Aitken


Here are a few notable other races that, sadly, were probably not seen by too many people outside those in attendance. But for those that did, I can say with confidence that they will agree with me that these performances were pretty amazing.

McGrory and Aitken at the Sydney Olympics, winning Gold in their homeland in the inaugural Olympic Madison. It was an amazing display of courage, speed, strategy and good fortune (and a million other things) that propelled them atop the victors' podium. To have been witness to that performance left me without words. The way that those two guys executed their race tactics was textbook. To know what those guys went through this year and to then perform the way that they did in Sydney, WOW!

Curt Harnett
Toronto, Canada
Tue, 12 Dec

(Curt Harnett's medal tally includes 3 Olympic medals (2 bronze 1 silver), 2 world championship silvers 2 Commonwealth silver and the a still-unbeaten world record which, he says "still gets me on the start sheet!" he reckons the Olympics included some of the best racing ever, and with those qualifications we believe him.)


Aitkin & McGory - For the greatest night of track racing ever seen in Australia.

Mark Windsor
Bathurst NSW, Australia
Fri, 15 Dec