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The setting for the Tour de Snowy is the highly impressive and scenic Snowy Mountains region, located in Southern New South Wales. These mountains have captured the imagination of some of Australia's greatest artists and are a popular tourist destination all year round.

The Tour de Snowy is a perfect way to showcase the region, and images from the 2001 race are supplied by Cyclingnews photographer, Tom Balks. For larger (printable) versions of the pictures displayed on the site, please contact Tom.

Stage 1 - March 3: Cooma Criterium, 30 km
Stage 2 - March 3: Cooma - Jindabyne, 61.1 km
Stage 3 - March 4: Jindabyne - Thredbo, 35.9 km
Stage 4 - March 4: Thredbo Circuit Race, 35.2 km
Stage 5 - March 5: Thredbo - Khancoban, 77.3 km
Stage 6 - March 6: Khancoban - Cabramurra, 110.8 km
Stage 7 - March 7: Tumbarumba - Tumut, 69.1 km
Stage 8 - March 7: Tumut Criterium, 30 km

Stage 1 - March 3: Cooma Criterium, 30 km

Cooma's main street - on the morning of the first stage
The crew - putting out barricades
The riders - line up for the start of stage 1
The bunch - round the top corner
The rear of the bunch - head down Cooma's main street
Anna Millward (Saturn) - rides during the stage
Mari Holden (Alfa Lum) - throws the bike round a corner
Melissa Holt (NZ) - during the first stage
Crash! - Melissa Holt and Naomi Williams hit the deck
Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn) - follows Sarah Ulmer on the first stage
Australian Champion - Katie Mactier (Jayco-VIS)
Acca Due O riders - tried to control the race
The World Champion's jersey - Zinaida Stahurskaia (GAS)
Gabriella Pregnolato (GAS) - wearing the Italian champion's jersey
Kristy Scrymgeour - leads Acca Due O in the closing stages
Sara Carrigan - gets to the front with one lap to go

Stage 2 - March 3: Cooma - Jindabyne, 61.1 km

The peloton - crest "4 mile hill" near the beginning of stage 2
Zinadia Stahurskaia (GAS) - and Sarah Ulmer (
Mirjam Melchers (Acca Due O) - crests the climb of Barney's Ridge
Mirjam Melchers - leads Stahurskaia on the climb
Zinadia Stahurskaia - looked in good form during the stage
Anna Millward - wins the sprint into Jindabyne
Millward - had plenty of time to look around
Rochelle Gilmore (NSWIS-Trek) - poses with fans in Jindabyne
Rochelle Gilmore - with her machine

Stage 3 - March 4: Jindabyne - Thredbo, 35.9 km

The view - over Lake Jindabyne before the start of stage 3
Zinaida Stahurskaia (GAS) - rode strongly in the third stage
Tatiana Stiajkina (Alfa Lum) - rides during the third stage
Anna Millward (Saturn) - powered away during the stage
The second chasing group - crest the QOM climb of Ivo's Farm
Tatiana Stiajkina (Alfa Lum) and Emma Carney (Jayco-VIS) - setting the pace
Hayley Rutherford (AIS) leads Roberta Bonanomi (GAS) - in their escape
Kim Bruckner (Saturn) - was one of the three riders to attack
Erin Philp (NSWIS-Trek)
Anna Millward (Saturn) - records her third successive stage win
A happy Anna Millward - at the end of stage 3

Stage 4 - March 4: Thredbo Circuit Race, 35.2 km

The peloton - grinding their way up Banjo Drive.
Anke Erlank (Saturn) - nestled in second wheel
Helen Kelly (Jayco-VIS) - struggles up the climb of Banjo Drive
Mari Holden (C) - manages to smile on the Banjo Drive climb.
Margaret Hemsley and Mirjam Melchers - round one of the hairpins
Margaret Hemsley - concentrates hard during her attack
Margaret Hemsley (AIS) - tried a late, but unsucessful move

Stage 5 - March 5: Thredbo - Khancoban, 77.3 km

Mari Holden (Alfa Lum) - at the bottom of the first descent
Pam Shuster ( - was part of the early breakaway
Anke Erlank (Saturn) - during her brave solo move
Anke Erlank (Saturn) - during her brave solo move (again)
Zinaida Stahurskaia - catching Anke Erlank on the final climb
Anna Millward - crests the climb of Scammell's Ridge
Kym Shirley (AIS) - just got the mountain sprint ahead of Erlank
Zinaida Stahurskaia (GAS) - powers along by herself
Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn) - was forced to abandon
Stage podium (L to R): Anna Millward, Zinaida Stahurskaia and Priska Doppman

Stage 6 - March 6: Khancoban - Cabramurra, 110.8 km

Team Alfa Lum RSM - before the start of stage 6
Team Alfa Lum RSM - get psyched up for the stage
The NSWIS team - before the start
World Champion - Zinaida Stahurskaia managed to smile
Members of the Khancoban Public School - before their pre-race fanfare
Sean Bannon - from Khancoban Public School
The peloton - content to steadily roll for the first 50 kilometres
Anna Millward (Saturn-Timex) - during the early part of the stage
Kim Bruckner (Saturn-Timex) - rides in the middle of the pack
Giovanni Troldi (Acca Due O) - working hard on her tan
Susy Pryde and Sarah Ulmer ( - ride in the pack
Priska Doppmann (Acca Due O) and Stahurskaia - go for the mountain sprint
Rebecca Locke (Regional Team) - fought hard throughout the stage
Roberta Bonanomi (GAS) - accepts a drink from the team car
Gabriella Pregnolato (GAS) - worked hard for Stahurskaia
Margaret Hemsley (AIS) and Kim Bruckner (Saturn-Timex) - during their escape
The peloton - cross the Magnus Creek bridge
Kim Bruckner (Saturn-Timex) - was in her element today
Kim Bruckner (Saturn-Timex) - crosses the line in Cabramurra
Margaret Hemsley (AIS) - happily finished in second place
Saturn-Timex after the stage: Anke Erlank, Kim Bruckner and Anna Millward
Happy coaches and rider: James Victor, Kim Bruckner and Dave Millward
Saturn-Timex - on top today

Stage 7 - March 7: Tumbarumba - Tumut, 69.1 km

The riders - relaxed before the start of stage 7
The Australian Institute of Sport team - before the start
Vera Hohlfeld (Acca Due O) - straps the helmet on
Elizabeth Tadich (Jayco-VIS) - was one of many to attack
Kym Shirley (AIS) - was one of the better climbers in the race
Priska Doppman (Acca Due O) - followed by Gabrielle Pregnolato (GAS)
Priska Doppman (Acca Due O) - pushes it hard on one of the climbs
Kim Bruckner (Saturn-Timex) - in her leader's jersey
Anna Millward (Saturn-Timex) - wore the points jersey
Mirjam Melchers (Acca Due O) - wins the stage into Tumut.
Rochelle Gilmore (NSWIS) - had to be satisfied with third

Stage 8 - March 7: Tumut Criterium, 30 km

Honie Rowley - gets ready for the stage
Anna Millward (Saturn-Timex) and Gabriella Pregnolato (GAS) - chat beforehand
Susy Pryde - leads Sarah Ulmer ( out of the blocks
Mari Holden (Alfa Lum) - rides in the pack
The kids - took a day off to watch the best cyclists in the world
Elizabeth Tadich (Jayco-VIS) - rode hard in the breakaway
Around the first corner - the crowd watch eagerly
The bunch - file past Tumut's CBD
The peloton - make their way down into the dip
The bunch - race around the back streets of Tumut
Kiwi power - Rosalind Reekie-May (NZ) leads Sarah Ulmer (
Sarah Ulmer - looked comfortable in the break
Sarah Ulmer - took the corners hard on her way to victory
Final podium: Anna Millward, Kim Bruckner, and Zinaida Stahurskaia

The photo gallery from the 2000 edition may be accessed here.

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