"Gobsmackingly Brilliant" rides of 2000

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David McKenzie


I would have to say that there are two epic rides that come to mind when considering "gobsmackingly brilliant" rides. I would say that David McKenzie's great victory on stage 7 of the Giro d'Italia, would have to be up there as one of the best! I read a report from an Australian publication, Ride Cycling Review, and the way that Macca described the battle he went thru was awesome, he cruised up along-side Robbie McEwen, and said "he felt the desire to try a long move", Robbie replied "here's your chance", so off Macca went and quickly gained a lead. The peloton wouldn't see him again for the next four hours.

Over the ensuing 164kms a lot went thru Macca's - mind his wife, his family, and the doubters. We've all come across them, people that have no idea. David used those words as fuel, to put his body on the line, and go it alone. Imagine a long, lone ride through the heat, just like a training ride, except maybe for the Giro D'Italia. His lead measured 12 minutes at one stage, but as the end of the stage drew closer, the sprinters' teams could almost smell the finish line, David held on and managed to hold off the chasing peloton by 51 seconds, imagine the sensations he was feeling, at the sentimental home of cycling, thousands of fans offering encouragement, to push through the pain barrier, to basically suffer and suffer some more. David was awarded a special commemorative trophy named after the late, great Gino Bartali for his amazing exploits the previous day. "Macca" left for Prato with the roar of crowd still ringing in his ears, and a lump in his throat, David 'Macca' McKenzie awesome mate, and then some.

Matthew McGoon
Brisbane Australia.
Wed, 6 Dec


I agree with most everything written so far so I decided to include one not mentioned yet. I was a big fan of David McKenzie's stage win in the Giro this year. The typical laughed-at "suicide break", a la Jacky Durand. But he pulled it off, got the publicity for his team, and lots of well deserved praise. And all without meat! Even better!

Gurantz Oded
Berkeley, CA
Thu, 14 Dec