"Gobsmackingly Brilliant" rides of 2000

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Laurent Dufaux


Dufaux's win in Zurich from a group that included Armstong, Ullrich, Casagrande, Camenzind, Rebellin, and Freire. Maybe the most elite selection of any race in 2000.

Rob Gooch
Brighton, UK
Wednesday, December 6


Armstrong at Hautacam; Museeuw at Roubaix; Tchmil at Flanders; all incredible, but all more or less the kind of excitement we expect from these champions. Most gobsmackingly brilliant ride of 2000? Leontien at Sydney was good, but it was a series of rides, not one ride in particular. My choice is Dufaux at Zurich.

World Cup race, possibly the highest calibre breakaway in the history of the sport (a virtual rainbow jersey winners' reunion with the world number one and the TdF first and second place holders thrown in for good measure), and the man who has been down and out since the scandals of '98 wins it all in a brilliant tactical sprint! How does it get any better than that?

Keith Vandevere
Carmel Valley California USA
Mon, 11 Dec