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Asheville Mellowdrome

Rumble On The River #3 - Asheville, North Carolina, June 1, 2005

Ernst Breaks Through

After two weeks of runner-up status, Chris Ernst stated before race #3 that he was ready to go from the gun. As advertised, the Hearn's rider shot off the front on lap one. He took good company for a long breakaway in the form of Kent Williams, David Forkner, and, for a while, Greg Jones. The principal protagonists gained nearly a lap on two occasions, and salted away enough points during their 35 laps on the lam to rest easy when the A Grade Points Race for roadies came back together with 25 laps remaining. From there on, Ernst resisted the efforts of Joey Coddington (Cane Creek) to climb back into the race. And, he was doubly assisted by teammate Randy Parker who twice took maximum points near the end, at the expense of anyone with ideas of removing Ernst from the top spot.

By contrast, the lower division for roadies was again decided on the double points finale of the 30 lapper. After several lead changes, relegations, and demonstrations by Will Sagar that he is faster at 50 than most 25 year olds, it was up to Dennis Kelton to win the last sprint and vault past three riders for the victory. In his wake were, Peter Dickson, Ben Blitch, andůMr. Sagar.

The trackies put on a display akin to jamming at Roller Derby night. The freshmen class produced the usual blanket finish in the opening Scratch Race. Aaron Renner wrested the top spot after some door banging in the final turn, and this was enough for Cara MacCauley to switch tactics. Although Youngblood Haske guessed perfectly on the Unknown Distance and held off the field, Mme. Lazybones MacCauley outran the field to reach Haske's front wheel at the line. She then eschewed any more rough play and gained a lap in the Points Race en route to the evening's victory.

The A Grade trackies put on the best show of the evening. Sandwiched between Kurt Begemann's win in the Scratch Race and Joey Coddington's massacre in the Points Race was the Miss and Out. Seventeen riders started the race and the middle of the track was not for the faint of heart. Pacemaker Andy Applegate had the shovels out and poured on the coals each lap. In his tire tracks were many machines with the fenders caved in before the Devil took them away one by one. Joey Cujo Coddington bested everyone in this race and recorded a clear victory for the evening.

Next race at The Mellowdrome at Carrier Park will be June 14.


Fixed Gear A Race
8 Lap Scratch
1 Kurt Begemann                     
2 Joey Coddington                   
3 Andrew Erskine                    
4 Blair Hobgood                     
5 Andy Applegate                    
1 Joey Coddington                   
2 Andrew Erskine                    
3 Blair Hobgood                     
4 Andy Applegate                    
5 Kurt Begemann                     
20 Lap Points Race
1 Joey Coddington                   
2 Josh Reddoch                      
3 Marc Mullinax                     
4 Andy Applegate                    
5 Kurt Begemann                     
Year Total Omnium Points
1 Andrew Erskine                  11 pts
2 Scott Langford                   9
3 Blair Hobgood                    9
4 Kurt Begemann                    8
5 Joey Coddington                  6
6 Michael Koerschner               3
7 Shawn Smith                      3
8 Sean Young                       3
9 Nancy Lux                        3
10 Don Lux                         3
11 Bob Wright                      3
12 Marc Mullinax                   3
13 Josh Reddoch                    2
14 John Derry                      2
15 Kevin Bray                      1
16 Andy Applegate                  1
17 Brian Jones                     1
Fixed Gear B Race
6 Lap Scratch
1 Aaron Renner                      
2 Ron Henninger                     
3 Bill McBee                        
4 Byron Watson                      
5 Si Ezolt                          
Unknown Distance
1 Youngblood Haske                  
2 Cara McCauley                     
3 Byron Watson                      
4 Ron Henninger                     
5 Aaron Renner                      
15 Lap Points Race
1 Cara McCauley                     
2 Ron Henninger                     
3 Bill McBee                        
4 Byron Watson                      
5 Aaron Renner                      
Year Total Omnium Points
1 Bill McBee                      11 pts
2 Byron Watson                    10
3 Ron Henninger                    9
4 Aaron Renner                     7
5 Cara McCauley                    6
6 Janet Trubey                     3
7 George Riedesel                  3
8 Paul Battenfeld                  3
9 Mike Smith                       3
10 Marshall Hance                  2
11 Jim McMillen                    2
12 Youngblood Haske                2
13 Paul Christopher                1
14 Bob Oast                        1
15 Wendy Coin                      1
16 Frank Melvin                    1
17 Rostand Smith                   1
18 Si Ezolt                        1
19 T-Bone                          1
20 Robert Frederick                1
Road Bikes
Category "A" 60 Lap Points Race
1 Chris Ernst                     46 pts
2 Joey Coddington                 26
3 David Forkner                   24
4 Randy Parker                    15
5 Kent Williams                   12
Year Total Omnium Points
1 Chris Ernst                     10 pts
2 Jonas Petersson                  6
3 Jacob McGahey                    6
4 Alexander Sebastian              3
5 Randy Parker                     3
6 Joey Coddington                  3
7 David Forkner                    2
Category "B" 30 Lap Points Race
1 Dennis Kelton                   19 pts
2 Peter Dickson                   13
3 Ben Blitch                      12
4 Will Sagar                      10
5 Greg Brown                       8
Year Total Omnium Points
1 John Garrett                     8 pts
2 Dennis Kelton                    7
3 Jeff Frazer                      5
4 Robert Watkins                   3
5 Peter Dickson                    3
6 Greg Brown                       2
7 Will Sagar                       2
8 Ben Blitch                       2
9 Paul Edmonds                     1 

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