November 2000

October 20 - November 1
Vuelta a Guatemala - Guatemala 2.6

November 1
News - Festina - Day 7: UCI deny, anti-doping budget ridiculed, science out of date, Voet's wife; Longo prepares, Memory Card name change?, VDB comments, Nijs back, Clignet, Llaneras, Meirhaeghe's future, Italians at World's, US Postal jersey auction, vale Cocky

November 2-7
Six Days of Dortmund - Germany TR
Six Days of Grenoble - France TR

November 2
News - Bank Classic, Festina - Day 8: more Baal, Legeay, UCI clarify, Spanish doctors react, Reinhart benefit, Kappes case, Hřlestřl leads, Coruńes pro, NZMBA 2001

November 3
News - First Union 2001, Festina: Day 9: Baal, Leblanc, Canberra launch Classic, Brits in sixes, Sevilla's future, Landbouwkrediet 2001, more signings, Bruce Cochrane

November 4 - 12
Commonwealth Bank Cycle Classic - Australia 2.4

November 4
News - 'Cross World Cup, Festina - Day 10: Damages, samples to be destroyed, next week; Conconi suspected, Desbiens signs, Pantani crashes, tribute to Saúl Morales, Pan-Am Masters report
Noosa Criterium - Australia NE

November 5
News - Introduction to six day racing, Pantani's crash, Olano for the hour?, team news:Hoj and Michaelsen, Poland, Hohenfelder-Concorde, Stahurskaia, climbing record attempt, Milburn departs
Results - Canada - 'Cross nationals, Australia, Luxembourg, USA, UK

November 5 - 12
Jelajah Malaysia - Malaysia 2.6

November 6
News - Longo breaks hour record, Festina: final week, Koerts comments, Heras released, Swiss signings, Portuguese 2001 calendar

November 7
News - Festina - Day 11: recommended sentences, damages claim, Buffet 'keep the urine', Aitken injured, Argentina/Wajs/Darren Smith, US women's teams, Galdeano: I'm innocent, Euskaltel goes French
Results - Australia - Carnegie, Heffron

November 8
News - Darren Smith remembered, Thuaux talks, US Postal probed and respond, Festina judgment, ex-rider arrested, CSC problems, Wuyts

November 9
News - US Postal: A case or not?, Munich Six, VDB to Italy, Giro d'Italia 2001, decree 1.006, retirements in 2000, Porta Da Ravessa stops

November 9 - 14
Six Days of Munich - Germany TR

November 9 - 12
Doble Copacabana GP Fides - Bolivia 2.6

November 10
News - US Postal: more responses, Obree's back, Doble Copacabana, TdF 2001 in Antwerp, drugs in Brittany, Ramirez hurt, team news: Norwegian women, Van Petegem, Beloki, Broadmark Capital

November 11
News - Koerts/Brown, Moreau retires, Pantani, Virenque, Herve postponed, USADA/ASDA combine, Saeco 2001, Coast, Spijkerman, ACBB
Giro d'Italia 2001 - Italy GT

November 12
Tour de Okinawa - Japan 1.5

November 12
News - Giro 2001, Armstrong awarded, Peace race 2001, Collinelli, Trentini suspended, Holden AOM, 2001 Matxin to Mapei, Cappelle to St Quentin
Results - Australia, Netherlands, UlSA

November 13
News - Giro 2001: Reactions, Pantani hits back, Longo tries but fails, Vuelta more popular, MTB v 'cross, Paulissen to Lotto, Post Swiss 2001, Peter Mazur correction

November 14
News - TdF samples & the future, Malaysian tests compulsory, Doble Copacabana, GT re-signings, Porta da Ravessa saved, Peter Mazur, Berlin Six 1999

November 15
News - UCI proposal: keep samples, Zabel looks back, Bank Race future, Australian marriages, racing in East Timor, Freire to get treatment, Pantani: appeal rejected, Beloki says no, Garrido, Euskaltel, TREK news

November 15 - 26
Tour du Faso - Burma 2.5

November 16
News -Kelme in danger?, Obree sets a date, auction nets $12,000, Italian teams, French doctor investigated, Ljungskog signs, Brandenburg Rundfarht

November 17
News - Urine samples saved, Longo fails, Open des Nations, more track, Kelme's future, Pantani case, Saiz elected, Imola bids for World's, Livingston in doubt, Wong almost turns pro, Lopes solo, Girard joins Vouilloz

November 17 - 19
Open des Nations - France TR

November 18
News - Kelme continue, Pantani case resumes, Collinelli comments, Ongarato hurt, Andorra may host Vuelta stages, Saturn and Timex merge, Polish team news, Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola
Tour de Tuscon - USA

November 18 - 28
Vuelta a Chiriqui - Panama 2.6

November 19
News - Ballanger's French finale, too much 'cross?, Marcel Wust update, Deidre Murphy retires, Maspes honoured, Moser for president, Dutch appointments, coach wanted
Results - Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA

November 20
News - Open des Nations, Banesto rebuilds, new US team?, Volvo/Cannondale 2001, new Spanish women's team, Hernandez' team postponed

November 21
News - Ullrich and the Giro, Magné calls it quits, Beloki must stay, Memory Card in trouble, More on US team, Seat-Kona, Yates positive, Australian Cyclist of the Year
Results - Australia

November 21 - 26
Six Days of Gent - Belgium TR

November 22
News - Jalabert's future, USAC accused, Nijs' new role, Bölts talks, Tour de Suisse, Redlands, Belgian news, no Libéma, Garmendia, Benfica stops, holidays are over, team news: Aqua/Italy, Van de Vijver

November 23
News - What rhymes with Dell?, more van Petegem, Memory Card's future, plans for Di Luca, Longo again, Joachim cleared, Joaquin Rodriguez signs, team Giant, David Kenig

November 24
News - Postal investigation official, Heras and Rubiera, Van Petegem's problem, MemoryCard no longer, Spar-OKI in trouble, new Dutch coach, Wielinga signs, AIOCC meet, Pérez re-elected, Pezzo awarded, Damesronde van Drenthe

November 25
News - UCI vs. Magnien, MCT officially withdraws, González de Galdeano hopeful, more Joachim, Italian awards, Australian Cyclist of the Year, Dutch nominations, AIOCC awards & more, Melbourne Cup on Wheels, Tanner & Rokia sign, Van Poppel to Italy, Sweet celebrates

November 25
News - UCI vs. Magnien, MCT officially withdraws, González de Galdeano hopeful, more Joachim, Italian awards, Australian Cyclist of the Year, Dutch nominations, AIOCC awards & more, Melbourne Cup on Wheels, Tanner & Rokia sign, Van Poppel to Italy, Sweet celebrates

November 26
News - US Postal respond, Heras, Zurich Six, no De Wilde/Gilmore at World's, Pantani on TV, Paris Corrčze, Lawless resigns, Indoor Cycling World's
Results - Australia (Road), Australia (MTB),Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA, Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge

November 27 - December 2
Six Days of Zurich - Zurich TR

November 27
News -Tolhoek retires, Moser gets ready, Gaudry's plans, Van der Poel falls, Indoor Cycling World's, team news: Jazztel-Costa del Almeria, more comings and goings

November 28
News - Livingston to Telekom, Mapei meet, Italian presidency, awards: Casagrande, Bartoli, Garzelli, Pezzo, Armstrong's book, no op. for Van der Poel, Bolivian to France, Desbouys to GAS

November 29
News - Pantani talks a little more, Telekom plans, Ekimov prolongs, David George, CSC OK, Team Jane Cosmetics, more Italian politics, CA Athletes Commission

November 30
News - USA Cycling criticuse French, more Pantani, Velo d'Or awards, Museeuw's comeback, Freedman reprieve, Brentjens operated, Thureau in strife, Fiedler to Japan?, Van Moorsel on track, Vuelta, Giro & Amstel Gold news, Rapport Toer off, Olympic survey, Beltman stays, snippets

UCI Abbreviations: 
Cat 1.* = One Day Event
Cat 2.* = Multi-stage Event
Cat. *.9.* = Women's Event
Cat *.7.* = Espoir (U23) Event
HC = Hors Categorie (above category
CM = World Championships
GT = Grand Tour 
CDM = World Cup Event;
CC = Continental Championships 
JR = Regional Games
NE = National Event (no UCI points) - usually a Belgian Kermesse Race
TR = Track Event