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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

US Cyclocross Championships - CN

Providence, RI, USA, December 9-11, 2005

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Race 3 - December 9: Collegiate Men


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Images by Ed Collier/Ed Collier Photography


CCollegiate Men, 66 starters, 16km                                             
1 Brent Bookwalter (Lees-McRae College)                                  44.11
2 Matt Scriver (Fort Lewis College)                                       0.43
3 Cory Burns (Univ. of New Hampshire)                                     2.45
4 Andrew Freye (Univ. of Southern Maine)                                  3.05
5 Taylor Kneuven (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder)                            3.21
6 Joseph Saperstein (Colorado State University)                           3.56
7 Adam Snyder (Fort Lewis College)                                            
8 Charles Marzot (Dartmouth College)                                      4.26
9 William Dugan (University of Vermont)                                   4.44
10 Bobby Lea (Penn State)                                                 6.00
11 Tom Gosselin (Univ. of Southern Maine)                                 6.07
12 Eric Ransom (Fort Lewis College)                                           
13 David Fleischhauer (Western Washington Univ.)                          6.34
14 John Miller (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder)                              6.43
15 Bryan Alders (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder)                             6.46
16 Alistair Sponsel (Princeton Univ.)                                     6.52
One lap behind                                                                
17 Ed Meyer (Dartmouth College)                                               
18 Kurt Refsnider (Univ. of Wisconsin)                                        
19 Luke Winger (Lees-McRae College)                                           
20 Kevin Wolfson (Dartmouth College)                                          
21 Jon Belcher (Fort Lewis College)                                           
22 Justin Lindine (Univ. of Massachusetts)                                    
23 Danny Marquardt (Lees-McRae College)                                       
24 Josh Wolfe (Lindsey Wilson College)                                        
25 Ari De Wilde (Ohio State Univ.)                                            
26 Mike Stevens (Fort Lewis College)                                          
27 Ethan Parsons (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                      
28 German Bermudez (Lindsey Wilson College)                                   
29 Sean Noonan (Carleton College)                                             
30 Dye-zone Chen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                      
31 Pierre Vanden Borre (Boston Univ.)                                         
32 Ed Buress (Lees-McRae College)                                             
33 David Goodwin (Virginia Tech)                                              
34 James Newton (Connecticut College)                                         
35 Michael Seek (Virginia Tech)                                               
36 Jason Sears (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                        
37 Jeff Busch (Univ. of Connecticut)                                          
38 Mark Vareschi (Rutgers Univ.)                                              
39 Timothy Stanley (Univ. of New Hampshire)                                   
40 Carson Worts (Lees-McRae College)                                          
41 Mark Cote (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                          
42 Christopher Rehm (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)                         
43 Chris Worden (University of Vermont)                                       
44 Brian Hayes (Univ. of Connecticut)                                         
45 Zach Greenwood (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder)                               
46 Alex Duggan (Univ. of Massachusetts)                                       
47 J Gabriel Lloyd (Columbia)                                                 
48 Steve Block (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                        
49 Gonzalo Escobar (Lees-McRae College)                                       
50 Nathan Miller (Univ. of New Hampshire)                                     
51 Eric Edlund (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                        
52 Johnathan McDonnell (Univ. of New Mexico)                                  
53 Ariel Herrmann (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                     
54 Ian Desjarlais (Univ. of New Hampshire)                                    
55 Nick Loomis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)                        
DNF Michael Hosey (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder)                               
DNF Brady Kappius (Colorado School of Mines)                                  
DNF Skiles Keith (Lindsey Wilson College)                                     
DNF Ryan Kelly (Univ. of New Hampshire)                                       
DNF Morgan Macleod (Bowdoin College)                                          
DNF Charles Pendry (NC State)                                                 
DNF Chris Pickett (Georgetown Univ.)                                          
DNF Zachary Sager (Boston Univ.)                                              
DNF Morgan Schmitt (Univ. of Washington)                                      
DNF Drew Szeliga (Univ. of New Hampshire)                                     
DNF Jackson Weber (Brandeis College)                                          
DNF Troy Wells (Fort Lewis College)                                           

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