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World Masters Track Championships - CN

Manchester Velodrome - Manchester, September 15-21, 2002

Event program and results   Men's IP    Women's IP

Men's Individual Pursuit

Reports courtesy Hugh Porter

Men's Pursuit 65+:Bob Kaye Completes A Hat Trick

Bob Kaye completed a hat trick of medals when he sped to victory in the 2,000m pursuit for the age category sixty-five plus. In the morning qualifying rides Kaye from the USA established a world master best time for the eight laps of 2min 35.231sec only to see Germany's Otto Altweck shave a further 0.119 off.

In the final Altweck set a hot pace only to run out of steam with just two laps remaining when Kaye caught him and inched ahead on the line finishing in 2min 34.229sec 00.233sec to snip another 0.893sec. Roy Manser from Maidstone had a fast start in the ride off for the bronze slowly Bryan Bliss slowly clawed his way back but ran out of time. Manser recorded 2min 42.081sec to win by 0.521

Men's Pursuit 60-65: South takes pursuit crown with ease

David South smoothly pedalled his way to gold in the 2,000m pursuit for the age category sixty to sixty-four plus. The Australian covered the eight laps in 2min 30.534sec, over three seconds ahead of the runner-up James Murdock of the USA. This was Murdock's third silver medal of the championships. The ride off for bronze was an all-British affair with Brian Dacey from Epsom proving to fast for his rival Maidstone's James Murdock. Dacey's time of 2min 37.374sec was nearly four seconds ahead of Murdock.

Men's Pursuit 55-59: Lehman Wins Pursuit Crown

Steven Lehman beat the favourite to win the 2,000m pursuit in the age Category fifty-five to fifty-nine.

In the morning qualifying ride Australia's Denis Fahey set a World Masters best time of 2min24.569sec but could not repeat the ride in the final. Fahey led through-out to win by two seconds in 2min 25.835sec inside the previous best.

Willi Moore, who in his younger days represented Great Britain in all major competitions and won medals as a member of the team pursuit at the Olympic, Worlds and Commonwealth Games, last night won the bronze. His rival Lawrence Bosch headed him over the opening kilometre but Moore from Frodsham came back strongly over the second half of the race to win by over two seconds in 2min 28.33sec.

Men's Pursuit 50-54: Hallam Completes A Hat-Trick

Ian Hallam brought his tally of wins to three when he won the 2,000m individual pursuit for the age category fifty to fifty-four last night.

The flying dentist from Waterlooville covered the eight laps in 2min 22.841sec to retain his title by nearly four seconds from fellow Brit Steve Davies from Darlington. This was Hallam's twelfth world master's gold medal ten from the track and two from the road.

In the ride off for the bronze medal Patrick Gallineau stopped British riders making a clean sweep of all three medals when he got the better of Bradford's Neil Arnold by 1.409sec with a time of 2min 29.403sec.

Men's Pursuit 45-49 Bostick Recaptures Title

Kent Bostick has recaptured the pursuit title in the age category forty-five to forty-nine.

The American last won the title three years ago. His rival Sheffield's Bernardo Figueroa was within one second of Bostick in the qualifying ride but could offer no serious opposition in the ride for gold and silver. Bostick caught his rival after just two minutes of the race. Bostick carried on to finish the twelve laps in 3min 38.097sec.

Andy Laing of West Lothian produced a storming last lap to snatch the bronze medal from the grasp of Clive Burr from Altringham. Burr who was runner up twelve months ago qualified in third place put could not repeat his time and had to settle for fourth place. Laing's time of 3min 47.865sec was 0.159 ahead.

Men's Pursuit 40-44: Wallace Collects Title And Two Best Times

Shaun Wallace has won the 3,000m pursuit for the age category forty to forty-four.

The California-based British rider established a world masters best time of 3min 31.690sec in the qualifying round over five seconds ahead of his nearest rival. In the final his rival and fellow Brit Charles McCulloch from Knutsford could not match in speedy Wallace. Wallace finished nearly seven seconds ahead in his second world masters best time of 3min 29.905sec.

In a very closely-fought contest for the bronze Australia's Robert Upton runner up twelve months ago managed to get the upper hand winning in 3min 40.185sec to finish 0.603sec ahead of Victor Williams from the USA.

Men's Pursuit 35-39: Williams Wins All-American final

Kenny Williams has collected his second title the 3,000m pursuit for the thirty-five to thirty-nine age category.

In an all American final Williams was soon closing down of his rival Douglas Beck. He caught Beck in 2min 40.35sec and continued to try and establish a world masters best time but over the final two laps his pace eased and he failed by just over one second to break the figures set by another American Chris Carlsen four years ago when he recorded 3min 27.036sec.

Defending champion Robert Veroba from Canada had to settle for third place this time around. Londoner Paul Mill gave him a close race until the final 1,000m when the elastic snapped and the Canadian went on to take bronze in 3min 31.898sec by just over five seconds.

Men's Pursuit 30-34: Taylor Wins World Masters Gold

Bryan Taylor had to fight hard for his victory in the 3,000m individual pursuit for the age category thirty to thirty-four at the 8th World Masters Track Championships which are being held at the Manchester Velodrome all this week.

His opponent Peter Coulson from the USA set out to try and catch Taylor who had qualified in first place over five seconds ahead. But slowly Taylor started to reel his rival in. With just one lap remaining the gap was down to three-quarters of a second. Cheered on Taylor put everything into the final metres to snatch gold by 0.464sec in 3min 33.824sec.

In an all British ride for third and fourth Julian Ramsbottom the flying postman from Scunthorpe had too much speed for his rival Stockport's Paul Dotchin. Ramsbottom recorded 3min 38.869sec to win the bronze medal by over five seconds.


Day 6

Men's Pursuit 65+  2000m  8 Laps Qualifying Round
1 Otto Altweck (Ger)                 2.35.122
2 Bob Kaye (USA)                     2.35.231
3 Roy Manser (GBr)                   2.40.403
4 Bryan Bliss (GBr)                  2.41.054
5 Richard Simons (USA)               2.44.110
6 John Nieman (USA)                  2.47.112
7 Derek Hodgins (GBr)                2.48.534
8 Karl Waeldele (Ger)                2.48.733
9 Roger Smith (GBr)                  2.54.417
10 Raymond Groves (GBr)              2.55.868
11 Neil Orrell (GBr)                 2.57.060
12 Delroy Walters (USA)              2.59.599
13 Derek Smith* (GBr)                3.00.040
14 Derek Waters (GBr)                3.05.459
15 Owen Duffy* (NZl)                 3.06.254
16 William Bicknell* (GBr)           3.08.320
17 Ray Venis* (GBr)                  3.13.726
18 George Beretta* (GBr)             3.19.219
19 Douglas Phillips* (GBr)           4.03.529
* Denotes rider over 70 years of age
Men's Pursuit 60  64  2000m  8 Laps Qualifying Round
1 David South (Aus)                  2.31.489
2 James Murdock (USA)                2.34.921
3 Brian Dacey (GBr)                  2.37.928
4 Roland Crayford (GBr)              2.39.201
5 Victor Possee (GBr)                2.40.368
6 Manfred Nepp (Ger)                 2.41.571
7 Peter Smith (GBr)                  2.42.555
8 Richard Keller (Irl)               2.47.249
9 Peter Brocklehurst (GBr)           2.50.636
10 Minoru Mitsumoto (Jpn)            2.53.463
11 Frank Stead (GBr)                 2.54.970
12 Sammy Hellwig (Ger)               3.00.723
Men's Pursuit 60  64  2000m  8 Laps Finals
3rd & 4th Places
1 Brian Dacey (GBr)                  2.37.374
2 Roland Crayford (GBr)              2.41.276
1st & 2nd
1 David South (Aus)                  2.30.534
2 James Murdock (USA)                2.33.861
Gold: David South (Aus)
Silver: James Murdock (USA)
Bronze: Brian Dacey (GBr)
Men's Pursuit 65+  2000m  8 Laps Finals
3rd & 4th Places
1 Roy Manser (GBr)                   2.42.081
2 Bryan Bliss (GBr)                  2.42.602
1 Bob Kaye (USA)                     2.34.200
2 Otto Altweck (Ger)                 2.34.462
Gold: Bob Kaye (USA)
Silver: Otto Altweck (Ger)
Bronze: Roy Manser (GBr)
Men's Pursuit 30-34 3000m - 12 Laps Qualifying Round
1 Bryan Taylor (GBr)                     3.32.518
2 Peter Coulson (USA)                    3.37.595
3 Julian Ramsbottom (GBr)                3.38.969
4 Paul Dotchin (GBr)                     3.41.094
5 Paul Doyle (Irl)                       3.43.331
6 Jason Benham (GBr)                     3.44.455
7 Jean-Philippe Meret (Fra)              3.46.970
8 Mark Pettitt (GBr)                     3.48.224
9 Thomas Gram (Den)                      3.50.284
10 Jean Paul Benvenuto (Fra)             3.52.609
11 Mark Fraser (GBr)                     3.53.044
12 Ronald Marshall (RSA)                 3.58.999
13 Keith Richardson (GBr)                3.59.330
14 Sean O'Harrow (USA)                   4.14.299
15 Neville Brennan (GBr)                 4.28.362
Men's Pursuit 35 -39 3000m - 12 Laps Qualifying Round
1 Kenny Williams (USA)                   3.27.495
2 Douglas Beck (USA)                     3.31.649
3 Robert Veroba (Can)                    3.32.470
4 Paul Mill (GBr)                        3.33.934
5 Michael Clucas (Aus)                   3.36.047
6 Stephen Prokopiw (USA)                 3.37.495
7 Elfyn Jones (GBr)                      3.39.753
8 Eric Macret (Fra)                      3.41.105
9 Alastair Taylor (GBr)                  3.42.559
10 David James (GBr)                     3.43.050
11 Guy Cook (GBr)                        3.43.713
12 Hugh Jamieson (GBr)                   3.47.273
13 Simon Layfield (GBr)                  3.47.834
14 Paul Whatmough (GBr)                  3.48.182
15 Stephen Clayton (GBr)                 3.57.542
16 Michael Gordon (USA)                  4.02.644
17 John Haschka (GBr)                    4.07.750
Men's Pursuit 40 - 44 3000m - 12 Laps Qualifying Round
1 Shaun Wallace (GBr)                    3.31.690
2 Charles McCulloch (GBr)                3.37.064
3 Robert Upton (Aus)                     3.37.955
4 Victor Williams (USA)                  3.40.060
5 Stephen Gowar (GBr)                    3.40.939
6 John Stopforth (GBr)                   3.43.221
7 Yuan Frebert (Fra)                     3.43.459
8 Keith Jones (GBr)                      3.43.714
9 Dan Wood (USA)                         3.44.727
10 Stuart Whitell (GBr)                  3.45.940
11 Jukka Lehikoinen (Fin)                3.46.428
12 Robert McLean (GBr)                   3.50.055
13 Paul Hunter (GBr)                     3.51.155
14 Martyn Bramhall (GBr)                 3.54.056
15 Adrian Thorp (GBr)                    3.55.084
16 Jean Francois Le More (Fra)           3.56.570
17 Adrian Trott (GBr)                    4.00.016
18 Charlie Birch (GBr)                   4.01.087
19 Rex Caldwell (USA)                    4.04.561
20 Julian Rudd (GBr)                     4.13.967
Men's Pursuit 45 - 49 3000m -12 Laps Qualifying Round
1 Kent Bostick (USA)                     3.33.277
2 Bernardo Figueroa (Col)                3.44.146
3 Clive Burr (GBr)                       3.45.130
4 Andy Laing (GBr)                       3.45.930
5 Martin Birney (Irl)                    3.48.571
6 Scott Porter (USA)                     3.50.535
7 David Nisbet (GBr)                     3.52.931
8 Mick Fairest (GBr)                     3.55.582
9 Anthony Crabbe (GBr)                   3.55.991
10 John Simmons (USA)                    3.58.430
11 Mark Minting (GBr)                    3.59.520
12 James Rutherford (GBr)                4.00.969
13 Paul Shuttleworth (GBr)               4.02.128
14 Tom Morton (GBr)                      4.02.740
15 Christopher Chapman (USA)             4.05.769
16 Ray Whibley (GBr)                     4.08.678
17 Keith Moore (GBr)                     4.14.227
18 Graham Hindle (GBr)                        DNF
Men's Pursuit 50 - 54 2000m - 8 Laps Qualifying Round
1 Ian Hallam (GBr)                       2.21.925
2 Steve Davies (GBr)                     2.27.193
3 Patrick Gellineau (USA)                2.28.253
4 Neil Arnold (GBr)                      2.29.451
5 Clive Dawson (USA)                     2.29.778
6 Steve Heffernan (GBr)                  2.31.318
7 Luis Bernhardt (Can)                   2.31.824
8 Coert Van Straaten (RSA)               2.32.728
9 Walter Kramp (Ger)                     2.33.220
10 Graham Truelove (GBr)                 2.34.829
11 Fritz Jahnig (Ger)                    2.36.900
12 William Thompson (USA)                2.37.094
13 Barry Denny (GBr)                     2.39.961
14 Keith Elliot (GBr)                    2.42.158
15 Mitsuhiro Tsuchida (Jpn)              2.46.694
16 Mark Rudy (GBr)                       2.50.459
Men's Pursuit 55 - 59 2000m - 8 Laps Qualifying Round
1 Denis Fahey (Aus)                      2.24.569
2 Steven Lehman (USA)                    2.25.200
3 Willi Moore (GBr)                      2.27.988
4 Lawrence Bosch (USA)                   2.30.568
5 Allen Pettitt (GBr)                    2.30.613
6 Jeff Smith (Aus)                       2.31.256
7 Sean Bannister (GBr)                   2.31.981
8 Peter Jenn (GBr)                       2.33.101
9 Anthony Farrell (GBr)                  2.35.467
10 Stanley Gregg (USA)                   2.36.052
11 Peter Banko (USA)                     2.36.986
12 Max Pendleton (GBr)                   2.37.194
13 Barrie Mitchell (GBr)                 2.39.320
14 Patrick Buckney (GBr)                 2.41.082
15 Douglas Conroy (GBr)                  2.50.785
16 Simon Barnes (GBr)                    2.51.597
17 Roger Sunnucks (GBr)                  3.00.116
18 Erling Laursen (Den)                       DNF
Men's Pursuit 55 - 59 2000m - 8 Laps
3rd & 4th Places
1 Willi Moore (GBr)                      2.28.353
2 Lawrence Bosch (USA)                   2.30.622
1st & 2nd Places
1 Steven Lehman (USA)                    2.25.835
2 Denis Fahey (Aus)                      2.27.872
Gold: Steven Lehman (USA)
Silver: Denis Fahey (Aus)
Bronze: Willi Moore (GBr)
Men's Pursuit 50 - 54 2000m - 8 Laps
3rd & 4th Places
1 Patrick Gellineau (USA)                2.29.403
2 Neil Arnold (GBr)                      2.30.814
1st & 2nd Places
1 Ian Hallam (GBr)                       2.22.841
2 Steve Davies (GBr)                     2.26.733
Gold: Ian Hallam (GBr)
Silver: Steve Davies (GBr)
Bronze: Patrick Gellineau (USA)
Men's Pursuit 45 - 49 3000m - 12 Laps
3rd & 4th Places
1 Andy Laing (GBr)                       3.47.865
2 Clive Burr (GBr)                       3.48.024
1st & 2nd
1 Kent Bostick (USA)                     3.38.097
2 Bernardo Figueroa (Col)                1.55.160 (caught)
Gold: Kent Bostick (USA)
Silver: Bernardo Figueroa (Col)
Bronze: Andy Laing (GBr)
Men's Pursuit 40 - 44 3000m - 12 Laps
3rd & 4th Places
1 Robert Upton (Aus)                     3.40.185
2 Victor Williams (USA)                  3.40.788
1st & 2nd Places
1 Shaun Wallace (GBr)                    3.29.905
2 Charles McCulloch (GBr)                3.36.601
Gold: Shaun Wallace (GBr)
Silver: Charles McCulloch (GBr)
Bronze: Robert Upton (Aus)
Men's Pursuit 35 - 39 3000m - 12 Laps
3rd & 4th Places
1 Robert Veroba (Can)                    3.31.898
2 Paul Mill (GBr)                        3.37.212
1st & 2nd Places
1 Kenny Williams (USA)                   3.27.036
2 Douglas Beck (USA)                     2.40.350 (caught)
Gold: Kenny Williams (USA)
Silver: Douglas Beck (USA)
Bronze: Robert Veroba (Can)
Men's Pursuit 30 - 34 3000m - 12 Laps
3rd & 4th Places
1 Julian Ramsbottom (GBr)                3.38.869
2 Paul Dotchin (GBr)                     3.44.174
1st & 2nd Places
1 Bryan Taylor (GBr)                     3.33.824
2 Peter Coulson (USA)                    3.34.288
Gold: Bryan Taylor (GBr)
Silver: Peter Coulson (USA)
Bronze: Julian Ramsbottom (GBr)