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Results and Reports for April 27 - May 3, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Colorado Velodrome Association

April 27, 2002

The Colorado Velodrome Association readied itself for the 2002 season with a terrific series of pre-season racing!

The First Race of the Season

On April 27, 2002, the CVA hosted it's most successful beginners clinic to date! With over 40 participants and ten instructors taking to the track, the track was packed with fun. Whether they wanted a taste of riding on the high banked oval or wanted to prepare for the afternoon racing, everybody had fun!. Over 15 clinic participants stayed around into the afternoon and gave track racing a try!

The afternoon session was packed with excitement. With over sixty riders racing across 5 categories, the crowd was treated to non-stop racing.

In the Pro 1 & 2 category, the field was packed with local talent as well as Colby Pearce from Boulder, CO. The racing was fast from the gun. The early season factor spread things out a little bit, but as expected local ace, Mark Guerin (Cody Racing) wasn't about to let Colby win a short race. Lighting up one of his blistering sprints he managed to edge out Eastside Wheelmen's Andy Sparks in the five lap scratch.

In the Miss-n-Out, Colby had the endurance advantage. Fresh off the Mexico World cup, the Ofoto-Lombardi Sports rider was ready to wear down the field and take his first CVA victory of the year. As the field thinned, Colby launched a hard attack that gave him plenty of space to cruise to the victory.

Later in the points race, Marcus Black (Cody Racing) was eager to stretch his legs at his home track. Early in the race Marcus motored through a points sprint and kept on going. Only one rider could hold his wheel, Colby Peace. These two riders quickly took a lap. Marcus found his teammate, Mark Guerin and tried to get some points back from Colby. Colby wasn't about to have that and took another lap on the field. When the dust settled, Colby finished up three lap, Marcus up two. A great lesson in points racing!

In the Women's Open category, Iron Woman - Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark) was out to earn a sweep. While racing the men's and the women's categories she handily won all three of the events. She showed great class coaching the other riders as she raced against a field of rider fresh out of the beginners clinic. As soon as she finished a women's race it was back to the rail to take on the men. Known for her non-stop attacking, Renee showed plenty of aggression in both fields!

The category 3 & 4 field was it's usual mix of track specialists and upper category roadies. This kept the pace high. The "Road Cones" were out in force! With their new "oranger" jerseys, the Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark pair of Jeff Paul and Bruce Hitchcock never let the pace drop. The must have been talking to teamate Renee Eastman. Will Robinson of the Pro Peleton Squadra was their main competition. He showed a good mix of speed and endurance picking up the five lap and the five mile victories!

The 40+ field was out to show the youngsters how it is done. Once again, Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark was out to set it's mark on the pre-season. Hammer Racing wasn't about to let that go easy. Master National Sprint Champion Rich Voss won his first race of the season by unleashing a powerful sprint. The next two events went to the Cone Zone with Victor Williams winning both races handily.

The category five competition was awesome! First and foremost they all stayed upright! Jeremy Hackney showed incredible fitness, sweeping his category and moving on to the Cat 3 & 4 field in all future races!. The field was filled with riders from that morning's beginners clinic. They all raced hard and stayed upright!

Sprinters Delight

After a weekend of mass start racing, the sprinters were ready to show us how it was done! This early in the season, it doesn't take much to draw out the sprinters, but put a little cash on the line and you end up with part of our national sprint team on the line! Focus 2004's Giddeon Massie and Adam Duvendeck along with Eastside Wheelmen's Andy Sparks were out to bring home some bacon.

The Focus 2004 team brought an enthusiastic group of women to the track that seemed to keep the crowd lively. Many are still wondering about G'Luv and his Special Sauce.

The days started off with qualifying. Flying 200 times were used to seed the riders in to two brackets. As expected, Giddeon and Adam knocked out the fastest times of the day. Their friends and training partners, Andy Sparks and Chesen Frey were close behind.

As the field came out we went 3x3 rides for the first round. Points Racer, Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen) decided to kilo his other riders and managed to put Mark Guerin and Adam Duvendek into the rep rides. It was a suprise to all!

Adam Duvendeck fought an incredible battle through the reps to meet teamate, Giddeon Massie in the semi finals. Keeping the dream alive, he edged out Giddeon in the first ride. Giddeon battled back. Adam wasn't about to give this to his teamate, but G'Luv took it in the end.

In the other side, Dave McIntosh was like a stranger in a strange land. The points racer took on the sprinters and managed to squeeze into the final rounds. Chesen Frey sent him to the 3-4 ride. In the finals, Chesen drove Giddeon all the way to the line, but Giddeon took the win. The three four ride went to Adam as Dave McIntosh was tired after his point racing.

In the B-Bracket, the racing was tight all the way through. Hammer Racing flexed their masters muscle and ended up in an all Hammer Final for 1 & 2. Mark Pelletier sat out the points race while CVA Board Member Kevin Knapp raged on. Mark Pellitier edged Kevin out on the line for the B-victory. In the 3 & 4 ride, junior sensation, Rocco Mazzei followed in his Hammer teammates footsteps and took third for the Hammer sweep. John Marshal fought hard but just couldn't hold off the junior's charge.

In other racing, the Madison Kilo went well. While only a few teams attempted this, it was a brief introduction to madison racing. Bruce Neal (Hammer Racing) decided to motor and that is what he did! He put his head down and went for a lap. While he didn't take the field, he did pick up enough points on the way to secure the victory. His teamate Jim "Old Man Murdock" was all pumped up after going 4 tenths of a second under a world record in the 200 and cruised in for a second place.

In the Open Points Race, the Cody racing team showed their purple power. As Mark Guerin handily picked up sprints, Marcus Black took a lap on the field. The field couldn't seem to organize a chase and the Cody Double went nearly uncontested.

With a field of only two women today, Amy Zineklas (Cody Racing) and Michelle Pirozzi (Eastside Wheelmen) fought out a battle in their round robin sprint tournament. The races were tight but Amy edged out Michelle. In their Chariot race, Michelle had the advantage until the line, but once again, Amy took the advantage!

The CVA would like to thank all of the racers, fans, officials and promoters that made this race series a success!

On May 31st, the CVA will kick off the Chipotle Summer Nights Race Series.

Check out the CVA Web Page for more information! www.Colorado-Velodrome.org


Pro 1 & 2 - 5 Lap
1 Mark Guerin
2 Andy Sparks
3 Steve Prokopiw
4 Greg Hunt
5 Colby Pearce
6 Kevin Knapp
7 Ryan Gilmer
1 Colby Pearce
2 Mark Guerin
3 Steve Prokopiw
4 Dave McIntosh
5 Kevin Knapp
6 Andy Sparks
7 Greg Hunt
8 Chris Burton
9 Eric Harman
10 Marcus Black
11 Ryan Gilmer
12 Frank Luttrell
13 Eric Swaidner
14 Renee Eastman
15 Nick Traggis
16 Patrick Vest
17 Jeff Bauer
Points Race
1 Colby Pearce
2 Marcus Black
3 Kevin Knapp
4 Dave McIntosh
5 Nick Traggis
6 Greg Hunt
7 Chris Burton
8 Jeff Bauer
9 Steve Prokopiw
10 Ryan Gilmer
11 Mark Guerin
Cat 3 & 4 - 5 Lap Scratch
1 William Robinson
2 Bruce Hitchcock
3 Jeff Paul
4 Tom Miller
5 Rocco Mazzei
6 Jeff Jimeson
7 John Marshall
8 Doug Novy
9 Dan Depaemalaere
10 Chad Latta
1 Jeff Paul
2 William Robinson
3 Bruce Hitchcock
4 John Marshall
5 Doug Novy
6 Charlie Higbie
5 Mile
1 William Robinson
2 Bruce Hitchcock
3 Jeff Paul
4 Dan Depaemelaere
Category 5 - 5 Lap Scratch
1 Jeremy Hackney
2 Chris Smith
3 Eric Baar
4 William Trask
5 Tyler Hilker
6 Gary Brewington
7 James Jennings
8 David Flaks
9 Terry Campbell
10 Ryan Swope
1 Jeremy Hackney
2 Chris Smith
3 Gary Brewington
4 Tyler Hilker
5 Mile Scratch
1 Jeremy Hackney
2 Chris Smith
3 James Jennings
4 Eric Baar
5 Gary Brewington
6 David Flaks
7 Terry Campbell
8 William Trask
Masters 40+ - 5 Lap Scratch
1 Rich Voss
2 Mark McCafferty
3 Shannon Fox
4 Mark Pelletier
5 Mike Aggson
6 Ron Hargrave
7 Rick Boucher
8 Kurt Anderson
10 Lap Scratch
1 Victor Williams
2 Mark McCafferty
3 Rich Voss
4 Shannon Fox
5 Bruce Neal
6 Mike Aggson
7 Rick Boucher
9 Kurt Anderson
10 Ron Hargrave
30 Lap Points
1 Victor Williams
2 Mike Aggson
3 Shannon Fox
4 Bruce Neal
5 Mark McCafferty
6 Mark Pelletier
7 Kurt Anderson
8 Rick Boucher
Women's Open - 5 Lap Scratch
1 Renee Eastman
2 Amy Zirneklis
3 Jennifer Yaeso
4 Barbara Loughran
5 Karen Hitchcock
6 Meggan Flahrety
1 Renee Eastman
2 Meggan Flaherty
3 Amy Zirneklis
4 Jennifer Yaeso
5 Karen Hitchcock
6 Barbara Loughran
15 Lap Scratch
1 Renee Eastman
2 Amy Zirneklis
3 Jennifer Yaeso
4 Barbara Loughran
5 Karen Hitchcock
6 Meggan Flaherty

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