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USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships - CN

Mt. Snow, Vermont, USA, July 17-22, 2008

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Race 3 - Friday, July 18: Semi-pro & junior expert cross country  

Amateur racing heats up at Mount Snow

By Dave McElwaine in West Dover, Vermont

Four races took place simultaneously this morning on the newly revised Mount Snow cross country course. They included Semi-Pro, Junior X Men 15-16, Junior X Men 17-18, and Junior X Women 15-18. Riders faced temperatures near 90 degrees with high humidity by the end of the race, so there was a lot of suffering out on the course.

The cross country course was tweaked a bit this year. Changes included the removal of a couple sections of technical uphill single-track, which was replaced with very steep fire roads. The downhill sections were mostly unchanged from last year, however the very technical and often muddy final descent was re-routed onto a fire road.

Semi Pro

Weston Schempf (C3-Sollay) got away from Benjamin Portilla (Honey Stin) with one lap to go to win his second national championship – after last year’s short track title – by 84 seconds. Portilla was second, and Gian Dalle Angelini was third.

For much of the race Schempf, Portilla, and Angelini were together, but as the race entered the third lap, gaps were starting to appear. “The new course is a lot steeper than last year,” Schempf commented. “Not a lot of technical single-track, which is my strength so I just tried to stay up front.”

Junior X Men 17-18

Robie Squire (Devo) fought off John Bennet to take the national championship by over three minutes. Seamus Powell (Windham Mountain Racing) nearly caught Bennett towards the end and finished third, only five seconds further back.

Squire, a relatively new racer from Utah, made his mark this year in the NMBS series by winning both the Deer Valley and Windham Mountain races, as well as finishing 23rd at the World Championships in Val di Sole, Italy.

“Jon Bennett pulled on the climbs and I pulled on the descents,” said Squire. They battled until Squire crashed into some rocks on the descent of lap three.

“On the fourth lap I caught him and went a little hard towards the top and got onto the descent first,” Squire added. After that Squire opened a sizeable gap and took the victory.

Junior X Women 15-18

Essence Barton (Devo) edged out a resilient Jill Behlen (Tokyo Joes) by 12 seconds to win her first national championship. Behlen could be seen yo-yoing behind Barton but always seemed to climb back into the race when it seemed that the elastic would break. Emily Parker (Vantaggio) took third place, several minutes behind the leaders.

“My first lap I felt really sketchy,” said Barton. “I was all over the place and not really focused. But by the time I hit my second lap I was really getting into a rhythm. My third (lap) was just using every ounce of energy I had left.”

When asked about the heat, Barton replied: “At first I thought the heat would affect me. I don’t really do good in heat and humidity. But honestly, I think it kind of helped me warm up my core because I work more like a diesel. I warm up, then start going harder and harder.”

It was a successful day for the storied Devo team as it won both the men’s and women’s races. Many exceptional racers have come out of this program including Adam Craig, a double national champion who was recently named to the United States of America Olympic Team.

Junior Expert Men 15-16

Seth Kemp (KHS/Kenda) dominated the race against eight other racers by more than five minutes. Henry Spreng (Dirty Harry) was second followed by Ben Sukys (Expert Tree) in third.

“I like the new course a lot, it’s really fun,” said Kemp “I like the technical a lot and it’s pretty technical in there. I took it a little easy on the downhills so I wouldn’t pinch flat since I had a pretty good lead.”


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Images by Dave McElwaine/www.trailwatch.net


Semi-Pro Men
1 Weston Schempf (USA) C3-Sollay.         1.56.10
2 Benjamin Portilla (USA) Honey Stin         1.25
3 Gian Dalle Angelini (USA)                  5.45
4 Ryan Leech (USA) Visitpa.Co                7.42
5 Benjamin Moore (USA) Uw Madison            8.34
6 Justin Raynes (USA) Bikes Bian             9.40
7 Martin Kell (USA) Mountainsi               9.55
8 Ben Ortt (USA) Ray Indoor                 10.05
9 Brett Nichols (USA) Trek/Vw Re            10.24
10 Troy Adams (USA) The Bike S              10.38
11 John Peterson (USA) Www.Bikeba           10.54
12 Christopher Hamlin (USA) University      12.13
13 Dave Walker (USA) Raysindoor             13.03
14 Jacob Virostko (USA) Bike Stati          13.04
15 Brent Mellen (USA) Omer And B            13.09
16 Gabriel Keck (USA)                       13.26
17 Matt Googe (USA) Bicycles O              14.02
18 Michael Bartlett (USA) Cyclethera        14.16
19 John Burns (USA) Bikeman.Co              14.22
20 Todd Wheelden (USA) Kona/Portl           14.27
21 Sean Sindt (USA) Bicycle Sp              14.41
22 Ben Ollett (USA) Peloton Cy              15.28
23 Timothy Carson (USA) Mongoose/E          15.36
24 Tsering Alleyne (USA) Lost Coast         16.15
25 Thomas Bender (USA) Adventure            16.21
26 Robert Kelley (USA) Pawling Cy           16.27
27 Charles Erndl (USA) Mtbnj.Com            17.18
28 Caley Fretz (USA) Bliss Raci             17.22
29 Greg Derosa (USA) Dedicated              18.01
30 Ward Baker (USA) Rockymount              18.32
31 Jon Rowe (USA) North Atla                18.46
32 Andrew Hoover (USA) Mountainsi           19.01
33 Don Galligher (USA) Hayes/Sun            19.56
34 Jamie Clechenko (USA)                    20.29
35 Dax Kastrin (USA) Sport Syst             20.33
36 Luke Rozanski (USA) Maverick/S           20.57
37 Stephen Humphreys (USA) Khs              21.46
38 Joe Brzuchanski (USA) Bells Brew         21.47
39 Brad Nelson (USA) Khs/Kenda              22.02
40 Thom Parsons (USA) Internatio            22.21
41 Wiley Mosley (USA) North Atla            22.37
42 Dustin Greer (USA) The Bike S            22.39
43 Terry Blanchet (USA) Sobe/Canno          22.45
44 Matt Miller (USA) Gotham Cyc             22.54
45 Jed Prentice (USA) Bike Docto            24.38
46 Kurt Schmid (USA) Salem Cycl             25.46
47 Andrew Rigel (USA) Mafia Raci            26.48
48 Brandon Firth (USA) Rocky Mtn            26.50
49 Julian Hunter (USA) Team Bulld           27.08
50 Greg Montello (USA) Ft/If Pb L           29.17
51 Brian Lariviere (USA) Tm Bulldog         30.28
52 Ralph (Reuben) Kline (USA) Gettysburg    33.16
53 Brian Firliet (USA) Coyote Hil           36.43
54 Arthur White (USA) Campmor               37.41
55 Brian Wolff (USA) Gbsc/Carl              40.43
56 Chris Gagnon (USA) Duarte/Mtb          1.07.41
DNF Jordan Kahlenberg (USA) Rocky Mtn            
DNF Dean Poshard (USA) Rocklobste                
DNF Kevin Hofmann (USA) Cycle Haus               
DNF Chris Fisher (USA) Veloroches                
DNF Kyle Ashton (USA) Village Pe                 
DNF Ty Kady (USA) Sho-Air/Ro                     
DNF Christopher Michaels (USA) Enduranefa        
DNF Robert Campos (USA) Hvc/Wildth               
DNF Jonathan Gdowik (USA) Trek/Vw Ea             
DNF Zack Vestal (USA) Trek-Vw                    
Jr Expert Men 17-18
1 Robbie Squire (USA) Devo                1.58.04
2 John Bennett (USA) Whole Athl              3.18
3 Seamus Powell (USA) Windham Mt             3.24
4 Eric Emsky (USA) Rad Racing                4.09
5 Kerry Werner Jr (USA) Shirks Pre           7.33
6 Zach Adams (USA) Yellow Bre                9.38
7 Wes Lamberson (USA) Khs/Kenda             10.44
8 Russell Finsterwald (USA) Front Rang      11.06
9 Will Curry (USA) Brick Oven               11.41
10 Daniel Boyes (USA) Soulcraft             11.54
11 Nate Byrom (USA) Devo / Wtb              12.31
12 Cody Cox (USA)                           20.35
13 Graham Aldredge (USA) Gp Velotek         21.31
14 Clayton Omer (USA) Calistoga             25.31
15 Brent Hall (USA) Bents                   25.42
16 Morgan Miller (USA) Wv 29Ers             29.31
17 Cory Rimmer (USA) Khs/Kenda              30.41
18 Bryan Underwood (USA) Cyclethera         31.36
19 Chris Parmer (USA) Bliss Raci            36.01
20 Andy Gallagher (USA) Liberty Cy          37.37
21 Matthew Wiebe (USA) Co Singlet           41.47
22 Zachary Dominque (USA) Hill Count      1.11.46
23 Jamie Knight (USA) Team Bents          1.16.46
DNF Erik Kristiansen (USA) Black Bear            
DNF Cody Chandler (USA) Khs/Kenda                
DNF Joseph Dombrowski (USA) Haymarket            
DNF Ian Fleming (USA) Solar Ecli                 
DNF Joshua Berry (USA) Scott Usa                 
DNF James Mccabe (USA) Efinger Sp                
DNF Adam Parke (USA) Orange Pee                  
DNF Cody Kapetanakis (USA) Skylands C            
DNF Ben Kraushaar (USA) Devo                     
DNF Ben Shultz (USA)                             
Jr Expert Men 15-16
1 Seth Kemp (USA) Khs/Kenda               1.34.47
2 Henry Spreng (USA) Dirty Harr              5.12
3 Ben Sukys (USA) Expert Tre                 5.24
4 William Curtis (USA) Whole Athl            8.19
5 Jake Richards (USA) Salsa/Holl            11.39
6 Payson Mcelveen (USA) Bicycle Sp          14.35
7 Ben Chase (USA)                           15.26
8 Jonathan Merritt (USA) Byrds              23.41
9 Zane Enders (USA) Autoliv                 30.09
DNF Kevin Fish (USA) Coachahmad                  
Jr Expert Women 15-18
1 Essence Barton (USA) Devo/Nso           2.03.00
2 Jill Behlen (USA) Tokyo Joes               0.12
3 Emily Parker (USA) Vantaggio/              4.32
4 Deidre York (USA) Velobum.Co              10.51

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