Redlands Bicycle Classic - NE

USA, March 13-17, 2002

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The Stages

   Redlands Wrap Up: A Final Perspective


By Rob Karman, correspondent

The 2002 edition of the Redlands Bicycle Classic gets underway in Southern California Wednesday with the Saturn of Loma Linda Mt. Rubidoux Time Trial. First held last year, the 5 km climb to the summit of Mt. Rubidoux starts in Riverside's Fairmont Park and winds upward through a neighborhood of beautiful old houses with a few short descents and numerous sharp corners that test the riders power, skill and nerve.

It was here last year that Canadians Roland Green and Genevieve Jeanson set the tone for the week with commanding wins. Jeanson would go on to dominate for the remainder of the week taking time out of her rivals on almost every stage, while Green would eventually lose the leader's jersey to Saturn's Trent Klasna.

Thursday's stage 2 is the Arrowhead RMC Highland Circuit race. Typically a chance for the sprinters to strut their stuff, this race was marked last year by a spectacular crash involving Saturn teammates Ina Teutenberg and Lynne Bessette.

Stage 3 starts in Redlands and winds through many communities in San Bernadino county before climbing the steep grade to Oak Glen. It was here last year that Trent Klasna of Saturn got in an early move and benefited from the hesitation of powerhouse teams Mercury and US Postal as they argued over who should chase the break. Green showed the incredible climbing power that would help him win the MTB World Cup and World Championships later in the season by bring back considerable time on the final ascent to Oak Glen, but it was too little too late as Klasna pulled the leaders jersey on that night and held it until the end.

Saturday brings the contest of the American criterium to the streets of downtown Redlands. Last year saw GC favorites Trent Klasna of Saturn and Chris Horner of Mercury gain a minute on Roland Green by lapping the field on the fast and furious 9 corner circuit.

Stage 5 wraps things up on Sunday with the Sunset Road Race. A steep up and down marathon on a residential circuit in Redlands. Jeanson attacked on lap one last year and put 7 minutes into the field last year despite having a comfortable lead at the start of the day, while Mercury and US Postal did their best to snatch the leaders jersey from Klasna on the final day.

At the early season races this year it looks like defending champion Genevieve Jeanson is once again in fine form with likely challenges coming from fellow Canadian Lyne Bessette of Team Saturn and reigning MTB World Champ and former Redlands winner Alison Dunlap of the newly formed Luna Chix Team. Saturn's Ina Teutenberg has been on fire lately and although known as a sprinter has been climbing particularly well in recent weeks and could provide a 1 - 2 punch for Saturn.

On the men's side there are many potential winners. Roland Green is back, though with the Canadian National Team this year instead of US Postal who picked him up last year just for Redlands through their association with Trek, who Green rides for on the dirt. Returning champion Klasna has been fairly quiet so far this season, but will no doubt be ready to defend, and former winner Chris Horner has moved from Mercury to the roaring upstart Prime Alliance Team who have made their presence very well known so far this season. Horner brings U23 TT Champ Danny Pate for reinforcement.

Stay tuned to cyclingnews for daily coverage and photos from US correspondent Rob Karman.

Start list


Saturn                                 Mercury
1 Trent Klasna (USA)                   11 Gord Fraser (Can)
2 Harm Jansen (Ned)                    12 Henk Vogels (Aus)
3 Will Frischkorn (USA)                13 Scott Moninger (USA)
4 Damon Kluck (USA)                    14 Chris Wherry (USA)
5 Soren Petersen (Den)                 15 Brice Jones (USA)
6 Eric Wohlberg (Can)                  16 Plamen Stoyanov (USA)
7 Frank McCormack (USA)                17 Jesus Zarate (Mex)
8 Mark McCormack (USA)                 18 Mike Sayers (USA)
US Postal Service                      Jelly Belly
21 Dylan Casey (USA)                   31 Mariano Friedick (USA)
22 Antonio Cruz (USA)                  32 Derek Wilkerson (USA)
23 Michael Barry (USA)                 33 Remi McManus (USA)
24 David Zabriske (USA)                34 Chris McGovern (USA)
25 Steffen Kjaergaard (Nor)            35 Brent Dawson (Aus)
26 Tom Boonen (Bel)                    36 Kirk Albers (USA)
27 Robbie Ventura (USA)                37 Brian Forbes (USA)
28 Chann McRae (USA)                   38 Jason McCartney (USA)
Navigators                             Prime Alliance
41 Chris Baldwin (USA)                 51 Chris Horner (USA)
42 Siro Camponogara (Ita)              52 Danny Pate (USA)
43 Oleg Grichkine (Rus)                53 Alex Candelario (USA)
44 Tom Leaper (Aus)                    54 Michael Creed (USA)
45 Kirk O'Bee (USA)                    55 Matt Decanio (USA)
46 Ciaran Power (Irl)                  56 John Walrod (USA)
47 Burke Swindlehurst (USA)            57 John Peters (USA)
48 Mark Walters (Can)                  58 Svein Tuft (Can)
7Up/NutraFig                           Choco-Andean Eco-Coffee
61 Clark Sheehan (USA)                 71 Max Finkbeiner (USA)
62 John Lieswyn (USA)                  72 Dirk Friel (USA)
63 Doug Ziewacz (USA)                  73 Jesse Lawler (USA)
64 Kevin Monahan (USA)                 74 Michael Ley (USA)
65 Greg Henderson (NZl)                75 Jacob Rosenbarger (USA)
66 Charles Dionne (Can)                76 Bradley Saul (USA)
67 Oscar Pineda (USA)                  77 Luke Stockwell (Aus)
68 Hayden Godfrey (NZl)                78 Steve Tilford (USA)
Ofoto-Lombardi Sports                  Schroeder Iron
81 Erik Saunders (USA)                 91 Jamie Paolinetti (USA)
82 Colby Farrell (USA)                 92 Kenneth Toman (USA)
83 Reto Lauper (Swi)                   93 Michael Johnson (USA)
84 Tim Larkin (USA)                    94 Peter Knudsen (USA)
85 David O'Loughlin (Irl)              95 Ryan Cady (USA)
86 Jon VanHeel (USA)                   96 Ryan Barrett (USA)
87 Andy Crater (USA)                   97 Victor Ayala (Mex)
88 Greg Sieniewicz (Can)               98 Hilton Clarke (Aus)
Sierra Nevada-Cannondale               USA Cycling
101 Chad Gerlach (USA)                 111 Mark Fitzgerald (USA)
102 David Fuentes (USA)                112 Austin King (USA)
103 Ryan Smith (USA)                   113 Patrick McCarty (USA)
104 David Smith (USA)                  114 William Steinbrecher (USA)
105 John Hunt (USA)                    115 John Retseck (USA)
106 Chris Baumann (USA)                116 Walker Ferguson (USA)
107 David Wyandt (USA)                 117 Timmy Reinhart (USA)
108 Troy White (USA)                   118 Dane Jankowiak (USA)
British National Team                  Y2K
121 Paul Manning (GBr)                 131 Liam Killeen (GBr)
122 Steve Cummings (GBr)               132 Phil Dixon (GBr)
123 Kieran Page (GBr)                  133 Tim Morley (GBr)
124 Barrie Clark (GBr)                 134 Jodi Crawford (GBr)
125 Tim Buckle (GBr)                   135 Gary Foord (GBr)
126 Oli Beckingsale (GBr)              136 Adrian Hedderman (Irl)
127 Russel Anderson (GBr)
Canadian National                      Speedbikes
141 Andreas Hestler (Can)              151 Salvador Barriga (Mex)
142 Seamus McGrath (Can)               152 David Salomon (Mex)
143 Mathieu Toulouse (Can)             153 Christian Cuesta (Mex)
144 Chris Sheppard (Can)               154 Marco Ortega (Mex)
145 Josh Hall (Can)                    155 Christian Figueroa (Mex)
146 Sam Whittingham (Can)              156 Jason Tullous (USA)
147 Ian Condron (Can)                  157 Jake Rubelt (USA)
148 Roland Green (Can)                 158 Ziranda Madrigal (Mex)
Marco Polo                             Kissena
161 Jamsran Ulzii-Orshikh (Mgl)        171 Yasuhiro Yamamoto (Jpn)
162 Ryan Russell (NZl)                 172 Oliver Stiler-Cote (USA)
163 Greg Bourque (Can)                 173 Nat Faulkner (Can)
164 Roberto Gaggioli (USA)             174 Kerry Classen (USA)
165 Tony Zarsadias (Can)               175 Ben Stafford (USA)
166 Bram deWaard (Ned)                 176 Billy Innes (USA)
167 Remko Kramer (Ned)                 177 Mukunda Feldman (USA)
168 Chad Hardley (USA)                 178 Matt Hawkins (USA)
Cyclery USA-Trek-VW                    Volvo-Cannondale
181 Ryan Doris (USA)                   191 Christoph Sauser (Swi)
182 Craig Turner (USA)                 192 Kashi Leuchs (NZl)
183 Scott Cochran (USA)                193 Carter Hovey (Can)
184 Patrick Caro (USA)                 194 Andrew Randell (Can)
185 Matthew Kings (Can)                196 Russell Stevenson (USA)
186 Darryl Rouse (USA)                 197 Rad Cunningham (USA)
187 Robert Kamppila (USA)
188 Gregory Wolf (USA)
Wheelworks-Cannondale                  Landis Trek VW
201 Jonathan Page (USA)                211 Scott Price (Can)
202 Jonathan Hamblen (USA)             212 Todd Wells (USA)
203 Matthew Svatek (USA)               213 Brian Lemke (USA)
204 Michael Muller (Swi)               214 Drew Miller (USA)
205 Daniel Ramsey (USA)                215 Chris Walker (USA)
206 Michael Jones (USA)                216 Dave Herbold (USA)
207 Chris McDonald (USA)               217 Eric Abrams (USA)
208 Andy Rhodes (USA)                  218 RJ Rooke (USA)
Pharmacia                              Excel Sports
221 David Wenger (USA)                 231 John Hygelund (USA)
222 Wes Seigler (USA)                  232 Skiles Keith (USA)
223 Adam Watts (USA)                   233 Andrew Bajadali (USA)
224 Ryan Cornell (USA)                 234 Daryl Saul (USA)
225 Cameron Hughes (Aus)               235 Karl Bordine (USA)
226 Jacob Erker (Can)                  236 Chris Daggs (USA)
227 Benjamin Sharp (USA)               237 Sandy Perrins (USA)
228 Rik Denicke (USA)                  238 Phillip Sublette (USA)
Dare                                   Ideal Tile / Brielle Cyclery
241 Josh Goodwin (USA)                 251 Jonathan Erdelyi (USA)
242 Greg Medinilla (USA)               252 Randy Rusk (USA)
243 Frank Sarate (USA)                 253 Bryce Mead (USA)
244 Joel Kath (USA)                    254 Cody Waite (USA)
245 Josh Horowitz (USA)                255 Travis Hagner (USA)
246 Sean Robbins (USA)                 256 Bartek Fidelus (USA)
247 Jon Davis (USA)                    257 Terry Garnett (Can)
248 Miguel Meza (Mex)                  258 Robbie Yost (USA)

Rona Cycling Team                      Luna Team
301 Genevieve Jeanson (Can)            311 Alison Dunlap (USA)
302 Nicole Freedman (USA)              312 Marla Streb (USA)
303 Gail Longenecker (USA)             313 Kelli Emmet (USA)
304 Amy Jarvis (Can)                   314 Gina Hall (USA)
305 Manon Jutras (Can)
306 Andrea Hannos (Can)
Saturn                                 Diet Rite
321 Lyne Bessette (Can)                331 Mina Pizzini (USA)
322 Judith Arndt (Ger)                 332 Cheryl Binney (USA)
323 Kimberly Davidge (Can)             333 Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl)
324 Petra Rossner (Ger)                334 Kori Kelly (USA)
325 Suzanne Sonye (USA)                335 Cybil Diguistini (Can)
326 Ina Teutenberg (Ger)               336 Tina Mayolo-Pic (USA)
Helens/Trek/VW                         Total Trainer
341 Riley McAlpine (USA)               351 Sue Thomas (GBr)
342 Dara Rogers (USA)                  352 Caroline Alexander (GBr)
343 Erin Mirabella (USA)               353 Emma Davies (USA)
344 Trish Choo (USA)                   354 Alison Littlefield (USA)
345 Deborah Durand (USA)               355 Christine Vardaros (USA)
346 Rhonda Quick (USA)                 356 Barbara Blatter (Swi)
Vitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark         Voler
361 Lorraine Manning (Irl)             371 Lisa Milkavich (USA)
362 Melissa Sanborn (USA)              372 Ivana Bisaro (Can)
363 Renee Eastman (USA)                373 April Henderson (USA)
364 Karen Dodge (USA)                  374 Giselle Trahan (Can)
365 Jennifer Scott (USA)               375 Kirsten Fisher (USA)
366 Jennifer Petosa (USA)              376 Cindy McFarland (USA)
Bianchi USA                            Biogen
381 Mandy Poitras (Can)                391 Daphne Perry (USA)
382 Gina Grain (Can)                   392 Sally Warner (USA)
383 Nicole DeMars (Can)                393 Lisa Peck (USA)
384 Jenny Eyerman (USA)                394 Maren Partridge-Osguthorpe (USA)
385 Stacey Peters (USA)                395 Jennifer Wilson (USA)
Paa/Javelin                            Cannondale-USA
401 Laura Downey (USA)                 411 Mari Holden (USA)
402 Jennifer Stevens (USA)             412 Lara Ruthven (USA)
403 Desira Utzig (USA)                 413 Kim Anderson (USA)
404 Nicole Brandt (USA)                414 Katrina Berger (USA)
                                       415 Dotsie Cowden (USA)
                                       416 Missy Thompson (USA)
Amoroso's HH Racing                    Talogoamerica Cycling
421 Gabriela Gonzales De Ferrat (Mex)  431 Tina Skelley-Kunstbeck (USA)
422 Alexe Yueng (HKg)                  432 Susan Palmer-Komar (Can)
423 Lauren Franges (USA)               433 Meredith Miller (USA)
424 Lenora Felker (USA)                434 Joan Wilson (USA)
                                       435 Susy Pryde (NZl)
                                       436 Anne Samplonius (Can)
Canadian National                      Unattached
441 Alison Sydor (Can)                 452 Sari Saarelainen (Fin)
442 Chrissy Redden (Can)               453 Cynthia Carroll (USA)
443 Trish Sinclair (Can)               454 Heather Cole (Can)
444 Kiara Bisaro (Can)                 455 Cynthia Mommsen (USA)
445 Lesley Tomlinson (Can)             456 Lynn Brotzman (USA)
446 Erin Carter (Can)                  458 Maatje Benassi (USA)
                                       459 Lisa Hunt (USA)
                                       460 Patricia McKay (USA)
                                       462 Linda Biederman (USA)
                                       463 Sue Haywood (USA)
                                       464 Martha Meyer (USA)
                                       465 Rosemary Coleman (USA)
                                       466 Catherine Powers (USA)
Los Gatos                              AC Mexiquence
471 Joy Shaffer (USA)                  481 B Guererro (Mex)
472 Sandra Kolb (USA)                  482 Patricia Patencia (Mex)
473 Kathryn Wilder (USA)               483 Monica Huerta (Mex)
474 Patty Davis (USA)                  484 Marisol Ponciano (Mex)
                                       485 Adriana Sanchez (Mex)

Past winners


2001 Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn
2000 Chris Horner (USA) 
1999 Christian Vandevelde (USA) 


2001 Genevieve Jeanson (Can) Rona Cycling Team
2000 Alison Dunlap (USA) 
1999 Lyne Bessette (Can)