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Anna Wilson

1999 Stage 6 winner: Anna Wilson (Aus)


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Stage 9 - Alison's pain, Jeanson's win

Geneviève Jeanson
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Photo: Jeff Jones

Despite the threat of the final stage bein cancelled stage due to heavy rain, the Tour de Snowy finished this evening in Cooma. The 30 km criterium was even conducted under dry conditions, and a large crowd watched as a four woman breakaway dominated most of the race.

Despite winning three out of five of the intermediate sprints, Dutch rider Mirella van Melis tried a bit too hard to win the stage, pushing AIS rider Alison Wright into the barricades with 20 meters to go. Wright was declared the winner and van Melis DQ'd, and generally given a hard time by all and sundry.

However, the final glory went to Canada's Geneviève Jeanson, who rode well to stay out of trouble in the race, finishing safely in the peloton. This young rider is certainly something special, and it is the first win for her in a UCI ranked senior competition.

Full stage 9 results available now.

Stage 8 - Carrigan's rain

One more stage to go in the Tour de Snowy and still the weather has not improved. The racing remains fierce and no-one was willing to take it easy today.

Tracey Gaudry from Timex tried several times to shake off Geneviève Jeanson, but each time the Canadian was able to follow. The latter sealed her mountains and leaders jerseys during the stage.

With 15 kilometers to go, a small group escaped the bunch, with AIS rider Sara Carrigan pulling off a fine solo win in front of Mari Holden and Maeielle van Scheppingen.

Full results and report for stage 8 now.

Follow the trials and tribulations of Karen Kurreck, in her diary, as well as Tracey Gaudry's chronicle of the Tour de Snowy.


Tracey Gaudry

Tracey Gaudry (Aus): 1999 winner

The Australian Tour de Snowy Women's Classic is a six day, UCI category 2.9.1 stage race, held from the 4 - 9 March, 2000. It is organised by Phill Bates Sports Promotions, who stage the Commonwealth Bank Cycle Classic each year. The event has been held for the past two years and has had rave reviews from competitors and some of the world's leading road cycling coaches.

The Tour de Snowy is a UCI catagory 2.9.1 race, making it the highest ranked stage race in Australia. The 2000 race will be staged wholly within the Snowy region and serves as a complement to the first round of the World Cup, to be held in Canberra on March 12.

Approximately 100 women from Norway, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Holland, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland will be taking part in the race, and the competition is expected to be fierce. Attempting to defend her title will be Tracey Gaudry, racing for the Timex-2000 team. However, she will face a tough challenge, with many of the world's leading women seeking to test their legs out in the early part of the season.




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