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Mont Ventoux
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Letters to Cyclingnews - March 5, 2009

Here's your chance to get more involved with Cyclingnews. Comments and criticism on current stories, races, coverage and anything cycling related are welcomed, even pictures if you wish. Letters should be brief (less than 300 words), with the sender clearly identified. They may be edited for space and clarity; please stick to one topic per letter. We will normally include your name and place of residence, but not your email address unless you specify in the message.

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Ending Operacion Puerto
Kimmage and Armstrong
Encore Andy!
The Showdown
Frederiek Nolf
Cycling and the heart
Alpe d'Huez of America
The death of Marco Pantani

Ending Operacion Puerto

With the latest messy Operacion Puerto news rearing it's ugly head again, this time the Italian federation (CONI) taking DNA samples to get a Spanish rider sanctioned, while Spain (RFEC) continues procedural legal battles on its own front, and both the UCI and now WADA looking into Puerto evidence, while it looks like there's progress on the case of Alejandro Valverde, I fear we're in for a long, messy process trying to get these cross-organisations and international federations to get to the bottom of it.

I have a better solution: amnesty. It's time for RFEC and the UCI to get together and finally declare an effort to end this cloud hanging over the sport, once and for all. And the best way to do that is for authorities to flatly state to the riders that they have until March 31st to come clean and cooperate. By doing so, they will face a minimum suspension (3-6 months?) and a fine equal to a half-year's salary.

By not confessing and cooperating, the testing of the blood bags and DNA matching will continue, and those that are caught will face the full force of punishment. They will be punished in accordance with the UCI's anti-doping charter (remember that thing?), banned for life, and prosecuted to the full extent of the reach of the sanctioning bodies.

Why offer amnesty at this point? Let's examine this closer: Operacion Puerto as a case was broken on May 23, 2006, with doping records dating back to approximately 2002. On the 26th, three days later, then-RFEC president José Griñán said he wanted it to move swiftly, and end.

That was nearly three years ago.

Since that time, some riders were forced into retirement, others fined and suspended, others kept riding. Some rode and then retired. Koldo Gil offered to have his DNA matched to blood bags to clear him, and the UCI rejected that. Gil has essentially been blacklisted and forced into retirement.

In 2007 Hans-Michael Holczer, then head of Gerolsteiner, suggested that they move forward to match the blood bags with DNA gathered at various races "we have it all here" he stated.

Nothing was done.

Now, we're finally matching the DNA? On riders that may or may not have actually doped. Riders that may or may not have been directly involved, even unwittingly, in team-sanctioned doping programs?

Take a look at the case of Valverde. What do we do now, suspend him for two years? What if it takes 3-4 more years to get to the bottom of OP, and during that time riders later proven to be further involved, keep riding scott free, win big races, and then retire? Then what do we do? What do we do if Valverde's case drags on, he wins the 2009 Tour de France, and on the day after is found guilty for his involvement in OP? Then what?

And why stop at DNA testing of bags? What happened to the 6,000 page report? Tyler Hamilton for example reportedly has his name both in the books, and a very detailed FAX showing a laundry list of two years' worth of doping. But he already served a two-year suspension. What do they do about that? Considering it's likely this aspect his his case won't come up for months and months, he's likely to retire before that time.

The bigger problem in cycling now isn't certainty of punishment for crimes dating back several years, but to get this cloud from OP to be over with. And the best way for that is to finally offer a form of amnesty.

Phil Anderson
Monday, March 2, 2009

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Kimmage and Armstrong

In response to Mr. Howe's letter, I don't think what Armstrong said was so unreasonable. Let me say that I am not a huge Armstrong fan, so I am not here to sing his praises. But the fact is, he has never tested positive for drugs. He has never failed a drug test in spite of being the most tested athlete ever. So for someone to publicly accuse him of being a cancer on the sport is just a little bit off the mark.

Thing is, Armstrong has to lose. He came back to cycling to raise cancer awareness. He is riding for free. He could have walked away from it all forever, having 'gotten away with it', having fooled everyone and never having to pay the price. If I was that person, wouldn't I be pretty stupid to step back into the lion's den with people like Kimmage and LeMond hounding me at every step?

Additionally, Armstrong has an enormous responsibility that other riders don't - he has the entire cancer community looking to him for inspiration. Think of all the young boys and girls, the weekend warriors, who are unfortunate enough to have cancer, who look to Armstrong for hope and as an example of how someone can beat cancer and live a productive life. Think, if he did test positive, how all the millions of dollars he had raised would be tainted, and all the kids who look up to him would be crushed. You would have to be a pretty heartless SOB to do that to an entire community of people with cancer.

Until he does test positive, let's just allow for the fact that there just might be some incredible athletes in this world with amazing stories and perhaps we are witnessing one of them now. That said, I still hope Simoni smokes him in the Giro.

One other thing about all these "unrepentant dopers" like Hamilton, Landis, Sevilla, etc. You don't have to repent. You just have to sit out your suspension and take your punishment. When you get a speeding ticket, you don't have to promise never to speed again. You just have to pay the fine.

Garth Giesbrecht
Houston, TX
Monday, March 2, 2009

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Kimmage and Armstrong #2

I totally agree with Richie McNamara's view of Kimmage's tunnel-vision pursuit of Lance Armstrong. The man is out to line his own pockets with stories - true or fabricated - about doping in cycling.

I raced with Christie Kimmage in the mid-sixties - what must his thoughts be now about Paul? My view is that Paul couldn't make it as a pro cyclist, so he (rather cleverly, I thought) bit the hand that was feeding him.

Yes, there has always been doping to a greater or lesser degree in cycling and other sports. But cycling is making a real world-beating effort to stamp it out. Let's concentrate on the future and not look for skeletons from the past.

Nigel Dean (British Pro, 1971-1986)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 12:09:45 +0200

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Kimmage and Armstrong #3

I would have to agree with Mr. McNamara's letter. Despite Mr Kimmage's crusade and the crusade of others there does not seem to be any credible evidence to prove Lance Armstrong was a doper. Yes, there are some 1999 samples in a French lab somewhere but who really knows how credible those samples can be after all these years. Given the French pathological dislike, bordering on hatred, for Lance I would have a hard time giving any credence or credibility to the objectivity of the sample, test or results.

Is it possible he doped? Yes, I would think so given the era and climate at the time. But, and we need keep this in mind, he is probably the most tested athlete ever and for some reason there are no positive, reliable tests, available of which I am aware.

So, let's give the man his due and let him move forward. Has he done a lot for cycling? Unquestionably. Has he done a lot for cancer? Indisputably. He is a giant in the sport.

Now as far as Mr Kimmage. What has his impact been on cycling? I don't really know - negligible, perhaps? What has he done for cancer? Don't know. Perhaps he should find a new crusade that might add something positive to the world of cycling or the world in general. You can flog a dead horse as hard as you want and it still remains, just that, a dead horse. Give it up and get on with life.

Grant Suderman
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Sat, 28 Feb 2009 11:28:52 -0600

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Kimmage and Armstrong #4

We may never know if (or what) Armstrong used anything other than water to win his Tours but the debate, regardless of whose side you are on, muddies the cycling waters and tarnishes our sport. Thankfully (for cycling but not for sports in general), other pro sports are finally being shown for what they also are: an oportunity for huge profit for the winners at any cost.

So cycling may not be the 'drug sport' anymore. Let's focus on the riders who are clean, not the riders who have found loopholes in positive tests or those who have admitted doping after being caught with their 'hand in the cookie jar', or those who 'can suddenly ride 10 km/h faster than anyone'. Mark Cavendish, Cadel Evans, Dominique Rollin and George Hincapie look good this year to name a few. Naturally I favour the (Mostly) North American riders, but there is no shortage of strong, clean riders from all over the globe looking to make their mark. Pick one.

Jim Guy
Sydney Mines, Canada
Friday, February 27, 2009

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Encore Andy!

Huge thanks for landing Andy Schleck as a contributor! I figure pro cyclists are pro cyclists because they aren't pro writers, but Andy is one of those rare breeds who is entertaining both on the road, and at the keyboard. I haven't read the like since Allan Peiper's great TDF journal in VeloNews from years ago. Now, if you could only get David Brinton to illustrate....

Jim Pavlichek
Davis, CA, USA
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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The Showdown

Wiggins vs. Phinney

The individual pursuit will be contested in Poland shortly at the world championships and this is perhaps by far the anticipated climax.

First, there is Wiggins; mature, confident. His best times include 4:15.013, 4:15.165, and 4:15.976. The challenger, Phinney recently rode a 4:15.22. Then he went on to lay down a very competitive kilo the next day. For a few years, there hasn't been anyone to push Wiggins to his limit. While Phinney is fast, he is still very young. Can he maintain his peak condition for a whole month? Does he have the experience and skills to save his best effort for the final race? Can either rider break the 4:15 barrier?

Chris Boardman may have the record at 4:11 but this was done with the Super-Man handlebars and the Lotus frame which are now both illegal. So where would Boardman be with today's equipment? Maybe the final will show us.

Timothy Shame
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Frederiek Nolf

Michel, you are failing to compare like with like when you state "I know of a young cyclist who died quite naturally of a heart attack at the age of 21, and a post mortem revealed nothing unnatural and that it was not uncommon and most likely hereditry".

I have no problems with the findings of the post mortem on your friend - that is fine - but tell me, what did the post mortem reveal about Nolf? There was no autopsy. So the cause of death was brushed under the carpet, not established.

The beauty of failing to establish facts is that speculation can then run riot, shoot off anywhere. You can allege that Nolf died clean and you can wish to not know the truth - that is the beauty of having the facts brushed under the carpet.

John Leitch
Monday, March 2, 2009

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Cycling and the heart

Regarding the letters about Frederiek Nolf:

I am 52 years old, and wrote four years ago on this site about the episode of atrial fibrillation I had just recovered from. More than a few other cyclists responded about their own experiences with arrythmia. Two days ago my primary training partner went to his doctor after feeling out of sorts for more than six months, and was immediately sent to the ER. When the first EKG printed out, the doctor asked in disbelief whether he had driven himself to the visit, because his heartbeat was so irregular they thought he had had a major heart attack. Another friend of mine, whose physiological gifts rival Lance's, had a similar experience last year after two successive days of four-hour skate skiing workouts in the mountains.

When I first went to my cardiologist in New York City, directly after finally persuading my primary care physician to humour me and do an EKG, he told me that he regularly - four to five times a year - has patients arrive on their bikes directly from Central Park where they experienced symptoms while riding.

My point in bringing this up is to direct readers' attention to the fact that very hard exercise can adversely affect their hearts. It's not at all unusual for highly trained individuals, and I fall into that catagory according to my doctors, to have heart problems. You can wear out your heart on a bike, or skiis, just by going too hard, too long. And there's the odd individual who might be oblivious to this until hooked up to an EKG. I don't presume to know what happened to Fredereik Nolf, but knowing the training loads that are required to be a pro, it is entirely likely that he worked past his heart's limit without any help from any drug.

Jay Dwight
Cummington, MA
Sunday, March 1, 2009

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I know that you good folks at Cyclingnews are quite the anglophiles, which is absolutely fine...however, please pay respect where respect is due.

You've seemed to enjoy ripping on Boonen in the past weeks, as he didn't quite seem up to match with Cav's pure speed at California... and Hushoved 'only won because he benefited from a perfect leadout' (paraphrased quote).

I would hope that this past weekend has reminded you at CN that there's a hell of a lot more to this sport than the 'February Championships'. Both Tom and Thor are light years ahead of Mark in the the 'Champion' spectrum. Let the Manx Express win the great Classics, or stages/jerseys of Grand Tours with less anaemic fields, before you start purporting that he is somehow better than ANYONE with genuine palmares.

The same goes for Levi - his comparing TOC to the Tour? Give everybody a break!

I am respectfully asking that you regard TRUE Champions as such, and give them proper credit, regardless of what country they hail from, or which happens to be their first language. Thank you for your consideration, and the otherwise great coverage.

Adam Simms
Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Alpe d'Huez of America

While the Arizona Snow Bowl climb is very impressive, I think Alp d'Huez edges it out by a hair. The average grade for Alpe d'Huez is 8.1 percent average grade, the Snow-Bowl averages about 5.2 percent. Alpe d'Huez really cranks up the steepness in the lower portion of the climb, and then eases off towards the finish. Either way I think the Snow Bowl climb would be a great finish to a stage race. It's very spectacular in late spring with all that snow on top!

Interestingly Alpe d'Huez does not rate in the top 20 of the world's most difficult climbs, while Mount Washington, New Hampshire, rates as sixth most difficult in the world. My highly unscientific stats come from which is a great tool for finding the hardest climbs around the world. At least for those climbs that have been measured. Keep an eye out, I just entered the data for the Arizona Snow-Bowl climb, so it should be published in the next few days.

Many of the bike climbs I've done in the eastern US were for sure going to be ranked highly, only to find out that they are simple child's play compared to what the big elevation climbs of the Alps can dish out. In my retirement days 30 years from now, I see myself suffering up long, seemingly endless climbs in the Alps, day after day, week after week... ahhhh Utopia.

Here is the top 20 list:

1. Scanuppia-Malga Palazzo
2. Alp Rionda
3. Grosser Speikkogel
4. Pico-de-Veleta
5. Mt-Haleakala
6. Mount Washington
7. San Genesio - Edelweiss
8. Grosser Oscheniksee
9. Pico Ariero
10. Alpe Fuori
11. Kitzbüheler Horn
12. Edelweiss
13. Nebelhorn
14. Prato Ma slino
15. Colle-delle-Finestre
16. Prada-Alta
17. Oetztaler-Gletscherstrasse
18. Roque de los Muchachos
19. Rifugio-Kaltenbach
20. Pic-du-Midi

Jason Turner
Cary, NC, USA
Sunday, March 1, 2009

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The death of Marco Pantani

You know what it feels like to read a good book and then you want all your mates to read it too. Well I have just read The death of Marco Pantani, a biography of il Pirata by Matt Rendell.

If you want a well-researched account of the blood doping situation during Marco's reign and his subsequent death through cocaine abuse then you must read this book. The depth of research and detail is incredible and I learned a lot from the book.

Len Hall
Perth, Australia
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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  • March 13:"Pro"Cycling Teams, ASO vs. Astana, ASO vs. UCI, ASOh well, UCI'll see you later, Cycling fans must let their voices be heard, Denounce ASO's actions for what they are, Hamilton, Operacion Puerto, and the ToCA, Knife between the ribs?, Paris Nice, Police kill cyclists, British track sprinters' helmets?, Rock Racing and Michael Ball, The Astana affair, The real ASO problem, Tour and ASO, UCI - very bad poker players, UCI hypocrisy.
  • March 6: Zirbel and the"ride of his life", British track sprinters' helmets, Hamilton, Operacion Puerto and the ToCA, Three grand tours or five monuments?, Rock Racing and Michael Ball, Pro cycling is dead, Paris - Nice, Knife between the ribs?, Doping and the Tour, Astana, the ASO and the UCI, ASO vs. Astana, The Astana affair, ASO vs. UCI vs. AIGCP vs. the non existent riders, The real ASO problem, Denounce ASO's actions for what they are, Sponsorship code of ethics, Where are the other ProTour teams?, ProTour vs. ASO
  • February 28: ASO vs. Astana, Passion and sponsorship, Crash or crash through, Pro cycling is dead, Why we must have the ProTour, Rock Racing and Michael Ball, ToC and Rock, The hidden message behind banning Astana, ASO is killing cycling, ASO could be right, The real ASO problem, UCI - draw a line in the sand, ASO has lost the plot, The Astana affair, Astana and ASO/RCS, the Astana decision, Operacion Puerto, Old rider classification
  • February 15: Doping controls, Tour of California moving up!, Why I love the Tour of California, Operation Puerto, Astana rejected by ASO, Boycott ASO, ASO - stop the madness, Tour de France, ASO is wrong to exclude Astana, Astana, ASO, and the NFL, Tour de Farce, The hidden message behind banning Astana, Astana exclusion, ASO is killing cycling, Astana out of Tour, ASO has lost the plot
  • February 8: Lampre doping controls, Grand Tour Monopoly?, Giro selections, Slipstream Qatar, Allan Davis, Sheldon Brown, Dick Pound to head CAS?, Find out who's leaking lab results, Rock racing
  • February 1: UCI vs. Grand Tour war, Best wishes to Anna, The incident, Rock racing & Starbucks, Rock racing Rocks, Rock racing, Landis in NUE, Lance is the best of all time, Sinkewitz logic, Astana for 08 Tour?
  • January 25: Rock racing, Time to draw a line in the sand, ASO vs. UCI ProTour, UCI vs. Grand Tour war spills over to European federations, Readers' poll stage races 2007, Cyclist of the year, Team High Road's black kit, Lance is the best of all time, Landis in NUE, Toyota-United abusing USAC team rules?
  • January 18: Cadel Evans - returns to training, Cyclist of the Year, DOPING - time to draw a line in the sand, Hincapie in T-Mobile kit, Lance is the best of all time, Readers poll: best stage races 2007, Rock racing, Speaking about Lance, Toyota-United abusing USAC team rules?
  • January 11: Armstrong on Landis, Cadel Evans - returns to training, Hincapie in T-Mobile kit, Ivan Basso - why no tough questions?, Reader Poll, Rock & burn racing, Speaking about Lance, Sydor's consistency, The 'Bruyneel philosophy', Toyota-United abusing USAC team rules?
  • January 5: Great day for cycling, Sydor's consistency, Hincapie in T-Mobile kit, CA awards misses national series, Thank you, Ivan Basso - why no tough questions?, Cadel Evans - returns to training, Helmets belong on heads, Armstrong on Landis, Will there be a Tour of Missouri?, Roberto Heras, Speaking about Lance, Mayo's B Sample

Letters 2007

  • December 27: CA awards misses national series, Armstrong on Landis, Vinokourov's sentence, Vinokourov, Cadel Evans - returns to training, Mayo's B sample to get B test
  • December 14: Sydor's consistency, George Hincapie, Helmet straps must be cinched a bit too tight, Will there soon be a sample"C"test?, ProTour, Vino's joke of a suspension, Mafioso McQuaid, Obee and Health Net, Mayo's B sample to get B test, Campagnolo offers its own 'red' shifter, T-Mobile's withdrawal a blow to Jaksche
  • December 6: Tschüss T-Mobile, Anquetil, Mayo's B sample to get B test, T-Mobile drop out, Obee and Health Net, Stefano Zanini
  • November 30: Anquetil,Mayo's B sample to get B test, Stefano Zanini, Rider's passport, Betting, Jonathan Page, Wake up!!, T-Mobile drop out, Bike design originality
  • November 23: Remembering Jacques Anquetil, Done looking back, Mayo's B sample to get B test, Cross crank, Rider's passport, Blood passports and humanity, Fothen's comments on Bettini, Nathan O'Neill , Sinkewitz, Rasmussen blood values, Sponsorship strangeness, Dick Pound better understood, Bike design originality,
  • November 16: Nathan O'Neill, Rasmussen blood values, The Crocodile Trophy, Sinkewitz, Drug testing procedures, Rider's passport, The drug issue, Bike design originality , Sponsorship strangeness, Selfishness will ruin cycling
  • November 9: The Crocodile Trophy, A little bit of bias here?, Rider's passport, Kasheckin, Positive tests, Drug testing procedures, Marco Pinotti: Engineering a new path, Bike design originality
  • November 2: What does this mean?, Le Tour 08, Mayo's B sample, Bike design originality, Trimble, UCI says Mayo case not closed, Drug testing procedures ... and false positives, Kashechkin: controls violate human rights, Drug testing procedures, Mayo, UCI, Kashechkin, et al... Great, now it's coming from both ends, Positive tests, Why even bother with B samples then?, Mayo's positive EPO test, Falling barriers
  • October 26: Rider passports & Cadel Evans, Drug testing procedures ... and false positives, Iban Mayo's false positive, Iban Mayo and Landis, Armstrong on Landis, Mayo's B sample, UCI turns Mayo's case into a debaucle, they hand pick the results, No justice for Mayo, UCI says Mayo case not closed, Bike design originality, 2006 Tour de France, A bad week for cycling, A fitting end to the season
  • October 19: 2006 Grand Tour trifecta!, 2006 Tour de France, A fitting end to the season, Armstrong on Landis, Bike design originality, doping in cycling, Doping numbers, Paris-Tours testing mishap, UCI and the lack of testing!, Vino's other Tour stage win, The absolute best?
  • October 12: Armstrong on Landis, Bike design originality, Cycling drama, Doping is unfair; but so is discrimination, It’s not doping that's..., Landis case - everyone's a loser, Length and cost of the Landis case, R & R, The Landis decision, Tour of America
  • October 5: Cycle drama, It's not doping that's"killing"the sport, Why is VAM a benchmark, Tour of America, The Landis decision, DYNEPO, Worlds, Rock & Republic's CEO Michael Ball, Please explain, Giuseppe Guerini, FICP
  • September 28: Tour of America, World champion zany-ness, The Landis decision, ASO v UCI, McQuaid vs ASO vs the riders, Please explain, Why is VAM a benchmark, Giuseppe Guerini, Menchov felt betrayed by Rasmussen, ProTour and Le Tour, Where is the due process
  • September 21: Astana's future and Bruyneel, Bruyneel's afterlife, Floyd Landis decision, Why is VAM a benchmark, Lifetime bans, Menchov felt betrayed by Rasmussen, Ungrateful Levi, Spanish cycling, Where is the due process
  • September 14: Astana & Bruyneel, Cycling vs. soccer, Cycling will survive, Floyd Landis decision, LeMond's comments, Menchov felt betrayed by Rasmussen, Ungrateful Levi, Why is VAM a benchmark?
  • September 7: Cycling vs. soccer, Floyd Landis decision, UCI, ASO, LeMond, et al who cares? Riders, Lawyers in the Landis case, LeMond's comments, Riders taking the fall?, US Postal/Discovery R.I.P.

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