Tour of Wellington - 2.5

New Zealand, January 3-7, 2001

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The Stages

  • Stage 1 - January 3: Hutt City Centre Criterium, 45 km
  • Stage 2 - January 4: Wellington to Masterton, 132 km
  • Stage 3 - January 5: Masterton - Wellington, 160 km
  • Stage 4 - January 6: Upper Hutt Circuit, 140 km
  • Stage 5 - January 7: Wellington - Hawkins Hill, 67 km
  • Stage 6 - January 7: Frank Kitts Park Criterium, 40 km (cancelled)


The Tour of Wellington has been reinstated into the UCI calendar for 2001. The race will be held from January 3-7 and will carry a 2.5 classification. The format will be similar - six stages over five days, for a total of 598 km, starting with a criterium in Lower Hutt on January 3. In a new sponsorship deal this year, the race will be called the Fuji Xerox Cycle Classic.

Defending champion Brendon Vesty will wear number 1 in the Fuji Xerox-New Zealand team, that contains Chris Jenner, Scott Guyton, Lee Vertongen and Australian Sean Sullivan. They look to be one of the strongest teams on paper, along with Avanti Cycles' team of Graeme Miller, Jeremy Yates, Bryce Shapley, Robin Reid and Erin Hartwell.

Another team that will be watched with interest is the Australian U23 team of Greg Cambell, Brad Edmunds, Ryan Moody, Todd Parnell and Nathan Jones. Can they repeat the feats of Robbie McEwen, Corey Sweet and Hayden Bradbury who have all won the Tour of Wellington as young riders?


Fuji Xerox-New Zealand       Hong Kong National Team

1 Brendon Vesty (NZl)        51 Ho Siu Lun (HKg)
2 Chris Jenner (NZl)         52 Lau King Yu (HKg)
3 Scott Guyton (NZl)         53 Lau King Nin (HKg)
4 Lee Vertongen (NZl)        54 Wong Ngai Chin (HKg)
5 Sean Sullivan (Aus)        55 Leung Chi Hang (HKg)

Auckland Team                BRC Kennermerland-Holland

5 Ric Reid (NZl)             61 Braam De Waard (Ned)
6 Darren Murray (NZl)        62 Tino Haakman (Ned)
7 Gordon Bearman (NZl)       63 Gerard Windhouwer (Ned)
8 Chris Boerson (NZl)        64 Niels Eriks (Ned)
9 Paul Sumich (NZl)          65 Francis De Jager (Ned)

Penny Farthing-Australia     Burkes Cycles-Australia U/23

21 Garry Chapman (Aus)       66 Greg Cambell (Aus)
22 Phil Chapman (Aus)        67 Brad Edmonds (Aus)
23 Peter Biddington (Aus)    68 Ryan Moody (Aus)
24 Brad Mills (Aus)          69 Nathan Jones (Aus)
25 Tim Bartholomew (Aus)     70 Todd Parnell (Aus)

Penny Farthing-Wellington    Avanti Cycles

26 Jim Robinson (NZl)        71 Graeme Miller (NZl)
27 Steve Blair (NZl)         72 Jeremy Yates (NZl)
28 Darren Gordon (NZl)       73 Bryce Shapley (NZl)
29 Steve Bale (NZl)          74 Robin Reid (NZl)
30 Aaron Stagg (NZl)         75 Erin Hartwell (USA)

VIC Cycles                   Southend Cycles

31 Warren Simpson (NZl)      76 Andrew Ward (NZl)
32 Daniel Warren (NZl)       77 Matthew Gilbert (NZl)
33 Andrew Bott (NZl)         78 Brett Backhouse (NZl)
34 Gareth Aplin (NZl)        79 David Rae (NZl)
35 Philip Burns (NZl)        80 Chris Thompson (Aus)

Pins Cycles-Wellington       Pins Wellington 2
36 Paul Davis (NZl)          91 Salis Cullen (NZl)
37 Jamie Thynne (NZl)        92 David Shaw (NZl)
38 Christian Wengler (NZl)   93 David McGuigan (NZl)
39 Ken Buist (NZl)           94 John Freiberg (NZl)
40 Paul Hattan (NZl)         95 Dean Hill (NZl)

Pack & Pedal                 Giant Bicycles

81 Geoff Burndred (NZl)      96 Joseph Chapman (NZl)
82 Kris Withington (NZl)     97 Tim Paviel (NZl)
83 James Stevenson (NZl)     98 Tim Kerr (NZl)
84 Mark Mackay (NZl)         99 Brad McFarlane (NZl)
85 Glen Wilson (Aus)         100 Scott Mitchell (NZl)

Lupi Pasta Team              

86 Stephen Elden (NZl)       
87 Andrew Mildenhall (NZl)   
88 Simon Morris (NZl)        
89 Richard Starr (NZl)       
90 Willie Aitken (NZl)       

Past Winners

1999 Brendan Vesty (NZl)