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2001 WTC


Competitive Cyclist
Velo Europa


World Track Championships - CM

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 25 - 29, 2002

Event program and results    Qualifying    Round 1    1/8 Finals    Quarter Finals    Semi Finals    Finals    Men's Sprint

Women's Sprint

Photo©: Mike Gladu
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Tsylinskaya too good for Meares

Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus) claimed the gold medal in the women's sprint after beating Australian Kerrie Meares in straight heats in the final. 27 year old Tsylinskaya, who qualified second fastest, had no troubles in the early rounds, accounting for German Kathrin Freitag in the semi-finals to earn a spot in the gold medal final. On the other hand, 20 year old Meares surprised everyone after qualifying 15th yesterday, using her superior tactical knowledge to great effect to get through the preliminary rounds and into the final, beating fastest qualifier Katrin Meinke in the semi's.

Natallia Tsylinskaya proved too strong though in the final, using her strength to combat Meares' tactics. "She was simply beaten by a stronger and more superior rider on the day and there was nothing she could do about that," said National Track Coach, Martin Barras after her race.

"My previous best had been quarter finals and I came here with a goal of a time trial medal and a ride in the sprint for experience," a very happy Meares said afterwards. "I tried different tactics in both heats but it didn't work."

US Team Report

By Kelly Walker, USA Cycling

Tanya Lindenmuth (Trexlertown, Pa. - Team Focus 2004) finished the women's sprint competition in 7th place on Saturday, after progressing from Friday's qualification rounds.

Natallia Tsylinskaya of Belarus won the gold medal in the women's sprint with a time in the finals of 12.347 seconds. Australia's Kerrie Meares won the silver medal and Katrin Meinke of Germany won bronze.

Lindenmuth was uncharacteristically slow in the 200-meter time trials on Friday, qualifying for the following rounds of competition by finishing 18th (the top 18 riders progress to the next heats). After winning her repechage round, Lindenmuth found her rhythm again, and put down several aggressive rides, qualifying her for Saturday's 5th to 8th place round of competition.

"I went a little too hard in the opening laps today," said Lindenmuth. "I could feel them [the other three riders] setting up behind me, and I was just so intent on being alert, and I was too alert. I had a huge gap at one point, and I thought, I'm going way too hard. These girls are just hanging out. And that's what happened. They came over me, and I just didn't quite have the legs to react."

"We've been gearing up this whole season for this moment," Lindenmuth said. "It's not enough to have success at World Cups and not have it here. I was so determined yesterday after that 200m [time trial]. I thought, I did not come all this way to go home without riding my best! To prove myself as a racer is so important, and I think I did that yesterday. I think it's a little sign of things to come."


Images by Mike Gladu/www.velodrome.com

Images by Rochelle Gilmore


1 Katrin Meinke (Ger)                  11.480 (62.717 km/h)
2 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Blr)           11.492
3 Tamilla Abbassova (Rus)              11.640
4 Oxana Grichina (Rus)                 11.692
5 Tatiana Malianova (Rus)              11.692
6 Susan Panzer (Ger)                   11.694
7 Kathrin Freitag (Ger)                11.800
8 Rosealee Hubbard (Aus)               11.801
9 Victoria Pendleton (GBr)             11.813
10 Svetlana Grankovskaia (Rus)         11.821
11 Li Na (Chn)                         11.837
12 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Ned)              11.846
13 Iryna Yanovych (Ukr)                11.875
14 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun)             11.883
15 Kerrie Meares (Aus)                 11.940
16 Tatiana Makarova (Rus)              11.956
17 Jennie Reed (USA)                   11.985
18 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)              12.029
19 Laura Yoisten (Can)                 13.124
Round 1
Heat 1
1 Katrin Meinke (Ger)                  12.494 (57.627 km/h)
2 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)
Heat 2
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Blr)           12.077 (59.617 km/h)
2 Jennie Reed (USA)
Heat 3
1 Tamilla Abbassova (Rus)              13.139 (54.798 km/h)
2 Tatiana Makarova (Rus)
Heat 4
1 Kerrie Meares (Aus)                  12.504 (57.581 km/h)
2 Oxana Grichina (Rus)
Heat 5
1 Tatiana Malianova (Rus)              12.860 (55.987 km/h)
2 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun)
Heat 6
1 Susan Panzer (Ger)                   12.446 (57.849 km/h)
2 Iryna Yanovych (Ukr)
Heat 7
1 Kathrin Freitag (Ger)                12.574 (57.261 km/h)
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Ned)
Heat 8
1 Rosealee Hubbard (Aus)               12.219 (58.924 km/h)
2 Li Na (Chn)
Heat 9
1 Svetlana Grankovskaia (Rus)          12.430 (57.924 km/h)
2 Victoria Pendleton (GBr)
Round 1 Repechage
Heat 1
1 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)               12.622 (57.043 km/h)
2 Victoria Pendleton (GBr)
3 Iryna Yanovych (Ukr)
Heat 2
1 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun)              12.926 (55.701 km/h)
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Ned)
3 Jennie Reed (USA)
Heat 3
1 Tatiana Makarova (Rus)               12.440 (57.877 km/h)
2 Oxana Grichina (Rus)
3 Li Na (Chn)

1/8 Finals
Heat 1
1 Katrin Meinke (Ger)                  12.329 (58.398 km/h)
2 Tatiana Makarova (Rus)
Heat 2
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Blr)           12.332 (58.384 km/h)
2 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun)
Heat 3
1 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)               12.852 (56.022 km/h)
2 Tamilla Abbassova (Rus)
Heat 4
1 Kerrie Meares (Aus)                  12.291 (58.579 km/h)
2 Svetlana Grankovskaia (Rus)
Heat 5
1 Rosealee Hubbard (Aus)               12.228 (58.881 km/h)
2 Tatiana Malianova (Rus)
Heat 6
1 Kathrin Freitag (Ger)                12.268 (58.689 km/h)
2 Susan Panzer (Ger)
Heat 1
1 Svetlana Grankovskaia (Rus)          12.317 (58.455 km/h)
2 Susan Panzer (Ger)
3 Tatiana Makarova (Rus)
Heat 2
1 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun)              12.849 (56.035 km/h)
2 Tamilla Abbassova (Rus)
3 Tatiana Malianova (Rus)
Quarter Finals
Heat 1
1 Katrin Meinke (Ger)                  12.302 (12.713 km/h)
2 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun)
Heat 2
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Blr)           13.391 (12.460 km/h)
2 Svetlana Grankovskaia (Rus)
Heat 3
1 Kathrin Freitag (Ger)                12.144 (12.580 km/h)
2 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)
Heat 4
1 Kerrie Meares (Aus)                  12.294 (12.346 km/h)
2 Rosealee Hubbard (Aus)

Heat 1

1 Kerrie Meares (Aus)                    12.178       12.154
2 Katrin Meinke (Ger)

Heat 2

1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Blr)             11.972       12.276
2 Kathrin Freitag (Ger)

1 Tamilla Abbassova (Rus)                12.516 (57.526 km/h)
2 Susan Panzer (Ger)
3 Tatiana Malianova (Rus)
4 Tatiana Makarova (Rus)
1 Svetlana Grankovskaia (Rus)            12.180 (59.113 km/h)
2 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun)
3 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)
4 Rosealee Hubbard (Aus)
Ride for Bronze
3 Katrin Meinke (Ger)                    12.408    12.729
4 Kathrin Freitag (Ger)
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Blr)             12.597    12.347
2 Kerrie Meares (Aus)