48th Six Days of Zürich - 6D

Zürich, Switzerland, November 27-December 2, 2000

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For the fourth time in its history, there will be three man teams in the Six Days of Zurich, that starts on Monday evening in in Oerlikon. A large field of 16 professional teams (48 riders) in addition to 17 amateur teams (34 riders) and 8 stayers (motorpace riders). Several high profile road riders will combine with the track pairs in a novel move by director Urs Freuler to make this one of the most specacular Zurich Sixes ever.

Pascal Richard, Markus and Beat Zberg, Oscar Camenzind, Niki Aebersold, and Eugeni Berzin as well as MTB and cyclocross specialists Thomas Frischknecht and Beat Wabel will all join the fray, which will be started by Mario Cipollini at 9pm on Monday evening. The road riders won't be taking part in the highly skillful madisons, but will be seen in action behind the dernys, in the elimination races and time trials, as well as an Olympic sprint with their track counterparts.

The hard core teams will be there of course, despite having no let up from the Gent Six, which finished on Sunday evening. Last year's winners, Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart will be together again, with roadie Markus Zberg in tow. However, they will struggle to beat the in form Matthew Gilmore and Scott McGrory (with Oscar Camenzind), who placed first and second in Gent. Brett Aitken might be ruing his pairing with Etienne De Wilde, who had to withdraw due to illness in Gent, although he started off quite strongly.

Other combinations to watch are Danes Jimmi Madsen and Tayeb Braikia (with Beat Zberg), world champions Eric Weisspfenning and Stephan Steinweg (with Beat Wabel), Juan Llaneras and Adriano Baffi (with Pascal Richard), and Silvio Martinello and Marco Villa (with Eugeni Berzin).

The Zurich Six will unofficially start on Sunday afternoon, with a "prologue" that includes the "Blau Band von Zurich", as well as a madison and a stayer race.

Start List


1 Erik Weispfennig/Stefan Steinweg/Beat Wabel (Ger/Ger/Swi) 
2 Alexander Aeschbach/Frank Corvers/Massimo Strazzer (Swi/Bel/Ita)
3 Jimmy Madsen/Tayeb Braikia/Beat Zberg (Den/Den/Swi)
4 Scott McGrory/Matthew Gilmore/Oscar Camenzind (Aus/Bel/Swi)
5 Etienne De Wilde/Brett Aitken/Niki Aebersold (Bel/Aus/Swi)
6 Lars Teutenberg/Andreas Beikirch/Lukas Zumsteg (Ger/Ger/Swi)
7 Danny Stam/Robert Slippens/Thomas Frischknecht (Ned/Ned/Swi)
8 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart/Markus Zberg (Swi/Swi/Swi)
9 Markus Kammermann/Lorenzo Lapage/Roland Meier (Swi/Bel/Swi)
10 Guido Fulst/Christian Sidler/Philipp Buschor (Ger/Swi/Swi)
11 Christian Weber/Jens Lehmann/Marcel Strauss (Swi/Ger/Swi)
12 David Hubschwerlin/Robert Sassone/ Mariano Piccoli (Fra/Fra/Ita)
13 Juan Llaneras/Adriano Baffi/Pascal Richard (Spa/Ita/Swi)
14 Silvio Martinello/Marco Villa/Evgueni Berzin (Ita/Ita/Rus)
15 Peter Jörg/Frank Kowatschitsch/Sven Montgomery (Swi/Ger/Swi)
16 Mario Vonhof/Gerd Dörich/Rolf Huser (Ger/Ger/Swi)
Stayers with Pacers
1 Carsten Podlesch (Ger) behind Bruno Walrave
2 Hanskurt Brand (Swi) behind René Aebi
3 Felice Puttini (Swi) behind Roberto Puttini
4 Sabino Cannone (Ita) behind Dieter Durst
5 Christoph Göhring (Swi) behind Peter Steiger
6 Ruedi Keller (Swi) behind Robert Buchmann
7 Roland Rol (Ned) behind Jos De Bakker
8 Lubomir Mazel (Cze) behind Helmut Baur


1 Benoit Genauzeau/Julien Tejada (Fra)
2 Patrick Faeh/Patrick Kraus (Swi)
3 Ryan Miller/Sven Epple (Usa/Ger)
4 Michael Woerner/Karsten Woerner (Ger)
5 Christian Grasmann/Holger Burth (Ger)
6 Ralph Zimmermann/Glenn Rendall (Swi/Can)
7 Stefan Schaer/Alexandre Cloutier (Swi/Can)
8 Gregor Gut/Beat Obrist (Swi)
9 Jan Brunner/Stefan Mittelhammer (Swi/Ger)
10 Patrick Merk/Patrizio Frigeri (Swi)
11 Oliver Mattmann/Michael Lato (Swi)
12 Jürg Bannwart/Markus Blessing (Swi)
13 Walter Tresch/Martin Ehrismann (Swi)
14 Tobias Baumgartner/Michael Mueller (Swi)
15 Kevin Jaeggi/Stefan Peterer (Swi)
16 Ralf Brosseit/Jan Ott (Ger)
17 Marco Hartmann/Mario Wagner (Swi)

Past Winners

1999 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart
1998 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart
1997 Silvio Martinello/Marco Villa
1996 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart
1995 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart
1994 Urs Freuler/Carsten Wolf
1993 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart
1992 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart
1991 Stephan Joho/Werner Stutz
1990 Adriano Baffi/Pierangelo Bincoletto
1989 Adriano Baffi/Pierangelo Bincoletto
1988 Daniel Gisiger/Joerg Mueller
1987 Urs Freuler/Dietrich Thurau
1986 Urs Freuler/Daniel Gisiger
1985 Gerd Frank/Rene Pijnen
1984 Urs Freuler/Daniel Gisiger
1983 Urs Freuler/Daniel Gisiger
1982 Urs Freuler/Robert Dill-Bundi
1981 Dietrich Thurau/Albert Fritz
1980 Horst Schuetz/Roman Hermann
1979 Patrick Sercu/Albert Fritz
1978 Rene Pijnen/Rene Savary
1977 Patrick Sercu/Eddy Merckx
1976 Wilfried Peffgen/Albert Fritz
1975 Patrick Sercu/Guenther Haritz
1974 Klaus Bugdahl/Graeme Gilmore
1973 Leo Duyndam/Piet de Wit
1972 Wilfried Peffgen/Albert Fritz/Graeme Gilmore
1971 Klaus Bugdahl/Dieter Kemper/Louis Pfenninger
1970 Peter Post/Fritz Pfenninger/Erich Spahn
1969 Klaus Bugdahl/Dieter Kemper
1968 Klaus Bugdahl/Fritz Pfenninger
1967 Freddy Eugen/Palle Lykke
1966 Rudi Altig/Sigi Renz
1965 Peter Post/Fritz Pfenninger
1964 Peter Post/Fritz Pfenninger
1963 Peter Post/Fritz Pfenninger
1962 Klaus Bugdahl/Fritz Pfenninger
1961 Rik van Steenbergen/Emile Severeyns
1960 Kay Werner Nielsen/Palle Lykke
1959 (II) Walter Bucher/Reginald Arnold
1959 (I) Rik van Steenbergen/Emile Severeyns
1958 Jean Roth/Fritz Pfenninger
1957 Gerrit Schulte/Armin van Bueren
1956 Gerrit Schulte/Kay Werner Nielsen
1955 Jean Roth/Walter Bucher
1954 Hugo Koblet/Armin van Bueren

Most successful riders:

Rider                     Wins

Fritz Pfenninger            7
Bruno Risi                  6
Kurt Betschart              6
Urs Freuler                 6
Klaus Bugdahl               5
Albert Fritz                4
Peter Post                  4
Daniel Gisiger              4
Patrick Sercu               3
Gerrit Schulte              2
Graeme Gilmore              2
Jean Roth                   2
Kay Werner Nielsen          2
Armin van Bueren            2
Dieter Kemper               2
Palle Lykke                 2
Dietrich Thurau             2
Emile Severeyns             2
Pierangelo Bincoletto       2
Rene Pijnen                 2
Rik van Steenbergen         2
Adriano Baffi               2
Walter Bucher               2
Wilfried Peffgen            2
Leo Duyndam                 1
Louis Pfenninger            1
Marco Villa                 1
Erich Spahn                 1
Guenther Haritz             1
Horst Schuetz               1
Hugo Koblet                 1
Piet de Wit                 1
Reginald Arnold             1
Freddy Eugen                1
Rene Savary                 1
Joerg Mueller               1
Robert Dill-Bundi           1
Roman Hermann               1
Rudi Altig                  1
Sigi Renz                   1
Silvio Martinello           1
Stephan Joho                1
Eddy Merckx                 1
Gerd Frank                  1
Werner Stutz                1
Carsten Wolf                1

Winners lists courtesy of Bernd Busslap