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Letters to Cyclingnews - December 14, 2007

Here's your chance to get more involved with Cyclingnews. Comments and criticism on current stories, races, coverage and anything cycling related are welcomed, even pictures if you wish. Letters should be brief (less than 300 words), with the sender clearly identified. They may be edited for space and clarity; please stick to one topic per letter. We will normally include your name and place of residence, but not your email address unless you specify in the message.

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Sydor's consistency
George Hincapie
Helmet straps must be cinched a bit too tight
Will there soon be a sample "C" test?
Vino's joke of a suspension
Mafioso McQuaid
Obee and Health Net
Mayo's B sample to get B test
Campagnolo offers its own 'red' shifter
T-Mobile's withdrawal a blow to Jaksche

Sydor's consistency

I first saw Alison Sydor in a '05 World Cup race. She made the podium then and has made a real consistent habit out of strong finishes ever since.

At 41, she is still throwin' it down in cross now, staying near the front, AND getting 2nd overall in the USGP of 'cross this year. Havin' fun and basically - firing on all cylinders more consistently than others younger than her.

She must have a real passion for the life she lives.

Hats off to her!!

Chuck Scarpelli
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Thursday, December 6, 2007

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George Hincapie

It was great to read an article on George Hincapie. What a solid all around rider he has evolved into!

If he can have more lead outs, life for him will get way better. Glad he chose a team that will most likely give him better support in more races. He deserves that.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Hincapie in T-Mobile kit

I am saddened by T-Mobiles pullout. I was very excited in the upcoming 2008 season and seeing George Hincapie (One of professional cycling's icons I must say) in magenta. I guess it will all be in my dreams now. He may not win the classics he always wanted to but he is always there to contest it.

I think T-Mobile missed the opportunity to resurrect and redeem their name with Hincapie on board along with riders like Mick Rogers, Linus Gerdeman and all the young talented riders.

I will be cheering for Big George and Team High Roads in all the classics and the grand tours!!! More power to you!!

Ben Izra Dacudao
Davao City Philippines
Friday, December 7, 2007

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Helmet straps must be cinched a bit too tight

Ralph Emmerson obviously misses the point when he describes Cadel Evans as "celebrating his Pro Tour win so enthusiastically"......not how I read it. Cadel answered a question about which achievement in his stellar year he was most proud of, did you read the full response Ralph?...nah, didn't think so, or you'd have known that what Cadel was proud of, was the consistency of his year, from March till October, virtually.

The fact that Di Luca has got himself embroiled, yet again, in a controversy, not of Evans making, is hardly Cadel's fault. Next Ralph will be decrying Contador's win because Rasmussen got thrown out. Give us a break Ralph, winners are grinners & losers can suit themselves!

Chris Hitchen
Victoria, Australia

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Helmet straps must be cinched a bit too tight #2

Wow Ralph,

Take a breath and let the air back into your head so the veins in your temple do not pop. Evans, not a huge fan but 2nd on GC in the Grand Tour, 4th in another Grand Tour, the World's, 5th……… yeah, a real hubbard?? Hope you place higher than this on your local bunch ride.

You sound like a real glass is half full sort of guy. What do athletes need to do, or anyone for that matter, to impress a fellow such as you?

Guys like Cadel represent the top 200 riders selected for the top tours and PT classics, and then they excel in them…….. get off your soap box, the altitude is dramatically effecting your brain.

Adrian Booth
Brisbane, Australia
Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Helmet straps must be cinched a bit too tight #3

There's a lot of sad people out there ,Cadel is a great champion, there's no question marks over whether he has doped or not, he's a true winner ,to criticise his enjoyment for winning the ProTour shows how petty people can be, if you know anything about sport, then you will know that its a very fine line between winning and losing.

In a time where our sport is not seen in a good light ,to criticise a true clean rider is stupid ,if you don't like Cadel that's fine ,but I don't like all those riders who we know are cheating and seem to get away with it. Don't be a hypocrite just because you like or don't like a certain rider. I like Jan Ulrich but it is right he's gone along with Vino and Basso. What we do need is to sort out the testing. I think the Landis case has shown there are some serious problems in the labs and I think there's a lot to do to get our sport right .

Ray Willings
London, UK
Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Helmet straps must be cinched a bit too tight #4

I was as disappointed as any that Di Luca was stripped of the Pro-Tour title, but I was disappointed at him, not the UCI. Perhaps Mr. Emerson is not aware that there are statutes of limitation on doping offenses, but there is and this case was not left open in perpetuity. If this was not the case I would be in complete agreement with him. There is an 8 year statute of limitations on doping offenses, this is why Zabel, Riis, et. al. have not been pursued by the ASO to return the money, and Riis' jersey was only returned because he volunteered it, even after admitting to using dope. The purpose of this is the same as it is in the outside world, to protect the rights of the individual while balancing this right against the needs of the authorities to fight crime. It is clear that doping methods advance faster than doping controls. How is one to pursue a case against a doper who uses a drug 2 years ago that was undetectable then? Simply ignore it when his name comes up in a Doctor's ledger for being "prescribed" this substance? No. But there is a limit.

Now I am sure Mr. Emerson will say "8 years, it may as well be a hundred years...". In response, every criminal justice system in the free world has such a statute of limitations. In the State where I reside the SoL is 2 years for minor misdemeanours and then for more serious crimes it hops to 5 years. It then jumps again to 12 years for Sexual offenses. Murder and aggravated assault on a police officer are the two exceptions with NO SoL. It is important to note that in the federal system, as in many other nations (and perhaps US states), the clock doesn't even start ticking for some offenses until the authorities know that the suspect actually committed a crime. If this were the case with doping offenses then Riis, Zabel and others could all be sitting out 2 year bans right now because their involvement did not become known until their confessions this year. Based on these facts the statute of limitations in the doping system seems to be relatively on par with the criminal justice system, seeing as an actual doping offense is a "major crime" vs. say not reporting your whereabouts to the vampires (another violation).

We also have to remember that the purpose of a statute of limitations (which again, exists in this case) is not to protect someone from "when you were gainfully employed and creatively nurturing a fruitful career, suddenly the "authorities" came to your place of employment, and hauled you away to detention, erasing everything you had worked years for.", but rather to ensure one's right to a "speedy trial". If one commits a crime, they can not (and should never be able to) use a defence of "I have gainful employment now so you can't arrest me", this is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not the authorities got to you before the clock ran out. In Di Luca's case they clearly did.

Now perhaps one can argue that a 6 month ban is excessive for being found to have associated with an infamous prepatore', but to say that to continue to pursue a case within the statute of limitations has no logical basis, especially in light of the fact that the SoL does not appear to be excessive.

John Schmalbach
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Cadel and his helmet straps #5

Dear Letters Editor,

Ralph Emerson rides a painfully deluded weaving line against drugs, letting his champion Danilo draft behind while spitting on Cadel for being too - pure?

Di Luca's removal from the ProTour rankings was the result of being (finally) sanctioned for a past offence (that the legal system is clogged with unsporting sportsmen is no fault of Cadel's. Of course it's never a good time to serve a racing ban, but The Killer should thank his lucky stars the case didn't conclude in the months before the Giro).

Its OK to be firmly against doping, indeed it takes a hard man to stand up and criminalise it; but that's not overly righteous anti-drug zealotry?

The anti-doping battle the public gets to hear piecemeal may seem ludicrous, but apply some critical thinking to every story, and realise the layers of miscommunication/translation/interpretation that lie behind them. The cycling authorities are not the police or the judiciary; they are restricted by law in what they can do, and the world's legal systems have higher priorities than a bunch of people who want to ride their bike faster than others. That you get caught up in years of adjournments while defences wriggle and prosecution teams painstakingly build a full picture of a complicated situation is only a burden if you are hiding doping stupidity.

A year long enthusiasm that brings you within an ace of Tour glory, a follow-up Vuelta fourth and a world champs front group finale is indeed something to be proud of - well done mate.

Helmet straps - now there's a topic worthy of venting - plenty of pros don't know how to wear em' and that really grinds my gears as a poor example for the kiddies. The loose, dangly, I'm too cool for a functioning brain look is unfortunately a too common still-adolescent mentality amongst "top" riders. Wear your helmet like you want your loved ones to.

Simon Day
South Yarra, Australia
Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Will there soon be a sample "C" test?

Having been involved in cycling for 37 years, the words and rhetoric used today to me and many others are sad to say the least. Emotive lines like "Cycling's darkest hour, the death of cycling, is this the end of the Tour, and on and on."

Yes, I unequivocally believe that cheaters in all sports must be caught. But how far are the WADA'S of this world prepared to go. Do they feel it is time for a 'C' test?

It has been muted by officials that they know the men in black but do they convict them at any cost.

Even murderers and criminals have human rights, I know we get swept along on the tide of media speculation, but I caution everyone to stop and reflect on what is being allowed to be done to the sport by others with no genuine interest in cycling other than newspaper and magazine sales.

In conclusion, it is ludicrous that the same Laboratory that found the 'A' sample positive, should be responsible for testing the 'B' sample. I know there will cries of justification that they do not know who the sample belongs to! But did Damien Ressiot of l'Equipe magazine, a football journalist not a cycling journalist I hasten to add in 1995 gain access to sample records (specimen numbers to names) of a well know cyclist via the UCI.

Let us keep our system clean but let us also be seen by the rest of the sporting world to be doing it with integrity and respect for the riders who have entertained us for years.

From a Lover of Cycling,
James McAllister

Friday, December 7, 2007

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Dear Cyclingnews,

What ever happened to the World Cup? I think this was a far better idea than the current ProTour. It was exciting to see who the best classics rider were, and the big tours never seemed to suffer as a result.

Nowadays cyclist do specialise in one day or stage races so the ProTour does not seem all too realistic.

The only advantage the ProTour ever had from a fans point of view was to see all the best teams in the tours, rather than local teams who you would never really hear of apart from when they were participating in their national tour.

The World Cup format is still present for women, and cyclo cross and seems to work well.

All this squabbling between the UCI and the race organisers, and now the national cycling federations does the sport no good, at a time when a unity is needed to solve the current doping issues sullying the sport.

Bring back the World Cup I say.

Kind regards
Friday, December 7, 2007

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Vino's joke of a suspension

Alexander Vinokourov's ban from cycling for one year is a joke!! While others are suspended for two years, his so called federation bans him for only one? Why? Simple. So that he will be eligible to ride in the Olympics. They did it so he could ride for Kazakhstan. What a joke. The nation turns its head and closes its eyes to doping and cheating, so their "hero Vino" can ride for the nation in the Olympics. Hopefully, UCI will win the appeal and the Court will see through this charade by the Kazakh association. Perhaps the Olympic Committee will ban him from coming to the Olympics. What a freaking joke.

Danny Autrey
Jacksonville, Alabama, USA
Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Mafioso McQuaid

I don't know about all of you, but I've heard enough out of this joker-president of the UCI. Pat McQuaid is certainly more articulate (though rarely making any sense) than his predecessor Verbruggen, but clearly suffers from perhaps even greater incompetence and delusion. He fashions himself to be godfather type holding absolute authority, protecting the "family", attempting to mould a beautiful and richly traditional sport to his own skewed, irrelevant concepts. Recall his less than savoury remarks about the "two cultures" in cycling, the Anglophone versus the Romantic? What the hell does this kind of political conjecture have to do with sport? It was shocking to me to hear such Nazi-esque drivel coming from someone claiming his interest is to unify the world of cycling.

No one cares about the ProTour. It is flawed and it has failed and it is dead. Cycle races such as the grand tours are complicated enough to follow for the casual fan, and difficult enough to manage for the organizers and competing teams without the superfluous mandates conjured up by the politicians at Aigle. Give cycling back to the riders, the federations, and the public that have made this amazing and unique sport the greatest in the world. There's no room for the incredibly misguided agenda of the UCI mafia anymore. The president can talk himself in circles all he likes, however, Pat McQuaid lacks the vision, charisma, or diplomacy to convince anyone of his worth, particularly the most important faction concerned: cycling's fans.

Impeach him.

Thank you!

Adam Simms, California
Friday, December 7, 2007

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Obee and Health Net

In response to Jeff's question, it is quite simple and is definitely a heartbreaker. The company Health Net has dramatically reduced its sponsorship money for the team in 2008. This is also part of the reason the team has gone from a Professional-Continental team to a Continental team.

Because of this budget decrease the team had to sort out it's riders and decide which would stay as the "core" and which would have to go. It's sad that O'bee had to leave the team as he is a phenomenal rider. He just wasn't in the budget, so to speak. Hopefully we'll see him picked up by another team and racing professionally again next year. Good luck Kirk!

Chris Di Re
Seattle, Wa, USA
Friday, December 7, 2007

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Obee and Health Net #2

Health Net has a reduced budget to work with this year and so they cannot afford to keep everyone. Kirk O'Bee stated in a recent interview that he believes the low offer is due to his past doping suspension. I would have to agree. With the current climate in cycling, and the reduced budget, Health Net have chosen not to spend their money on O'Bee, even with his winning history and current National Champion jersey.

Kevin Rutherford
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Mayo's B sample to get B test

I agree with Mr. Mendiska concerning the insulting B test of the B sample for Iban Mayo.

I deplore the use of drugs in sports and I know that it is widespread in Most of them. That doesn't mean that we should agree with so-called authorities simply dictating whatever they wish the rules (and laws) to be.

But the insulting B test of Iban Mayo's B sample that was found to be negative by a qualified second laboratory is beyond belief.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the UCI is not qualified to rule the sport as it appears are the major race promoters and national race sanctioning bodies. Maybe it is time to simply stop this "international sanctioning body" nonsense? Exactly what do they provide this sport?

Thomas Kunich
Friday, December 7, 2007

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Campagnolo offers its own 'red' shifter

I find it strange Campagnolo, a company with rich history and brand appeal would decide to jump on the "Red" bandwagon. It demonstrates insecurity and a total lack of marketing skill. Branding their products "Red" tells the world SRAM must be really good. I feel this defensive action makes them appear weak. If they truly were interested in changing the product with new springs, why not do it with a marketing plan embracing an entirely new idea or approach.

The worst part may be making the 'upgrade' only available to the pro's.

Don't they understand that what motivates many of us, is knowing we can ride the same gear as the pros? Hmmm, maybe I should go test ride some of that SRAM stuff...

Craig Ryan
Noblesville, Indiana USA
Saturday, December 7, 2007
ate: Sat, 08 Dec 2007 19:20:51 -0500

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T-Mobile's withdrawal a blow to Jaksche

In response to Jorge Jaksche and his disappointment:

Do the riders in the sport of cycling have no idea what their doping has done and is doing to the sport of cycling?

These men are professionals from 20-35 years of age and acting like 3 year olds with no responsibility for their actions.

Wake up!

Cheating - the act of putting dope into your bodies - is killing what little credibility the sport of cycling has. How can you act surprised when a sponsor does not want to take your contract or a sponsor chooses golf as a sport to invest its money instead of professional cycling?

Your drug-taking has affected your ability to think clearly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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  • April 6: April Fools, Ullrich DNA match, Taking blood, T-Mobile and Puerto, The song remains the same, Ullrich and Hamilton, Tyler Hamilton and flu, Unibet and access into France, Bjarne Riis, Popovych, The death of irony, Armstrong boring?, Ullrich/Armstrong comparisons
  • March 30: Basso wind tunnel testing, Bjarne Riis, Riis' response, Drugs in other sports, Dominquez at Redlands, Armstrong boring?, Ullrich/Armstrong comparisons, Popovych - the new Armstrong?, ASO wildcard selections, ASO-UCI split, Boys atop the sport, Cycling at two speeds, Puerto shelved, Tyler Hamilton.
  • March 23: Popovych - the new Armstrong?, A few years ago, Tyler Hamilton, Operación Puerto not complete, Puerto shelved, ASO-UCI split, Drugs in other sports, Basso wind tunnel testing, Water bottle and cage sponsorship, Bates' article on Jan Ullrich, Ullrich's retirement, The current state of cycling
  • March 16: Don Lefévčre, Lefévčre tries to reinforce omerta, Spring fever, Ullrich's retirement, UCI has no power, Puerto shelved, Who's been taking what?, ProTour a flawed competition?, UCI-Grand Tour organizer dual!, ASO-UCI split, ASO needs to see benefits in ProTour, Sponsorship, drug use and dinosaurs, The current state of cycling, New Pro Cyclist Union, Congratulations to Unibet, Unibet situation, marketing, Tour of California mistake
  • March 9: ASO - UCI split, UCI has no power, UCI vs. ASO, UCI vs. the world, ProTour and contracts, The Unibet fiasco: is it that bad?, Unibet and French law, Unibet situation, Pete Bassinger's Iditarod Trail record ride, Bates' article on Jan Ullrich, Ullrich's retirement, Tour of California expenses, Discovery's profile in Europe, Discovery's reasons for pulling sponsorship, Floyd's big ride
  • March 2: Ullrich's retirement, Altitude tents and EPO, Home-made altitude tents, Tyler Hamilton and drug testing, The agony of Unibet?, Discovery's reasons for pulling sponsorship, Discovery's world upside down?, Upside down Disco solved, Tour of California mistake, Graeme Brown, Hats off to Dick Pound?, Grand Tours, who really cares?, ProTour and contracts, ProTour vs wildcards, RCS' decision, UCI vs. the world, Floyd's big ride, Asthma everywhere
  • February 23: Altitude tents and EPO, Tour of California mistake, Chavanel's training regime, Discovery's reasons for pulling sponsorship, Discovery's world upside down?, Tyler Hamilton and drug testing, Grand Tours, who really cares?, The Unibet fiasco: is it that bad?, A solution to the Unibet situation, UCI and the ASO, UCI vs. the world, Will the fight never end?, Paris Nice and others, Pro Tour and contracts, RCS decision, Hats off to Dick Pound, Armstrong owes Dick Pound nothing, Graeme Brown, Asthma everywhere, The sorry state of pro-cycling
  • February 16: T-Mobile, Adam Hanson and doping, Unibet's new jersey, Double standards for Unibet?, RCS decision, A letter to ASO, Hamilton and Tinkov, Discovery Channel, Asthma everywhere, Bart Wellens' comments at the cross worlds, Best moment?, Crowd control at the cross worlds, Doping reconciliation, Get into 'cross racing, Pound still wants answers from Armstrong, The sorry state of pro-cycling
  • February 9: Unibet show they won't be put down, Double standards for Unibet?, Unibet's new jersey, Asthma everywhere, Bart Wellens' comments at the Cross Worlds, Crowd control at the Cross Worlds, Jonathan Page's mechanic beaten, Cheers to Bradley Wiggins, Bradley Wiggins' comments, Jaksche lashes out, Get into 'cross racing, Le Tour was created to sell newspapers, The stakes are too high, Doping reconciliation, Best moment of 2006?, Ivan Basso interview, Ullrich's DNA sample, Ullrich to Relax-GAM?, Ullrich partners with sports-clothing company, Still love to ride, My perfect state of mountain biking, A terrible model for cycling
  • February 2: The sanctimonious need to be taken out back, Confidentiality of test results, Oscar Pereiro cleared, Cyclo-cross reader poll results, Fairness in Operation Puerto?, Riders' nicknames, Doping reconciliation, Help for Floyd Landis, Museeuw's insults, Sven Nys, The Floyd Fairness Fund, The sorry state of pro-cycling
  • January 26: Drug testing methodologies, Museeuw the PR man, Museeuw's insults, Johan Museeuw and Tyler Hamilton, Sven Nys, Conduct in the pro peloton, McQuaid unhappy with Pereiro, Put doping in the correct context, Moreau wins 2006 TDF, Who wins the 2006 Tour now?, Drapac Porsche's exclusion from the TDU, Bike sponsorship, Compact geometry, The Floyd Fairness Fund
  • January 19: Drapac-Porsche and the TDU, Bettini to win the Ronde?, Frame geometry, Phil Liggett's recently stated views, Prudhomme's zealotry, 3 cheers for Christian Prudhomme, Deutschland Tour, 3 cheers for Saunier Duval, Dick Pound, Fairness in Operation Puerto?, Do the maths, The Floyd Fairness Fund
  • January 12: Dick Pound, Just 'Pound' him, Pound casts doubt on Landis, Pound comments, The Dick and Pat Show, McQuaid starts cultural polemic, Why the Pro Tour model will never work, The Floyd Fairness Fund, Riders' union, Cyclo-cross reader poll results, Danny Clark - an inspiration, Allan Peiper, Do the maths, Peter Van Petegem's secret, Justice and America, Lance in Leadville, Tubeless road tires
  • January 5: Danny Clark - an inspiration, Legal standards and cycling, Peter Van Petegem's secret, Lance a no show for Leadville, Cyclo-cross reader poll results, Do the math, A fair trial, Tubeless road tires, Manzano's polygraph test, Blind trust in implicated riders, A terrible state of affairs, Armstrong's credibility - the conspiracy theories, Best ride ever

Letters 2006

  • December 29: Lance in Leadville, Leadville Trail 100, Manzano's polygraph test, British Cycling and the Tour de France, Tell me, what's the problem?, "Disco" team?, Presumption of innocence, Landis and the Landaluze case, Landis' defense fund, American culture, Armstrong's credibility, Back room politics and the IPCT
  • December 22: Scott Peoples, Hypocrite?, Landis and the Landaluze case, Landis' defense fund, Rumours and innuendo, Bjarne Riis interview, Enough already, Back room politics and the IPCT, Armstrong's credibility, American culture, Bjarne's ignorance factor, Deutschland Tour and Denmark Tour, Operation Puerto and the UCI
  • December 15: A totally predictable situation?, Armstrong's credibility, Deutschland Tour and Denmark Tour, Back room politics and the IPCT, Holczer and others, Holczer and the Discovery exclusion, Bjarne's ignorance factor, Can't we all just get along?, DNA safety, Floyd Landis on Real Sports, Genevieve Jeanson, Mark McGwire, Operación Puerto bungled...deliberately?, Operation Puerto and the UCI
  • December 8: Genevieve Jeanson, Floyd Landis on Real Sports, Deutschland Tour, Bjarne's ignorance factor, USADA does it again, Labs and testing, Astana denied ProTour license, Isaac Gálvez, McQuaid, Question about DNA testing, Le Tour de Langkawi 2007
  • December 1: Hamilton, Isaac Gálvez, USADA does it again, Bjarne's ignorance factor, Shorten the Vuelta?, Vuelta short, shorter, shortest, Labs and testing, Ullrich to CSC, Clean up cycling's own house first, Fed up with doping, Strange sponsorships, What about Leipheimer?, French anti-doping laboratory, Basso agrees to DNA testing, Basso to Discovery, What's going on behind the scenes?, Graeme Obree
  • November 24: Graeme Obree, What about Leipheimer?, French anti-doping laboratory, Basso agrees to DNA testing, Basso to Discovery, Richard Virenque, UCI are the problem, What's going on behind the scenes?
  • November 17: Saiz and Tinkoff, Countdown to the 2007 Tour, Improving the reliability of testing, Basso to Discovery, Cycling and DNA testing, Forgetting Tom Simpson, Operación Puerto and national federations, Refusing DNA testing - an admission of guilt?. Reverse blood doping, Richard Virenque, What's going on behind the scenes?
  • November 10: Forgetting Tom Simpson, Tour Route, Basso to Discovery, Cycling and DNA testing, What is DNA testing?, Refusing DNA testing - an admission of guilt?, Jan Ullrich, Operación Puerto and national federations, Reverse blood doping, What's going on behind the scenes?, Comments on McQuaid
  • November 3: Tour Route, Return of a real good guy, Cameron Jennings, Future Australian ProTour team, Neil Stephens, 2007 Tour Intro Video Snub, Richard Virenque, Reverse blood doping, Comments on McQuaid, Marc Madiot, Who's more damaging?, What's going on behind the scenes?, Wada & Cycling's Governing Body, UCI and Doping, The Pope of Cycling and the Spanish Inquisition, Refusing DNA testing - an admission of guilt?, Put up or shut up!, DNA, its so ‘easy', DNA Testing In Cycling

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