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Mt Hood Classic
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2005 US National Track Championships - CN

Los Angeles, California, August 10-13, 2005

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Day 2 - August 11: Women: Sprint; Scratch Men: Points Race; Kilometer TT

Team players roll out on second day

By Eddie Monnier

Women's Sprint Semi-finals and Finals

Heather Vanvalkenburg grabs the Bronze over Martha Dunne
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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The evening opened with the women's sprint semi-finals. Jennie Reed (Gregg's Trek/VW) won in two straight over Martha Dunne (Jelly Belly). Shelby Allen (Home Depot Center) also dispatched Heather Vanvalkenburg (Sorella Forte) in two straight rides.

Dunne went early in the opening heat for the bronze medal ride and caught Vanvalkenburg by surprise, but she evened the score in heat 2. Dunne took the lead in the final heat, but Vanvalkenburg came on strong to claim the bronze medal.

The young Allen's string of upsets ended as Reed rode to the title in two straight. Jamie Pettinato (Radical Media) easily won the four-up sprint for 5th-8th places.

Men's 30km Points Race

Carney and Friedman
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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Much like the scratch race, TIAA-CREF and Northwestern Mortgage had strength in numbers and multiple riders capable of a victory. McGuire / Langdale had fast men in both Rahsaan Bahati and Erik Saunders. But solo riders like Curtis Gunn (Seasilver) and Brad Huff (Mercy Cycling) -- bronze and gold medalists in the individual pursuit -- would not go down without a fight. Add savvy riders like multiple masters world champion Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage), 1987 Elite points race champion Dan Vogt (Sonance) and Johnny Walsh (Southbay Wheelmen) to the mix, and it practically promised to be an exciting race.

The race opened steady but without much spark, until TIAA-CREF launched the first blistering attack just two laps before the opening sprint, which was won by Todd Yezefski (TIAA-CREF) over a hard charging Saunders. Very shortly after the sprint, a strong move by Vogt, Hartley (TIAA-CREF), Huff, Lea (Northwestern Mortgage), Walsh and Gunn established a gap. With only McGuire Langdale missing, the break had the right legs and quickly rolled to a one-half lap lead. Gunn took the 5 points at 100-to-go. The six worked well together but split in half just before taking the lap, but all eventually got their lap. There were numerous attacks thereafter, but none ever got very far.

Bobby Lee
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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Approaching 70-to-go, Gunn still held the lead with 27 points. but Bobby Lea decided to punch the clock and go to work scoring points. Lea scored first or second in four of the next five sprints. Hartley and Huff each also picked up points regularly. As the pack approached the 20 lap to go sprint, Lea had the lead with 36 points, followed closely by Hartley at 34. Huff (28), Gunn (27) and Walsh (22) rounded out the podium. Gunn put in a hard attack at 22 laps to scoop up an additional five points and move back into second. Huff countered by winning the 10 to go sprint, with Gunn and Lea in third and fourth.

With the bell lap imminent, Lea had a 3 point lead over Gunn and Hartley, while Huff was just one point further back. The pace was furious as all four players were in the mix. Lea wasn't taking any chances and gunned to seal the deal with 42 points. Hartley grabbed second to take the silver medal. Huff came over Gunn to take third on the final sprint. Though tied on points (35) with Gunn, his better placing on the final sprint earned him the bronze. Forty-two year-old John Walsh held on to fifth place, just edging his Madison partner Dan Vogt from the final podium spot by one point.

Walsh, who rides the pacing bike for the keirins at the ADT Event Center, is always a crowd favorite and hammed it up a bit when asked for his thoughts on the race, "I'd like to thank my wife first, and then Roger Young [laughing]... I sort of knew who was going to win... Bobby's a good rider and had a strong team, so I keyed off him. Once we took the lap, it was just staying out of trouble. Don't go down a lap and don't let those guys go up a lap."

Clearly excited about his win, Lea told Cyclingnews, "This felt really good after getting silver in the pursuit yesterday... I was surprised, but you know what? It was a team win today. I had my whole team -- Mike Friedman, J-Me Carney and Elliot Gaunt -- so I was the won who stood up there and got the jersey, but they won the race for me."

Hartley was similarly rapt with his silver medal. In a somewhat unusual move for a pro road team, the developmental squad is placing a good deal of emphasis on track. "Our big focus is team pursuit. My other main focus is the Madison, with Colby. We've been doing a bit of points racing to help with that. I'm pretty happy. We had the most guys and knew it was up to us to keep it aggressive." When asked if he knew how close it was for the final, he laughed, "No, I'm not too good at the anaerobic math yet...But I knew it was close between me and Bobby, so we sort of followed each other around for the last few sprints."

Men's Kilometer

Antony Galvan going hard
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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Several tough guys rode the kilo after the points race, including Brad Huff who rode in the very first heat. In spite of lapping his counterpart, he delivered a time of 1:06.907 which stood atop the leader board from opening until the next to last heat when Christian Stahl (CKR Racing) ripped a 1:04.242 and Araon Kacala (Veloworx Racing) turned in a 1:06.180. Kacala, still spent from the effort, said, "This is a sea-level PR for me, so I'm really happy with the ride." Huff's ride stood the test of time and earned him his third piece of hardware in three starts.

Women's Scratch Race

It was great to see several pro women line up to contest the scratch race, including Tina Pic (Quark Cycling Team) and T-Mobile riders Lara Kroepsch and Kori Seehafer. The track talent was deep, too, with Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelmen) and Sarah Hammer (BT Bicycles) among the starters. Kroepsch looked set to upset the trackies when she put in a solid move to move up one-half lap with ten laps remaining. The pack just about left it too late, but Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing) put in an impressive effort to bring it back with under two laps remaining. Hammer dropped the hammer with defending champion speedster Quinn in tow. The two flew out of the final corner and rushed for the line, Quinn just barely edging out Hammer to defend her title.

Morning session brings some surprises

By Eddie Monnier in Los Angeles

Shelby Allen (Home Depot Center)
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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Unlike the marathon-long opening session on Day-1 which lasted from 10 until 3 o'clock, today's session ended at noon, giving the riders plenty of time to relax before the 7PM evening session.

First up this morning was the women's sprint qualification, won handily by speedster Jennie Reed (Gregg's Trek/VW), who delivered an 11.829 (60.857km/h) to better second place Heather Vanvalkenburg (Sorella Forte) by over 3km/h (12.518secs at 57.517km/h).

The big surprise in the quarters was when Shelby Allen (Home Depot Center), one of Roger and Connie Young's new proteges, tried unsuccessfully to come around third fastest qualifier Jamie Pattinato (Radical Media). Undaunted, Allen went back to Pattinato's wheel and then rocketed by coming out of turn 4 with an impressive 12.983secs to claim the upset. The other advancers were Reed, Valvalkenburg and Dunne (Jelly Belly).

In the semi finals, Jennie Reed defeated Martha Dunne in two races, while young Shelby Allen, who upset Jamie Pettinato in the quarters, continued on her march through the competition with a win over Vanvalkenburg to progress to a gold medal race against speed queen Reed.

Men's points race qualifying heats (top 8 riders advance)

Points race heats
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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Just like the scratch heats yesterday, it would take real racing to get through the sprint qualifying heats. Although there were many attempts to take laps, only a few would succeed. In heat 3, the move that succeeded was started by pro roadies Eric Saunders (McGuire Landgale) and Curtis Gunn (Team Seasilver). The two were quickly joined by others and, when the break numbered eight with several notables absent, Gunn and others applied the heat. Dave McCook (Jelly Belly) worked hard to bring it back but needed more help than he could get from the shattered field. Besides McCook, Guillaume Nelessen (Northwestern Mortgage) and Walker Starr (Rubicon) missed out on qualifying.

Heat 2's surprise non-qualifier was newly crowned scratch race champion Josh Kerkhof (Northwestern Mortgage), who probably was still feeling the effects of the opening night's victory ride.

Heat 1 opened with an unfortunate controversy when the bell ringer failed to ring the bell on lap 51 for the opening sprint. The bell wasn't rung until lap 50, which cost Mike Garrett (Kahala-La Grange) the first point sprint win and, ultimately, a qualifying spot (unless the protest is ruled upon favorably). Eliot Gaunt impressively took a lap by himself, while the remaining qualifiers had to scrap for points. Giovanni Rey and Steen Rose were tied on points for the final qualifying spot, but the latter placed higher on the final lap and secured the final spot.


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Images by Mitch Friedman/www.mitchophoto.com

Images by Mike Gladu/www.velodrome.com



Women's Scratch
1 Becky Quinn (Southbay Wheelmen)     13.41.972
2 Sarah Hammer (BT Bicycles)                   
3 Anna Webb (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                
4 Erin Mirabella (Bicycle Johns Seroio)        
5 Cassandra Holman (Home Depot Center)         
6 Nancy Lux (BMW/Bianchi)                      
7 Melissa Sanborn (Subway)                     
8 Annette Hanson (First Rate Mortgage)         
9 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Wolverine Sports Clu)    
10 Kori Seehafer (T-Mobile)                    
11 Jennifer Triplett (Greggs/Trek)             
12 Tina Pic (Quark Cycling Team)               
13 Amara Boursaw (Greggs/Trek)                 
14 Miranda Duff (Rubicon)                      
15 Nicole Raspa (Hub Racing)                   
16 Julia Kastner (Southern Elite)              
17 Norrene Godfrey (Rubicon)                   
18 Kelly Bartholomew (Morgan Stanley/24Hr)     
19 Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing)            
20 Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile)                    
DNF Shelby Allen (Home Depot Center)           
Men's 1 km time trial
1 Christian Stahl                      1.04.242
2 Aaron Kacala                         1.06.180
3 Brad Huff C.                         1.06.907
4 Anton Quist                          1.07.225
5 Mike Beers                           1.07.533
6 Leif Clarke                          1.08.156
7 Kenny Williams                       1.08.608
8 James Tainter                        1.08.653
9 Antony Galvan                        1.08.695
10 Kevin Schiller                      1.08.918
11 Stephen Hill                        1.08.937
12 Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl             1.09.106
13 Glen Hinshaw                        1.09.538
14 Gregory Pshsnychniak                1.09.764
15 Dean Tracy                          1.10.268
16 Steven Beardsley                    1.10.448
17 Daniel Lionberg                     1.10.740
18 Mike Lifshotz                       1.10.823
19 Chris Ferris                        1.11.064
20 Chris Mosk                          1.11.084
21 Tom Hanley                          1.11.163
22 Matthew Ewing                       1.11.777
23 Jason Romain                        1.12.211
24 Paul Sollenberger                   1.12.562
25 Eugene Chacherine                   1.12.630
26 Tc Valentine                        1.12.785
27 David Wells                         1.13.189
28 Maxwell Larson                      1.13.700
29 Larry Verdugo                       1.13.739
30 Brent Kay                           1.14.041
31 Jimmy Lingwood                      1.14.091
32 Adrian Hegyvary                     1.14.304
33 Chris Endres                        1.15.005
34 Joel Schweiger                      1.16.843
35 Spencer Eason                       1.17.914
36 John Turpin                         1.18.145
Men's Points Race
Heat 1 - 15 km
1 Elliot Gaunt                               20 pts
2 Brad Huff C.                               13
3 Rahsaan Bahati                             11
4 Dan Vogt                                   10
5 Curtis Tolson                               9
6 James Carney                                9
7 Nate Mitchell                               6
8 Steen Rose                                  3
9 Giovanni Rey                                3
10 Mike Garrett                               2
11 Tom Fahrenholz                              
12 Jeremy Mucha                                
13 Brian Crosby                                
14 Edward Monnier                              
15 Blake Caldwell                              
16 David Wells                                 
17 Carl Hoefer                                 
DNS Ryan Miller                                
DNS Sterling Magnell                           
DNS Roger Rilling                              
Heat 2 - 15 km
1 Mike Friedman                              15 pts
2 Colby Pearce                               11
3 John Walsh                                  8
4 Jason Snow                                  6
5 Will Frischkorn                             5
6 Kevin Suhr                                  5
7 David Wenger                                4
8 Adrian Hegyvary                             3
9 Ryan Luttrell                               3
10 Tyler Ofstad                               3
11 Ken Hanson                                 2
12 Kevin Attkisson                            1
DNF Josh Kerkhof                               
DNF Nathan Spear                               
DNF Nate Loyal                                 
DNF Matthew Chambers                           
DNF Eric Hollenbeck                            
DNF Benjamin Richter                           
DNS Tom Hanley                                 
Heat 3 - 15 km
1 Bobby Lea                                  15 pts
2 Todd Yezefski                              11
3 Chad Hartley                                7
4 Curtis Gunn                                 6
5 Kenny Williams                              5
6 Erik Saunders                               4
7 Mike Mcmahon                                3
8 Randy Reid                                  1
9 Daniel Larson                             -15
10 Mikkel Bossen                            -60
DNF Guillaume Nelessen                         
DNF Walker Starr                               
DNF David Mccook                               
DNF Jimmy Lingwood                             
DNF Javier Castaneda                           
DNF James Doyle                                
DNF Jason Romain                               
DNS Cody O'reilly                              
DNS Dane Jankowiak                             
Final - 30 km
1 Bobby Lea                                  42 pts
2 Chad Hartley                               36
3 Brad Huff C.                               35
4 Curtis Gunn                                35
5 John Walsh                                 22
6 Dan Vogt                                   21
7 Colby Pearce                               14
8 Erik Saunders                              10
9 Kenny Williams                              8
10 Jason Snow                                 7
11 Todd Yezefski                              6
12 Nate Mitchell                              3
13 Mike Friedman                              3
14 Kevin Suhr                                 1
15 Steen Rose                                 1
16 James Carney                               1
17 Adrian Hegyvary                             
18 David Wenger                                
19 Randy Reid                                  
20 Curtis Tolson                               
21 Will Frischkorn                          -13
22 Rahsaan Bahati                           -20
DNF Elliot Gaunt                               
DNF Mike Mcmahon                               
Women's sprint
200m qualifying
1 Jennie Reed                          11.829
2 Heather Vanvalkenburg                12.518
3 Jamie Pettinato                      12.858
4 Theresa Cliff-Ryan                   13.015
5 Martha Dunne                         13.042
6 Shelby Allen                         13.163
7 Brooke Wilson                        13.307
8 Jen Featheringill                    13.451
9 Katrina Vogel                        13.480
10 Cathy Keeley                        13.680
11 Amara Boursaw                       13.703
12 Kara Vidaca                         14.010
Semi Final 1, Heat 1
1 Jennie Reed                          12.743
2 Martha Dunne                               
Semi Final 1, Heat 2
1 Jennie Reed                          13.412
2 Martha Dunne                               
Semi Final 2, Heat 1
1 Shelby Allen                         13.293
2 Heather Vanvalkenburg                      
Semi Final, 2, Heat 2
1 Shelby Allen                         13.138
2 Heather Vanvalkenburg                      
1 Jamie Pettinato                      13.012
2 Theresa Cliff-Ryan                           
3 Brooke Wilson                                
4 Jen Featheringill                            
Final Ride for 3rd and 4th Race #1
1 Martha Dunne                         13.061
2 Heather Vanvalkenburg                        
Final Ride for 3rd and 4th Race #2
1 Heather Vanvalkenburg                13.550
2 Martha Dunne                                 
Final Ride for 3rd and 4th Race #3
1 Heather Vanvalkenburg                13.543
2 Martha Dunne                                 
Final Ride for 1st and 2nd Race #1
1 Jennie Reed                          13.269
2 Shelby Allen                                 
Final Ride for 1st and 2nd Race #2
1 Jennie Reed                          12.500
2 Shelby Allen                                 
Final classification
1 Jennie Reed                                  
2 Shelby Allen                                 
3 Heather Vanvalkenburg                        
4 Martha Dunne                                 
5 Jamie Pettinato                              
6 Theresa Cliff-Ryan                           
7 Brooke Wilson                                
8 Jen Featheringill                            
9 Katrina Vogel                                
10 Cathy Keeley                                

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