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Interbike show -

Las Vegas, Nevada USA, September 25-29, 2006

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Part 15 - October 7:

Garneu's TT lid, shoe wars and Colnago's 50th ride

Garneau enhances aero side

Keeping with the aero theme,
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski
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Monsieur Louis Garneau was showing his focus on aero this year with a brand new TT/triathalon bike and a redesigned aero helmet. The all-carbon fibre frame is a step-up in 2007 from their line of aluminum frames offered in previous years. Also on the aero offering is a redesigned aero helmet that actually has useful ventilation. Marketing director Pierre Peron told Cyclingnews that the holes for the ventilation really do not affect the aerodynamics in any significant way and give the rider actual comfort.

Veltec: Sidi and A-Line

Veltec, importers of Sidi shoes, were showing the new Ergo II shoe at Interbike and touting that its all-carbon sole is the only true all-carbon sole among the major shoe manufacturers. To illustrate the point, a cross-section display of five popular shoes showed the amount of 'filler' that make-up carbon soles.

Also new with the Ergo II is increased grip around the heel and Achilles tendon to reduce slippage. The velcro straps include a locking mechanism to ensure closure even when pulling up on the top of the shoe when sprinting. As always, in addition to the velcro is the ratchet buckle at the top and a dial closure that can stay in the open position until the end of a race when additional tightness is needed around the middle of the foot.

A hot item from Sidi is the battery-powered heated insole for people who dare brave the winter cold. With self-contained batteries all that is needed is a quick charge overnight to be ready for that early morning January training ride.

Veltec has partnered with a new company, A-Line, to offer customizable insoles to help people with misalignment in their feet. Not having your knee over your ankle and other problems can lead to pain, injury or worse like decreased power transfer. (Cyclists need to prioritize.)

At Interbike Veltec was offering everyone a free alignment test and a free pair of insoles tailor-made to a person's alignment issues. The measurements include traditional foot sizing, laser guided knee alignment and ankle spacing. The insole itself has a dedicated position for the metatarsal to hinder the dreaded 'hot foot.'
Colnago's new
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski
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Extreme Colnago Anniversary

What do you get your spouse for your wedding anniversary? This question has tormented couples for centuries. However Ernesto Colnago just did what he does best - make a bike. On display in the Trialtir booth at Interbike was the limited edition anniversary bike painted especially for his wife, complete with custom painted Fulcrum wheels. Only fifty will be made so get yours now!

On the racing side Colnago's Extreme-Power, which had been raced for testing purposed during the season under the badging of the Extreme-C, was on display with its proper name. The Extreme-Power was designed for riders that want stiffness all the time - namely sprinters - with thirty percent more rigidity from the use of carbon 'ribs' inside the tubing at the critical junction points.


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