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Form & fitness Q&A

Got a question about fitness, training, recovery from injury or a related subject? Drop us a line at Please include as much information about yourself as possible, including your age, sex, and type of racing or riding.

Form & fitness Q&A in 2009

May 8: Bike fit importance, Saddle position/knee pain, Cramp in calves, Change in pedals, Saddle issue for Steve Hogg, Upper body rocking, Saddle sores
April 30: Unrelenting back pain, Iron deficiency, Commuting & recovery rides, Shorter leg questions, Distance between pedals, Mountain biking and back pain, Changes in maximum heart rate, Leg length discrepancy, Recovering from Colles fracture, Midfoot cleat position data, Maximum heart rate
April 3: Shim height and cleat fore/aft position, Different length feet and positioning, Over-pronating on the bike, Uneven saddle wear, Wheel weight and sprinting, Cleat position, Shoe advice
March 4
: Stretching and flexibility, Knee brushing top tube, Eating on the bike, Power pedaling problems, Donating blood, Heel drop and hamstring pain, Uneven saddle wear, Leg length discrepancy/ITBS, Junior cyclist coaching
Febuary 25: Training over 80 percent, Training with threshold power, Unusual lactate values, Post-cycling depression, Stationary bike advice
Febuary 18: Crohn's disease and cycling, Refuelling on the bike, Riding at altitude, Arch cleat positioning and shimming, In-shoe wedges, Recovering cardio function, Stationary bike
Febuary 11: The right bars, Donating blood, Pelvic feedback, Heart rate, Pressure on shoulders, Bike frame sizing, Mid-foot cleat positioning
Febuary 3: Lowered heart rate, Strength training, Illiotibial band discomfort, Explosivity training, Correct aero position, Causes of knee pain, Effects of Melatonin, Pedal setup, Foot vs pedal
January 6: Debilitating foot pain, MSM and whey, Interpreting blood test results, Saddle fore-aft position, Lower core body

Form & fitness Q&A in 2008

December 23: Metabolism rate in training, Resistance training and fat burning, Cleat placement, Foot size difference, Cleat adjustment position, Ride position and health professionals
December 16: More fat burning, Asymmetrical ride position, High blood pressure, Sore thigh muscle, Leg length discrepancy, Heel wiggle, Ankle pain, Crank length
December 10: Fat-burning capabilities, Cholesterol level, Knee warmers, Crank arm length, Asymmetrical ride position, Knee warmers and 'cross, Eyesight and bike position, Sit bone
November 25: Asymmetrical ride position, Saddle angle, More knee pain, Max heart rates, Gluteus cramps
November 11: Varying foot forces, Leg length discrepancy, Muscle tightness, Improving strength, Weight training, Knee problem response
November 4: Right side problems, Saddle setback position, Elements for knee pain and hip ailments, Crank length, Knee complaint, Weight loss goals
October 28: Arch pain, Crank length, Weight loss goals, Better starts, Elements for knee pain and hip ailments, IT Band problem, Frequent untrue wheels
October 14: Rotating foot, Overtraining, Knee pain, Position issue, Spacers for MTB cleats, Knee bend, Speedplay cleat extenders
October 7: Change of training, Hip and pedal length, Mid-foot cleat adapters, Recovering from broken Ulna and Radius, Numb toes, Heel problems, Piriformis Syndrome and cycling, Shims
October 1: MCL tear and cycling level, Heels hit the crank, Crank arm length, Knee pain and Synvisc treatment, Knee pain
September 23: Crank length, Achilles tendon rupture, Is a 'neutral' cleat positioning always the best?, Set back seat posts, Cycling and volleyball, Medical mystery, Thoughts on Rutul bike fit
September 16: Getting started, Hand positioning on a road bike, Switching to a shorter crank arm, Headaches after riding long rides, Recovery ride cadence, Training in the last week before a race, Chest pains, Saddle issues, Sore upper back
September 11: Pain in the knee, Tibialis anterior pain, Riding and hypertension treatments, Right leg weakness, Gender differences in training, Adaptation to Aero position
September 2: Aerodynamics, Ankle weights, Post dinner hunger, Balance problems on the bike, Crank length, Hypothyroid
August 26: Aerodynamics and calories, Crank length and height, Recumbent biking, Anti inflammatory, Tyres and wheels, Spinal stenosis, Hip replacement
August 19: Recovery from spinal stenosis, Scaring myself with a high heart rate, Cleat position and knee pain, Slow recovery, Knee / hip pain
August 13: Hip damage and leg length, Unresolvable knee pain, Climbing and power to weight ratio
August 5: Cramping, Leg cramps, Recovery from mononucleosis, Training in high temperatures, Knee - arthritis from overuse, Knee pain, Crank length, Sastre and crank length
August 1: Calf/Hamstring soreness, Constant pain in achilles, Q-Factor, What next? Jock itch and Chafing
July 29: Sinus problems, Post knee replacement, Start up track training, Crank length, Cramping, Carlos Sastre
July 24: Quadriceps pain, Appetite suppressant, Weight loss, Heel pain
July 15: Sloping saddle question, Foot / knee issue, Feet hurt, Pain in right hip, lower back, pirformis area
July 8: Blood in urine, gross hermaturia, Sugar and honey, Question on rhabdomyolysis, Appetite suppressant, Pain between the shoulder blades
July 1: Calories and kilojoules, Cycling vs. running, Injury recovery time / fitness loss, Lymphnodes disease, Performance limit, Quadriceps pain, Well designed saddles, Strange quad pain
June 24: Achilles/heal issues, Bad hammies, Foot position, Lose of power during rides, Pulmonary effects of cycling in cities, Lose of appetite, Winter training
June 17: Advice on position, Speed wobbles, Reduced breathing and heart rate on Aciphex, Simvastatin and energy levels, Cleat shims, Tired after recovery, Side to side knee movement
une 10: Club foot, Knee soreness, Affects of antibiotics (Minocycline) on performance, Objective measures for injury prevention and improving performance, New shoes lower seat height? Bike position question, Racing in the heat
June 3: Training on a heavier bike, TT & stem length, When to rest?, Question about my knees
May 27: Training on a heavier bike, Training without a power meter, Eating late, Correct seat height & saddle position, Sole thickness & saddle height, Wedges & Specialized shoes
May 20: Severe anemia-myelodysplastic syndrome, Training on a heavier bike, TT bars too wide for handlebar, Left / right leg power imbalance, Foot stability, Leg length / pelvic asymmetries and the K-Force seatpost w/ data head, Hamstring injury from quick switch to time trial position, Knee and back ache, Seat to bottom bracket length, what's the range in which people sit?, Leg length or pelvic assymetry?
May 13: Training for year round racing, High heart rate, Strength training for cyclo-cross, Thoracic Spine extension, Positioning question, Follow up, Spinal cord injury & available bikes, Junior mileage, 15 years away from the bike
May 6: Tennis elbow and oversized bars, HR, fatigue & power, Training in the recumbent position, Cleat position, Mid foot or crank length, GI issues, Heart rate, Leg length discrepancy, Lower back cramps, Numb legs, Power into the wind
May 1: Collar bone: to plate or not to plate, Scaphoid fracture, Shingles, Handling inflammation, Motor pacing, Heart rate max, Improving flat speed ability, Epstein-Barr Virus
April 30: Knee pain, Mid-foot cleats: value of aft positioning with traditional shoes, Difference between Sidi Genius 5.5 carbon composite and Hi-Tech carbon, Involuntary slowing?, Arch cleat = lower back pain, The ultimate gel?, Patellar tendinitis and the wedge, Stretching confusion, 20's or 23's
April 8: Subcutaneous nodules in cyclist, Which frame to choose?, Hyperglycemia insulin and riding, Junior gears, Calf cramps, Scaphoid fracture
March 25: Lower back and symmetry issues, Ischial tuberosity pain, Training for the bike tour of Colorado, Growth hormone, CMT, Foot Drop and Supination, Follow up on previous advice
March 18: Burping, Climbing vs. TT Max HR, Sore legs and cramping, Power vs. weight, Leg length, Shoe stiffness
March 11: Back problems, Skiing and heart rate, Diet envy, Handling skills
March 4: Back soreness after lowering stem, Arch cleat position, Road shoes, TT power output, Testosterone replacement as a result of bi-lateral testicular cancer
February 26: Breathing, cycling and swimming, Different size feet same size legs, Specialized Body Geometry 3D Fit vs. Retul, Arch cleat position, Interval recovery and shims, Knee pain associated with knee dive, Testosterone recommendations, Hamstring tendon strain below the left knee, Reach to levers when in drops
February 20: Morton's Neuroma - Result of spinning?, Achilles Tendonitis, Bike fit after total knee replacemente, Over used quads
February 12: Heart rate zones, Wheels, Uneven muscle, Power training, Power meter and speed, Motor pacing, Leadville 100, Leg length, Cranck length, Campy cassettes, Wounded warriors
January 23: Detecting blood doping, Cycling with celiac disease, Combating fatigue, Determining potential
January 16: Air temperature, heart rate and actual calories burned, Higher HR in hills, Where to start?, B12 for cyclists, The steepest gradient
January 9: Chicken legs, Stuck in a hole, Threshold power improvements, Sore thighs, Sprinterval DVDs and indoor training, Chamois cream

Form & fitness Q&A in 2007

December 27: Breathing rate vs Endurance on hills, Indoor vs Outdoor - Which is harder?, Sprinting drills, Riding with a broken shoulder
December 18: Power training, Winter training and lung effects, Plyometric exercises, Indoor trainers causing knee problems, Training for cyclo-cross, VO2 max outdoor test, Swimming for cyclists, Long ride duration, Cannondale sizing
December 12: Swimming for cyclists, Massage stick, Frame size advice, Outdoor VO2 max testing, Travel and illness, Cycling and motivation
December 5: Short legs & cycling, Hematocrit level, Aerobic cross training and mitochrondia
November 27: Pelvic asymmetry and knee pain, Heel fracture, Bicycling, hip replacement, and crank arm length, Maximum heart rate, Leg length, Road rash scars, Crank arm length for TT bikes
November 21: Foot alignment while pedalling, Knee tracking problem, Knee discomfort, Burning thighs, Lost power, Intensity during rest period
November 13: Compact crank arm length, Bike fitting, Recovery from races, Spin Scan analysis, Posterior knee problems, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy risk for cyclists?, New bike fit
November 6: Fractured Ilium, Moving Knee, Spin bikes and clipless pedals, Winter bike, Muscle/Joint Stiffness caused by Prescription Medications, Leg muscle exercises, Varus wedge - which way?, Handlebar width, Bike position, Calf weakness, Time trial body position
October 30: 3D dynamic bike fit, Nutrient supplements, Cramps, Knee pain, Bike set-up, Seat height with Keo carbon pedals
October 23: Broken fibula with surgical repair, Good performance prior to onset of a cold, Shimano pedals; moving the cleat back, Club foot bike fit correction, Bike set-up, Numbness, Stomach problems, Nutritional supplement
October 16: Toe overlap, Optimum climbing cadence, Genital numbness, Deep vain thrombosis, Fore/aft cleat position, Concussions and the older cyclist, No Speed, Hip joint pain, Hamstring tendon injury
October 9: Adjustments needed with cleat wedges, Wide feet, High heartrate, L-Glutamine, Power profile, Health questions, Neck pain and head aches
October 3: Hip flexors and wisdom teeth, Plantar fasciitis, Endurance training, Runny nose, Female athletes and menopause, Cleat position for fractured sesamoid, Can frame size be too small?
September 25: Knee pain after a vasectomy, Changes in max heart rate, Leg concentration relative to seat position, Seat tilt, T-12 fusion back surgery, Frame size, Back to riding late in the season, Knee injuries.
September 18: Nutrition strategy, Clipless pedals, LLD & cyclocross, Indoor recumbent, Knee pain, Bike geometry for petite females, Arch cleats
September 11: Saddle height: the higher the better for climbing?, Losing weight to climb better, Recovering from Mono, Integrated seat pins and effects on position, Wedges and knee-in pedalling, and do offset cleats = offset seat?, Cycling and Long-term Exposure to Second Hand Cigarette Smoke
September 5: Pre-ride Nutrition, Big gears vs. small gears, Climbing, Fuel for Endurance Rides, Weight Loss/Optimizing Power to weight ratio
August 28: Increasing muscle mass, Base miles on a home trainer, Breathing & helmet straps, Regaining form, Thanks Steve
August 21: Quickly regaining form, Training junior riders, Post virus recovery, Knee problems, Altitude acclimatisation
August 15: Leg Length, Insulin pump therapy, Bike size, Bike fit and cleat placement
August 8: Short legs & cycling, Sore calves, Sex & cycling, Bike fit & cleat placement, Threaded sole inserts to increase cleat adjustment, Arch cleats
July 31: Crash into the back of an SUV, Road rash, Geting going?, Numb toes, Knee + hips + endless fit struggles, Concerns about the chocolate milk study, Knee Pain
July 26: Torn knee ligaments, Weight training, Getting going, Ligament injury, Air temperature and heart rate, Blood transfusions, Dislocated shoulders, Saddle choice, Sartorious muscle spasm, Chocolate milk study, Sprint position
July 17
: Burning knee pain, Knee shred, Recovery drinks, Losing weight for races
July 10: Altitude effects, Cleat positioning across shoe brands, Cycling and prostatitis, Excessive mucous, Heart rate concerns, New shoes, different angled sole, Polymyalgia rheumatica, Sore quads, Prominent veins, Long-term performance suppression, Sciatic gluteal muscle
July 3: Burning feet sensation, Varying crank lengths, Heart rate and fatigue, Sleeping problems, Numb toes for three weeks, Riding with an iPod
June 26: Rice vs pasta, Mental or physical?, Getting faster, Heart rate concerns
June 19: Multiple cleat positions, Cleat position swapping, Pedaling style, Shoe modifications for arch cleats, Shoe sole angle, Possible pedaling angle remedy, Post porta-pottie downer, Cleat position for sprinters, Wrist/finger problems
June 13: Arch cleat position at the Giro?, Arch cleat revelations, Arch cleats for my competitors, Magic X pedals, Heart rate: drops vs. hoods, Twisted hips, Neck pain, Riding no handed, Pedalling angle problems
June 5: Magic pedals, Lung capacity, Seat setback, LeMond LeWedges, Arch cleats success, Asymmetrical Q-Factor, Q-Factor, Max heart rate, Training with a knee problem
May 29: PowerCranks Lateral knee pain Beating that final hill Arch cleats Arch cleats and pedal release Foot positioning Burning feet sensation Sesamoiditis
May 22: Toe-in/toe-out positioning, Arch cleats - fore/aft adjustment, Arch cleats - disabled cyclists, Arch cleats on Sidi shoes, Arch cleats causing pain, Leg length discrepancy, Arch cleats for a deformed cyclist, Calf soreness, Multiple Sclerosis, Returning from injury
May 15: Arch cleat position, Arch cleat diagrams please!, Confused about arch cleats, Arch cleat summary, Bike frame size, Appropriate shoes, Torque analysis methods, Varus knees
May 8: Arch cleats, Arch cleats #2, Fitting new cleats, Which day to rest?, Climbing speed, Herniated disc, More on midfoot cleat position, Speedplay adapter plate, Sprinting form, Warming up for races
May 1: Arch cleats, Foot drop, Hip impingement, Iron deficiency, Is my bike growing?, Off season rowing training, Piriformis muscle, Fused vertebrae, Who should I see?, Getting back on the bike
April 24: Fitness decline on a rest phase, Maximum heart rates, Physiological cycling issues, Overtraining, Iliotibial band syndrome, Lower back pain, Hip rotation, Crank length
April 17: Early morning training, Off season training, Maximum heart rate and aging, Calf problems, Leg pain, Base training and gym work, Weight gain, Recurrent illness
April 10: Anaerobic threshold training, Calculating threshold power, Calf pain on a new bike, Bike fit worth bothering with?, Time trial heart rate, Pro cyclists' training, Which racing category?, Lowering triglyceride levels, Wind trainer versus exercise bike
April 3: Insoles for cyclists, Abductor muscles seizing up, Saddle rash, Stomach bloating, Shims versus sole inserts, Lateral saddle adjustment, Cleat/shoe recommendation, Longer cranks?, Improving pedal stroke, Leg pain
March 20: Intervals for time trialing, Signs of overtraining, Losing speed each week, Training frequency, Sex and cycling, Back pain from spondylolythesis, Bib shorts fitting, Selle SMP saddle
March 13: UCI positioning regulations, Chamois cream, Longer cranks?, Bike re-fit, Left knee pain, Training whilst on antibiotics, Pelvic symmetry, Q-factor across cranksets, Different crank lengths, Leg length discrepancy
March 6: Creeping forward on the saddle, MTB pedals on a road bike, Sleep after races, Lower leg aches, Different leg lengths, Cycling and tinnitus, Hernias caused by cycling, Cleat positioning
February 27: Hernia caused by cycling?, Single speed advantages, Anterior cruciate ligament tears and racing, Mononucleosis
February 20: Recovering from mononucleosis, Underwear or not?, Saddle height, toe overlap and the balance test, Toe numbness in right foot, Cold and numbness in feet and hands, Crank length, Gastric distress after rides, Recommended training program
February 13: Driving to races and tired legs, Training with antibiotics, Time trial bike setup, Periodization versus 'always fit', Training for a team time trial, Gastric distress after rides
February 6: The magic number 7, Fast/slow twitch fibres and endurance, Getting back into training, A pain in the foot, 'Slack' frame angles, Maximising training time, Wobble-naught bike fitting, Choosing the perfect saddle, Losing power riding in the drops, Selle SMP saddle setup, Modern frame sizes too small?
January 30: Modern frame sizes too small?, Riding at altitude, Maximum heart rate, Kcal expenditure on heart rate monitors, Numb feet, Shoe angle problems, Cleat angles, Holding tempo on climbs, Custom bike geometry, Leveling the saddle
January 23: Cycling and tinnitus, Kcal, poor man's SRM?, Back of the knee pain, SLR saddles, Discomfort in the drops, Heart rate dangerously high?, Hip movement while in the drops, Cramps, Crude VO2 max measurement
January 9: Chronic knee pain, Muscle fatigue, Sit bones and scar tissue, Pelvic asymmetry and the bottom bracket, Left foot pedal positioning, Shorter crank for leg length discrepancy?, Testicular pain
January 2: Power to weight ratio, Head injury, Comfort for long distance events

Form & fitness Q&A in 2006

December 19: The truth about socks, More about bone density, Fit issues, Excess body fat
December 5: Beating a training parter, Child racing issues, Energy cost of excess body fat, Knee problems after time off, Time trial to road bike fit, Bike posture imbalances, Osteoporosis
November 29: Bar position, Leg length discrepancies, Track bike versus road bike
November 22: Burn out, Stair running, Quadricepts versus hamstrings, Pain in the trapezius, Bike position setup, Plumb line rule , Knee problems after time off, Crank length, Mountain bike saddle position, Cleat positioning, Leg length discrepancy
November 14: Speedplay cleat positioning, Cramps after time off, Teaching and training, Cleat position and seat height, More detail on the balance test, Positioning for mountain biking, Winter training, Training after injury, Crank length
November 7: Shoe/Pedal combination, Q-factor, Cleat positioning, Crank length, Time trialling leg numbness, The balance test, Knee pain, Cramps after time off, Fainting while riding, Road rash, Hyperthyroid
October 23: Winter training methods, Cycling and DVT, Arch cleats, Broken leg recovery, How should a good saddle feel?, Coughing blood, Osteoporosis, Why false positives can be positively negative, Hip drop, Wearing cranks, Beer intervals
October 9: Leg size and power asymmetry, Metatarsal pain, Stem length, Leg length discrepancy, Knee problem, Correct pedal position, Comparing power and heart-rate data
October 2: Cramps and bike geometry, Small bike, Recumbent for lower-back pain?, Saddle fore/aft position, Prostate, Leg length discrepancy and asymmetry, Knee and hip questions, Susanne Ljungskog's cleat position, More advice on cramps after time off
September 25
: Prostate and positioning, More on lunchtime riding, Home-made shims, Cramps after time off, Susanne Ljungskog's cleat position, Base training follow-up, Maximum heart rate
September 21: Can milk hurt performance?, Dave's stretching revisited, Difficulty breathing, getting the most out of base training
September 19: Altitude tents - OK?, Long cranks, Cramps in calves, Crooked saddle, tight hammies and calves
September 11
: Chocolate milk... soy?, Stretching, Cycling and male fertility, Fainting while riding, Foot pain, Forward seat position, Leg length differential, Quad and hamstring cramping, Time Equipe pro pedals & cleat position
September 4: Lactate & lactose, All on one side?, Numbness in the nether region, Position, Sesamoiditis and cycling
August 28: UCI vs bike fit, Training with mono, Sole stack height, Shin Splints, Overtraining, Numbness while time trialing, More on testosterone, Power wobbles, Cramps after time off, Chiropractic, Cycling & tennis elbow
August 21: Testosterone, UCI rules vs bike fit, Ball of foot, Compensation for leg length differential, Difference in foot size, Knee problems, Neck and shoulders - agony, Calf pain, STI brake lever shims
August 14: Why testosterone?, Cramp, Favoring the right side, Knee pain, Hot Spots and Wedges, Pelvic asymmetry, More on bars
August 7: Physical limits, Optimal interval duration, Crank arm length revisited, Thyroid needs change with increased efforts, increased fitness?, Pro bars/stems and bruised wrists, Aerodynamics, Optimal race weight revisited, Redlining, Fused ankles revisited, Lateral offset?, Leg numbness, Interval training vs sustained effort, "Balance test"
July 31: Leg length differential, Fused Ankle, Floyd's Bike Fit, Lower back pain, Post-op Knee problem, Mono and its effects on racing and HR, Ball of foot, Power Output, High Heart Rate Threshold
July 24: Heart rate, Detecting doping, Femur fracture, Saddle/Cleat issue?, Knee replacement, Knee injury seems permanent, Knee pain, Pedals and more, Sore knees and crank length, Strictures and cycling
July 17: How do dopers evade?, Optimal race weight, MTB Cleat Set Up, Low max HR, Pain behind knee, Perineum pain, Riding in polluted environments
July 10: Optimal race weight, Choc milk, Fixed cleats, Crank length, Cycling and osteoporosis, Raw food diet, Foot numbness with new shoes and pedals, Pedal stack height, More on women's saddles, More on groin pain
July 3: Training for young cyclists, Climbing speed, Making training harder, Pedal position vs. spin rate, ACL Tear, Best women's saddles, Different leg sizes, Elbow pain, "Crunching" knees, Top end speed, Hypertension, Inside leg/ knee pain, Quad cramps, Bike fit isssues
June 26: Roadkill Worries, Singulair and EIA, Cleat position for track, Achilles and knee pain, Strabismus, Groin Pain?, High avg HR / Inconsistent race results, Pelvic Symmetry Solutions, Hips, flat feet, and tight knee, FSA K-force seatpost as sol'n to pelvic asymmetry
June 19: "Training" for a cross-state ride, Move cleat forward?, Cold acclimatization?, Leg and back pain, Bike set up, Breathing exercises?, Femur & tibia length, FSA K-force seatpost for pelvic asymmetry, Medial Ankle pain, Painful knee, More on labial swelling, More on ride induced allergy attacks, Shoulder operation/body position, Home trainer
June 14: Wedges vs. orthotics, Chocolate milk, Cleat question, Augmentin and performance, Heat treatment, Larger crank length, Medial ankle pain, Right knee track, Knee/ankle pain, Hamstrings, Hip replacement, Pedalling imbalance, Quad tightness/fatigue, Longer cranks, Ride-induced allergy attacks, Increasing speed, TT training
June 5: Fibre before a race, Pedal wear, Knee/ankle pain, Upper right back pain, Foot pain while road riding, Crank length, Numb hands, Wedges verse orthotics, Increasing power output uphill, Cleat position and shoe brands, Cycling position and injury, Bike positioning for climbing, Knee pain, Larger crank length, Building power, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
May 29: Road to track positional changes, Allergy question, Electrolyte absorption in a race, Blood pressure meds, Foot size, Bike fitness, Lower back pain, Carbon-soled shoes, LT training, Negative splits, Uneven leg development, Uphill riding position, Labial swelling from cycling, Riding while pregnant, Long distance touring
May 22: Cleat positioning, Leg length discrepancy and lower back pain, Persistent positioning issues, Surgery concerns, Positioning query, Extended leg muscle soreness, Femur question, Foot angle and calf cramping, Foot numbness, Hamstring attach pain, Knee pain, Knee replacement, Leg length correction methods, Persistent bike fit issues, Pain in ankle area, Recovery drink
May 15: Overcoming fear in races, Workout mix, Pack skills, Exercise and Parkison's/Alzheimer's
May 8: Power at LT threshold, Lower leg and foot pain, Seat angles and power, Shaved legs
May 1: Intensity, Nausea on long rides, Elbow tendonitis and saddle sores, Set up tweaks, Sweat rates, Upper hamstring soreness, Persistent bike fit issues
April 24: Muscle warming gel, Knee warmers, Testicular pain, Knee problems - coach needed, Lower back pain, Shoulder-tendon pain, Arm pain, Weight loss, Sports drinks, Overtraining, Saddle choice, Heel rotation and power, Cleat setup and position, Hip flexor problem, Lower leg and foot pain, More energy use
April 17: Energy expenditure, Compact cranks, Fixed wheel training, Heart rate in different sports
April 10: Lysine question, More sore hamstrings, Hip pain, Knee pain, Saddle options, Eating and training, Lactate threshold, Hill climbing
April 3: Preventing cramp, Power to weight ratio, Muscle tightness, Road bike prep and training, Kneecap pain, Sore hamstring and calf, Eating and weight loss, Type of training, More cramp
March 27
: HR Recovery, More training zones, Hill training, Coming back to riding, Healthy weight gain, Torque vs. power, Tyre rolling resistance, Speed training, Fast starts, A pound of fat, Broken collarbone, Heart rate at exhaustion, Toe numbness, Longer left leg, Leg length discrepancies, Positioning
March 20: Frame size, Longer left leg, Zones, Torque versus power
March 14: Anti-depressants and weight loss, Riding with a prosthesis, Maximum heart rate increase, Total workload, More saddle pain, Knee stiffness, Outer knee pain, Lemond wedges
March 6: Leg length problems, Knee pain, Patellofemoral maltracking, Saddle pain, Q Factor on SPD-SL pedals, Antibiotics and training, Hips and LLD, Riding for weight loss
February 20: Cross-training and foundation, Training for a 40k ITT, 650c versus 700c wheels, Climbing improvements, Lower back, Knee pain, Small hemipelvis, Sore hamstrings, Uneven on bike
February 13: Rest weeks, Orthotics and hip pain, Lower back pain, Ride intensity, Saddle types, Mont Ventoux preparation, Second hand smoke
February 6: Striking a balance, Rearward seating position, Vastus medialis obliquis problems
January 30: Beta-blockers and riding, Calculating heart rate, Lower back problems, Rotational cleat adjustment, Optimal cycling weight, Medial knee pain, Cycling and sciatica, Aerobars, Plantar Fasciitis, Male health issues
January 24: Triple to compact, Brain hemispheres, Valgus forefoot, Over-training and recovery, New forks for old bike, Shims wedges, Dealing with illness, Bone density concerns, More strength training, Shoulder surgery, Gag reflex, Nutrition and weight loss, Pre-ride eating
January 9: Saddle sores, Hormone changes and riding, Shoulder surgery
January 3: Weight loss and nutrition, Saddles for pelvic support, Leg-assisted blood flow, Overtraining, Permanent weight loss, Training question, Trainer vs. rollers, Training planning, Recovery time, Weight-lifting and cycling, Blood tests and anaemia, Small leg length discrepancy, Load off the quads

Form & fitness Q&A in 2005

December 19: Saddles for pelvic support, Knees and hamstrings, Oversize bars and stem, Changes in training programme, Left inguinal hernia repair rehabilitation, Lifecycle workouts, More motivation
December 12: Knee pain, Crank length and bar choice, Wrist/palm pain, Femur tibia ratio, Changing saddles, Bar position, Leg length discrepancy, Load off quads, Hips and LLD, Bike fit issues, Shims wedges, Motivation
December 5: Suggested training supplements, Anaemia by numbers, Acid base buffer, Weights after injury, One foot pronating
November 28: One foot pronating continued, Left foot issues, Knee pain, Wrist pain, Pain behind the knee, Cycling after injury, Neck discomfort, Different crank lengths, Leg and arm numbness, Anatomical leg length difference
November 21: Mystery knee pain, Neck discomfort, Compact versus standard frame, Respiratory muscle use, Training HR and power, Pronating foot, Sore knees, Quad pain
November 14: Hip pain, Cleats/leg length, More on Heel Position Asymmetry, Persistent knee pain, Achilles Problem, Respiratory rate, Right lower leg problem, Soreness on side of knees, Knee stiffness
November 7: Optimal seat position, Shingles, Speed vs. endurance, ITB question, Eating before bedtime, Curling toes
October 31: Nerve damage, Choosing shoes, Leg length, Power cranks, Heel position asymmetry, Moving cleats back, Spot reducing, Re-occurring shingles, Recovery from a broken wrist, Cleat position, Training with power
October 24: Piriformis syndrome, Antibiotic side effects, Leg length discrepancy, EPO and drug use, Narcolepsy, modofinil, and racing, Saddle fore/aft and stem length, Winter recovery, Boil washing shorts, Max HR, Saddle fit, Stationary riding, Custom orthotics
October 17: Hip flexor pain, Calf cramps, Big hands in Deda bars, Cycling or running for weight loss, Piriformis syndrome, Intermittent tachycardia, Seat or pedal stroke, Bar sweep, Leg length discrepancy, Efficient climber or better position?, Pain on side of knees, Uneven cleat wear and power, Health issues
October 10: HR and VO2 stop responding, Cycling and impotence, Riding with Epilepsy, Getting back into it, Numbness on rollers, Strength, power and speed, Avascular Necrosis, Leg length discrepancy, Indoor trainer setup, In-turned foot, Strange looking knees, Cleat position, Toe numbness and pain, Mountain bike fit, Aspirin
October 3: Bunch training tips, Winter training, Time trial positioning, HR and LT, Hunger flats, Vitamin B injections
September 26: Hip rotation, Hill climbing and increased strength, Anatomic cut-out saddles, Crits with hills, Tachycardia, IT band tightness, Numbness in the sit area, Blistered toes
September 19: Left knee pain, Numbness in toes, Shoe size relative to position, Moving on the bike, Fitness with age, Foot pain/cramp, Heel-down solutions, Look pedal tension, Change in racing position, Back surgery
September 12: Calf pain, A good structural health professional, Torn ACL, Cleat wear, Does licking sweat limit cramping?
September 5: Vastus lateralus burning, Tendonitis problems, Positioning for ladies, Energy gel question, Cleat wear and power, ITB problem, Foot injury, Adductor seizing, Pain in the neck, Pedal swapping, Breathing problems, Sweat smells like ammonia
August 29: Pre-start heart rate, Finding a coach, Bike Fit, Glucose tablets, Saddle soreness, Muscle pain and auto immune system, Crank arm length, Training and physiology, Chronic fatigue
August 22: Fitness level, Hypothyroid, Saddle height and possible HR correlation, Bike fit, Exercise bikes, Recovering from broken hip
August 15: Leg length discrepancy, Early morning meals, Motorpacing for racing, Pre/post ride caloric intake, Salt, shorts and the cow's lick, Donating blood, Normal hematocrit levels, Triathlons, Maximising small amounts of training time, Leg/knee pain and saddle height, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Seating and pedaling, Eating, Stomach cramps, Posture on the bike, Weight loss and twitchy calves, Increase wattage, Ear pressure
August 8
: Hill training for flat races, Track bike versus road bike, Speedplay roll float, Giving blood, Commuting goals, Pedal spacers, Asymmetric calf muscles, Handlebar fit, Lower back spasm, Leg length discrepancy, Nerve damage #2, Bike position
August 1:
Chainring side, Right leg problems, Longer leg, Bike fit and back pain, Nerve damage, Leg length discrepancy, Crotch pain, Time off the bike, Positioning on MTB
July 18:
Crankarm length, Speedplay roll float, Lower back pain, Hip pain and IT band tightness, Saddle sores, Possible sit height issue, Pain only in recommended fit range, Racing after a broken hip/leg, Stretching, Type II diabetes question, Upper calf/lower hamstring pain
July 11: Carbs and Caffeine, Nutrition for fat loss and muscle gain, Electrolytes and hydration, Salt, fatigue and getting too skinny, Blood tests results and anaemia, Collapsed lung and pneumonia
July 4:
Set back seat posts, heart rate and adrenal glands
June 27: Pre-training nutrition, Post-ride nutrition for commuters, Tonsillitis, Ischeal tuberosity pain
June 20: Eating after training, Herniated Disc, Chills in the summer, Breathing Question, Powercranks mechanics, More hyperthyroid explanation, Alcohol, Quad pull, Ozone and Training, Celiac cyclist
June 13: Thyroid issues, Hypertension treatment and racing, Training for more speed at LT, Getting back on the bike, TT setup on normal road bike, Pelvis support with a new saddle, Powercranks question, DVT concerns, Issues in the sensitive tissues, ITB Friction, Question about foot numbness, Blood lactate measurement
June 6: Blood Lactate testing, Fit for Powercrank revisited, Peroneal tendonitis and cleat position, Hip Flexor stretches, HR, eating, and lactic acid, Off-colour urine, Breathing
May 30: Ankle sprain, Terrible form, When to take a break, Lower leg injuries, Achilles problems, Hips, Cramps in Calves, Too much float and achy knees, Fatigued thighs, Foot numbness, Sciatica-type problems, Leg length discrepancy #2, Hamstring and quad discomfort, Upper body pain, Sprinting, Over-reaching, Slow starter
May 23: Leg Discrepancy, Back Pain, Injured but feeling great - why?, Sore glands, Knee pain post-crash, Caffeine, New to cycling, Bike fit and cleat adjustment, Fit with Power Cranks, Sensitive rear-end problem
May 16: Fibular head pain, Haematology, Breathing efficiency, Baden Cooke's falling technique, Left leg/hip/pelvis problems, Neck and shoulder pain, Shoe soles, BMX training advice
May 9: Arm length discrepancy, Fitting a new bike, Back-calculating power, Borderline cholesterol, Sodium phosphate, Saddle discomfort through structural imbalance, Achieving a high heart rate, Loose knee, Post-Tib pain and bike fit, Shoes and stress fractures, AHR, Cycling for fitness and pleasure, Hammertoe and cycling, Cycling with a fever, High heart rate
May 2: Gastrocnemius Tendinosis, Loss of quadriceps power, Calves and the pedal stroke, Foot Pain, Broken collar bone, Cleat location, TT training and lactate threshold, Low HR Max, Uric acid excess, Donating blood, Hip fracture, Feeling rundown, Leg length discrepancy - can't dial it in, Diabetes & Cycling, Sleep disorder posting
April 26: Immune System, Favouring one leg, Question about cramps,Amount of float, IBS and cycling, Clip in technique Question, Fitting advice, Watt Calculation, Lymph nodes and Training, Sleeping Disorder, Saddle sores, Diabetes,Supplement question for Pam Hinton, Climbing specific training, Sciatic nerve problem, Heart rate issue, TT training, Hamstring pain-another thought
April 18: Supplement question, Cramps, Vitamin C and E, Hamstring pain, Cycling duration without eating, Climbing events, Foot pain on new bike, Patella Tendon tingling, Salty?, Road bike shoes
April 11: Sore rear end question, More Upper Calf Pain..., Converting road bike fit to MTB fit, Position for Long TTs, Pedalling efficiency, Bone Density, Immune System, Cramp, Exercise Induced Asthma
April 4: Hypothyroid, Trainers, Time trial frame size, Back pain, knee pain, calf pain…the works, Ruptured Achilles
March 29: Cycling and lower back pain, Help with knee pain, More Upper Calf Pain..., Peaking, Muscle Loss, Power output, Saddle sores treatment #2
March 21: Shoulder surgery, Bunions and cycling, Upper calf pain, Pedaling question, Achilles Pain, High heart rate while riding in tropical countries, AT LT VT clarification, Estimating power output, The age old Crank length issue, Saddle boils, Cholesterol?
March 14: Nutrition, Chronic upper lateral soleus pain solutions, Hematocrit and VO2, On the bike meals, Warming up, Training specifics question, Gaining lower body muscle mass
March 7: Stem length, Ankle pain - posterior tibialis tendonitis, Power output levels for older cyclists, Knee pain and the trans-fats, omega 6 and omega 3 balance, Neck pain, Knee tracking problems, Additional saddle chaffing info
February 28: Knee Injury, Peroneal tendon strain, Saddle chafing, Urinating after exercise, Tightness just above kneecap, Spin scan, Seated vs Non-seated climbing, Ride Nutrition, Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements, Diminishing returns
February 21: Torn hamstring comeback, Unequal leg length solutions, Another Crank length case, Walking as training, Training and Sickness
February 14: Creating meals that count, Crank Arm Length, Back pain solution, Saddle choice, More Saddle choice, Lots of fit problems, Lots of fit problems #2, Rollers vs. trainers
February 7: Crank arm length?, AT, LT, VT - I'm confused, Back pain solution, Elevated resting heart rate, Spleenectomy and VO2, Heel and toe, Heart rate, Maximum power ranges, Saddle query
January 31: Lower back pain, Heart Rate, Drop in max HR, Cleat position question, Low Heart rate during training, Bone density, Vitamin questions
January 24: Side cramps & Knee pain, Bike fit, Riding like a "pro", Follow up to the HR/Power question, Patella Tendon Strength Exercises, Upper Body Aches, Hematocrit
January 17: Lactate threshold heart rate, Timing and intensity, Zone 2 training, Very long toes, Knotted hamstrings, Ankle flexibility, Crank length, Knee pain, Sports drinks and dental health, Knee problem update
January 3: Lactate threshold heart rate, Timing and intensity, Zone 2 training, Very long toes, Knotted hamstrings, Ankle flexibility, Crank length, Knee pain, Sports drinks and dental health, Knee problem update

Form & fitness Q&A in 2004

December 20: Bike fit, Seat height, Switching bikes
December 15: Cross-training interval overload?, Stationary trainer fitness, Omega 3 fats, In between bike sizes, Saddle angle and orthotic inserts, Sports drinks and dental health
December 6: Power training without a power meter, Fit for track cyclists, Weight training, Supplement rating, Hamstring?, Watts per kilogram redux, Energy replenishment for the Etape, Broken collar bone
November 29: Weight training all through winter, Watts per kilogram, Prostate numbness, Broken collar bone, Sore feet and Morton's neuroma, Time pedals correction
November 22: Energy replenishment for the Etape, Ruptured Achilles tendon, Bi-carb soda, Fat, Cat 5 Racer, Decrease my muscle mass?, Giving blood?, Hip flexor pain, Fitting of a recumbent, Winter drinking, Winter weight training redux, Time pedals, Long term use of prednisone
November 15: Winter weight training, Long term use of prednisone, Knee Tendonitis, Menopause weight gain/training fatigue, New shoes and old cleats, Twisted pelvis, Tendinopathy, Supplements
November 8: Bike fit for time trials, Training with SRM and power, Foot problems, How good can I get?, Numb feet
November 1: Improving weaknesses, Winter track training, Choosing a coach, Supplements, Core strength, Alcohol and fitness, More bike fit, Phosphoric acid and nutrient removal, Kidney issues, Flat feet redux, Knee problem redux
October 25: Off-season depression, Creatine, Head colds and training, Numb hands, Pulling in a paceline, Flat feet
October 18: Recovery after illness, Grapefruit consumption, Winter training, Positioning, pedals and the taller rider, Increased HR
October 11: Winter training, Maintaining peaks, Second hand smoke, Compact vs traditional frames, Grapefruit, Lactic acid, Acid reflux, Position, More foot issues, Ball of the foot, Knee problem
October 4: Climbing, Maintaining aerobic fitness, Cycling during pregnancy, Corduzin, Comeback training and timing, Hand numbness and pain, More Achilles problems, Bike fit and pain, Fore/aft seat position revisited, Fit and muscle utilization, Hot feet, Knee problems
September 27: Off season training, Mountain bike/road bike, Running, Bike on trainer
September 20: Cadence, Recovery meal content, Average heart rate and training indoors, Recovery from an injury, Hydration - sodium and potassium, Virtual reality trainers, Cramped up on a long race, Glutamine, Adductor cramping, Left foot numbness, Unnatural flexion?
September 13: Improving 'kick', High heart rate, Training on beta blockers, Lactic acid, Foot orientation, Bike fit techniques, Pain behind the knee, More on post-ride knee pain, Pedal width too narrow, Left-side tightness
September 6: Power output, Erectile dysfunction, Lactic acid, Chronic fatigue, Supplements, Pedal width too narrow, Calf cramps at maximal efforts, Stretching as prevention, Creatine, Glycogen loading, IT band fix, Lower back pain, Post-ride knee pain, Seat height formulas , Weight loss and riding, Setback seat posts, Fear
August 30: Fear, What kind of carbs?, IT band and fixed vs floating cleats, Power based training, Seatpost with setback, Tapering, Thyroid issues, Nutrition and base miles, Rotated hip, Correcting BMI, Q factor for women, Knee circles, New cleats and bike fit, Upper knee pain
August 23: Persistent finger numbness, Calf soreness, Lots more knee/spindle and fit questions, Technique vs position, Mountain vs. road pedal position, Leg weakness
August 16: Altitude training, Altitude and nutrition, Training zones, Cyclo-cross, Indoor vs outdoor training, Knee pain, Seating, Power to weight, ACL surgery and hamstring pain, Fixed wheel training, Sore feet, Stretching, Big chainring size, Knee over spindle, Cramps, Time trial training, Pre-race warm ups, Road shoe fit, Microcycles and mesocycles, Commuting miles, Tapering, Low intensity and cadence, Muscle mass
August 9: Knee over pedal spindle, Crank length, Leg musculature, Long tibia, Smoking - how dangerous?, Q factor, Achilles tendonitis, Climbs, General malaise, HRM cardiac training, Ideal weight and food on the go, Muscles, Tweaking seat height, Saddle sores, Shoulder cramps, 'Passive' position, Tension headaches
August 2: High heart rate, Caffeine, Shoulder cramps, Penile numbness and perineum tenderness, Painful toes, Junior racing and preparing for mountains, Foot numbness/cleat positioning, Any suggested exercises or stretches?
July 26: Cramps & Hyponatremia, Knee Pain in good knee!, Pain in left leg, Hot Feet, Collarbones, Foot numbness, Cleat position, Knee pain redux
July 19: Money vs Watts vs Time trial equipment, Achilles tendons #1, Tight calves, Curvature of the spine, Glucose, fructose, or galactose?, Heart rates, Knee pain - in my good knee!, Summertime breathing, Pursuit training
July 12: Collarbone, Drinking during 30-60 minute hard efforts, Female bike posture, Getting back into the game, Knee pain at the end of long, hilly races, Neck pain, Overuse of medial quadriceps, Saddle position, Shorter arm
July 6: Losing weight after inactivity, Cycle racing and pregnancy, Short femur, Runner's knee, Muscle size, Lower back pain, Knee pain, Fitness in general, Efficiency, Power output and kilo split times
June 28: Back problems, Balancing work & training, Coke, Time to respond to training stress, Water on board? Carbs and protein, Thalassemia, Blood test
June 21: Fitness, energy & efficiency, Red blood cell count, Loss of speed & fitness, Illness and my racing season, Hydration/Sodium, Hand numbness, Food intake vs liquid supplements, Endurance heart rate, Caffeine, Battling on cycling with a cold
June 14: Carbohydrates and the brain, Lowered Max HR, Calorie intake, Power output, Power output and Kilo split times, Sunblock, Coffee
June 7: Coffee, Road race climbing, New shoes, How much fat, Hydration & its effects
May 31: Training on medication, Low carb diet and cycling, Getting dropped early from races, Recreational cycling calorie needs, Recommended daily hours, Needing to drop some weight, Cramps, Losing weight/staying strong, Energy levels for carb free, yeast killing diet
May 24: HRMs and reported energy expenditure, Post race rest & recovery, Unexplained sickness, Track racing, Short, steep hills, Low weight, Cleat position and knee soreness, Caloric intake while riding & recovery, Vegetarian cycling
May 17: Ideal weight, Gaining weight, Regaining lost weight, Losing fat, Race food, Bike weight, Which HR equation?
May 10: Weight, Hills, Gearing up for the Tour, Other sports, Post-ride headaches, Year off, Beginner reality check
May 3: Racing weight, Warm ups, Hydration/urination, Maximum heart rate, Glass of wine
April 26: Testicular pain, Heart rate, Warm ups, Too much high intensity
April 19: To float or not to float, Too much high intensity?, Fast starts & lactate tolerance, Strength training, Nutrition advice
April 12: Climbing improvement for sprinters, Training for hills when you don't have hills, Recovery, Bike set-up, Cross-training, Gym strength to bike strength
April 5: Cadence vs cadence, Power test, Road bike, New saddle break-in, Mucus, Sprinters are all-rounders
March 29: Limitations on sprinting, Leg lengths, Time to be done?, Bike Fit, Avoiding sickness, Breakfast, Running as part of training, Knee injury fluid, ACL tear
March 22: Training output, Saddle height, Cleat position and knee soreness, Group vs solo, ACL Tear, Leg length discrepancy, Dinner and recovery
March 15: Upgrading Categories & weight training, Breakfast before or after, Base building vs hard group rides?, Leg length discrepancy
March 8: Returning after a break, 'Climbing' on a trainer, Lactate Threshold and Reverse Periodisation, Crank length, Turning the numbers into performance, Training/logging software
March 1: Most efficient cadence, High protein diet craze revisited, Leg cramps, Power to be competitive and altitude, Good training books, VO2 max and lactate threshold, Weight training, Turbo time with respect to road time
February 23: An hour on the trainer = X on the road, Saddle Rash, High protein diets, Electric muscle stimulators, Nutrition & weight loss, 'Bonking' after eating
February 16: Haematocrit too high?, Mixing interval and endurance training, Breathing, Hypothyrodism
February 12: Mucus, mucus, mucus, Nutrition and hydration for centuries, Power output for track racing, Prostatitis/pelvic myoneuropathy, Injury recovery, Realistic weight loss, Scheduling, Whey vs. soy protein, Gym vs Turbo
February 10: Altitude, Climbing, strength & anemia, Etape du Tour, Fibula fracture - recovery time?, Heart rate training, Improving the "jump", Low heart rate, Mixing interval and endurance training
January 28: Bike fit, Junior training, Spinning, Transition period, Peaking twice, Vasectomy recovery, Training zone determination, Etape du Tour, Intervals, Heart rate

Form & fitness Q&A in 2003

December 9: Advice for young rider, Training zones, Power average calculation, Periodization
December 3: More on motorpacing, Winter intensity, Fuel for weights and cycling, Effect of the Pill, Returning from running
November 27: Returning from running, High heart rate, Milk in recovery drink, Motorpacing
November 22: Using HR for Fitness/Weight Loss, Weight Training - Again, Qualifying as a coach, Average HR, Base/Endurance Training, Ideal weight and body fat percent for female racers
October 23: Recovering from over-training, Protein requirements, Big upper body, Intervals on a home trainer, Joe Friel & other coaches
October 14: Dealing with post-crash fear, Effect of endurance training, Exercise-induced asthma, Keeping late season form, Time trialing and power output, Twice a day training, Training for touring, Coming back, Training toys, Watts
October 6: Hydration, In or out of the saddle?, Help with nutrition, Tyre pressures
September 24: Lower back pain, Winter Training, Foot pain, Missed workouts, Junior criteriums, HR during Intervals vs. Group Rides, Heart rate training for weight loss, Proper tire pressure
September 17: Cadence and speed, Foot pain, Loss of fitness with vacations, Training with power, Heart rate
September 12: Small female - want to climb like Heras!, Non-interval riding on interval days, Heart Rate changes, Hills, Losing muscle
September 4: Feeling my oats?, Shoulder Injuries, Top calf muscle problem, Training at altitude, The next step, Phosphate loading
August 27: Recommended weight, Numbness in hands, Virtual hills, Climbing, Decreased sleep, Hunger at lower intensities, Time trial training, Winter training
August 22: Looking to winter, Maximum heart rate, Sick over sports drinks, Weight Gain, Body fat percentage, Eating time
August 12: Individual time trials, Starting again, Cycling & asthma, Too heavy?, Too much or not enough?, Weight loss, Best ergo, Weights, Heart rate, What can I expect?
July 17: Obree methods, Cramping during races, Interval work to rest ratios, Muscle vs. aerobic fitness, Numb Leg
July 2: Newbie roadie, Knee pain, Endurance, Energy Expenditure, Recovery after racing, Cyclocross training
June 25: Low power/high heart rate, Knee pain, Hydration, Chicken pox, Sprinting techniques, Weight training, Resting heart rate, Max heart rate, Losing upper body mass
June 16: Iliotibial band surgery, Resting heart rate, Peaking twice, Track riding
June 5: Training for climbing and distance endurance, Heart rate control, Which days should I train hard?, Over-trained or under-trained?
May 29: Training twice per day, Mononucleosis and the Etape Du Tour, Eating vs. Power, Give up?
May 23: Light weights or heavy weights?, Sore shoulder, Old age, Shedding weight, Grades vs categories
May 13: Weights and recovery, Building leg strength, Broken ulna and radius
May 7: Over-trained or just getting older? Post arthoscopic meniscus repair
April 29: Lactate threshold, Need for speed, Unconventional training, Making the best of training time, Getting started in racing, Sleep problems after hard training
April 22: Leg length discrepancy, Hill training, Picking the right hill , Leg Strength redux, Full-Time vs. Part-Time Training
April 15: Is my haematocrit too low?, Rest weeks and peaking, Leg strength, Picking the right hill, Recovering from surgery, BMX training
April 8: Asthma and cycling, Training for hills, Climbing hills, Group rides, Stretching, Shoulder Injuries, Heart Zones for base, Keeping down in base, Resting heart rate, Preparing for altitude
April 1: Returning to racing at 53, Slight knee pain, Knee injury, Comfort and position, Shoulder injuries
March 26: Two races in one day, Preparation, Heart rate affected by illness, Intervals and power
March 19: VO2 Max and anaerobic threshold, Power to weight ratio, Increasing duration, Maximum heart rate
March 12: Training for 40km TT, Testing your own haematocrit
March 4: Recovery from illness & training while on antibiotics, PowerTap vs Polar, Illness and training, Shin splints?, Cross Training, Kayaking, Training help
February 26: Sprint training, Tingling sensation, Kilo training, Embrocations
February 19: Training for pursuit, Seat height and stem length, Intensity, Power output, Kayaking as cross-training
February 12: Riding during pregnancy, Tennis elbow, Intensity vs Endurance, Reader responses: Patella-femoral syndrome
February 5: Patella-femoral syndrome, Separating proteins, Intensity vs endurance, Power output and Calorie conversion, Up two grades in a year
February 2: Training during seasonal illness, Leg performance, Weight loss, Cold-weather rides, Training zones, Losing excess muscle
January 29: Developing the sprint, Training and Recovery for a 69 year old, Am I drinking too much? Losing weight without losing strength, Calories consumed in exercise, Am I overtraining?
January 17: Losing weight without losing strength

Form & fitness Q&A in 2002

December 6: Crossing over from running; Finding Max heart rate; Weights; Making the best of limited training resources; Fuel for racing - plus more on riding to burn fat.
November 20: Weight training, Yoga, Effective Winter Training, Stationary bikes, Recovery, Hand numbness
November 7: Blood donation, Intensity for weight loss, Oxygen processing, Roman chair, Wind trainer climbing
October 29: Weight watcher, Organising amateur team riders, Weight training, Shoe set-up