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Mt Hood Classic
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Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals

Tasmania, December 20, 2008 - January 17, 2009

Features articles on the Tasmanian Carnivals

Read Ben Kersten's account of the 2006 Tasmanian Carnivals with Tales from Ben Kersten's corner

Further reading - special features by Gerard Knapp

  • Inside the carnivals - part 1 and part 2. Fixed-gear track racing remains the drawcard at Tasmania's Christmas Carnivals, but can they maintain their long tradition and stay relevant in 2005 and beyond?
  • Team America takes the far track: A posse of American riders made the big trip south for warmer weather and hot racing in Tasmania. Gerard Knapp reports on their southern sojourn
  • An interview with Liz Williams, December 29, 2004: The Ulmer influence builds track cycling in NZ
  • The Launceston Classic: How two local riders brought their dream to life. This story won the 2003 Cycling Australia Print Media award.