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USPRO Criterium Championship - 1.3/NE

Chicago, USA, August 17-18, 2002

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Day 1 - August 17: Extran Pro-Am Challenge Pro and USCF CAT 1&2

Pain in Chicago

By Chris Baldwin, Cyclingnews correspondent

Mark McCormack of Saturn is the winner of the tune up to the USPro Criterium Championship Saturday night in Chicagoland, taking a field sprint from 7Up-Nutra Fig's Charles Dionne and Schroeder Iron's Hilton Clarke in the 31 mile Extran Pro-Am Challenge.

191 riders lined up for the race and for the most part stayed together through an hour of pain. Thunderstorms dutifully promised by weathermen never materialized in Downers Grove and winds that were gusting earlier in the day had quieted down for the 6 pm start.

In the early laps, Saturn's Ivan Dominguez took advantage of the pre-race introduction placement he received, leading a peloton that seemed to stretch on forever around an hourglass course. On the 4th lap Aussie Hilton Clarke joined and then surpassed the Cuban, taking with him 7Up-Nutra Fig's John Lieswyn, Mark Walters of the Navigators and some unidentified speedsters from Mercury to establish an early break.

Lieswyn led the leaders through the lion's share of laps, capturing successive primes in the hundreds of dollars and setting a brisk pace. The Navigators and Mercury both made attempts to close it down, with Chris Baldwin and Mike Sayers snapping the rug at the start-finish on lap 9 to electrify the field.

Despite urgings by the amateurs, who in the absence of proper funding had to shout their prayers aloud rather than whisper them into expensive radios, the breakaway established a near 18-second gap come mid-race. Riders back in the main pack were five-abreast and joking loudly going into early turns, while on the largely downhill backside they recovered in a long silent line.

Grimaces appeared on faces after lap 20. Thirteen riders were 16 seconds ahead as the Navigators took command of the chase. Another prime was offered and John Lieswyn graciously accepted his $200, but the effort blasted the breakaway and the field rejoined. With just two laps to go, all the riders were racing together.

In the final straightaway it was American McCormack over Canadian Dionne, with Aussie Clarke and Dutch-Aussie Vogels at third and fourth. Bulgarian Plamen Stoyanov, also of Mercury, showed his southern Slavic speed and styled on in for fifth. The race was over and the peloton went home. Their tune up complete, the engines will be returned to the shop tonight to have their restrictor plates removed for tomorrow's main event.


1 Mark McCormack (Saturn)
2 Charles Dionne (7UP/Nutra Fig)
3 Hilton Clarke (Schroeder Iron)
4 Henk Vogels (Team Mercury)
5 Plamen Stoyanov (Team Mercury)
6 Ciaran Power (Navigators)
7 Damon Kluck (Saturn)
8 Robbie Ventura (USPS)
9 Kein Monahan (7UP/Nutra Fig)
10 Keith Norris (Jamis)
11 Kevin Miller (VeloClips / Sun & Ski Sports)
12 Steve Tilford (Extran/Verge)
13 Chad Gerlach (Sierra Nevada)
14 Greg Henderson (7UP/Nutra Fig)
15 Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)
16 Brent Dawson (Jelly Belly)
17 Jason Waddell (Mathis Brothers)
18 Frank Pipp 
19 Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joe's)
20 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)
21 Russell Hambey (Ofoto-Lombardi)
22 Chad Hartley (Jittery Joe's)
23 Peter Rogers (Team Nova)
24 Gustavo Carillo 
25 Mariano Freidick (Jelly Belly)
26 Dechlan Doyle (Bicycle Action Project)
27 Jonathan Atkins (Buckhead Velo)
28 Jonathan Page (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
29 Brice Jones (Team Mercury)
30 Tim Larkin (Ofoto-Lombardi)
31 Mark Walters (Navigators)
32 Dan Schmatz (7UP/Nutra Fig)
33 Brian Schanning 
34 Kelly Ruddick 
35 Ken Toman (Schroeder Iron)
36 Jackson Stewart (Ofoto-Lombardi)
37 Andrew Clark 
38 Phil Zajicek (Team Mercury)
39 Chuck Coyle (7UP/Nutra Fig)
40 Peter Lopinto (Ofoto-Lombardi)
41 Matthew Svatek 
42 Ryan Guay (Navigators)
43 Max Clauson 
44 Chris Pic (Jittery Joe's)
45 Adam Bergman (Bianchi/GP)
46 Christian Foster (Back Yard Burgers)
47 Ivan Dominguez (Saturn)
48 Chris Fisher (Saturn)
49 Jay Sweet (Saturn)
50 Jesus Zarate (Team Mercury)
51 Michael Kehrberg (Team Bloomington)
DNF Eric Brownell (Honeywell)
DNF Dean Myers 
DNF Steven Cate (Mathis Brothers)
DNF Nick Kiernan (Mathis Brothers)
DNF Rory Mcadams (Mathis Brothers)
DNF Bret Crosby (Mathis Brothers)
DNF David Wenger (Mathis Brothers)
DNF Wade Summers 
DNF Steve Sonheim 
DNF Jamie Paolinetti (Schroeder Iron)
DNF Michael Johnson (Schroeder Iron)
DNF Jacob Erker (Schroeder Iron)
DNF Jason Bausch (Schroeder Iron)
DNF Pete Knudson (Schroeder Iron)
DNF Todd Herriott 
DNF Darren Pipp 
DNF Patrick O'donnell 
DNF Jonny Sundt 
DNF Evan Elken 
DNF Robert Campbell 
DNF Tyler Thompson 
DNF Rad Cunningham 
DNF Ara Oggoian 
DNF Drew Deters 
DNF Dave Ebeling 
DNF Peter Armitage 
DNF Michael Olheiser 
DNF Kenny York 
DNF Kevin Kremke 
DNF Steve Roszko (NCC/BikeReg.com)
DNF Stephen Spencer 
DNF John Cimbura 
DNF Gerardo Turrubiartes 
DNF David Richter 
DNF Michael Critchlow 
DNF Harm Jensen (Saturn)
DNF Trent Klasna (Saturn)
DNF Frank Mccormack (Saturn)
DNF Soren Petersen (Saturn)
DNF Eric Wohlberg (Saturn)
DNF Edward Beamom (Navigators)
DNF Keith Miller 
DNF Steve Ryan 
DNF Brian Ecker (Recycled Cycles)
DNF Doug Stewart 
DNF Shawn Willard 
DNF Benjamin Swaim 
DNF Jason Wagner 
DNF John Fowlkes 
DNF Robbie Yost 
DNF Ben Sharp (West Virginia/Go Mart)
DNF Brian Conant 
DNF Jonas Carney (Prime Alliance)
DNF Alex Candelario (Prime Alliance)
DNF Matt Decanio (Prime Alliance)
DNF Chris Horner (Prime Alliance)
DNF David Mccook (Prime Alliance)
DNF Danny Pate (Prime Alliance)
DNF John Peters (Prime Alliance)
DNF Russell Stevenson (Prime Alliance)
DNF Svein Tuft (Prime Alliance)
DNF John Walrod (Prime Alliance)
DNF Siro Camponogara (Navigators)
DNF Vassili Davidenko (Navigators)
DNF Oleg Grichkine (Navigators)
DNF Chris Baldwin (Navigators)
DNF Tom Leaper (Navigators)
DNF Glen Mitchell (Navigators)
DNF David Sommerville 
DNF Chris Johnson 
DNF Tim Reinhart 
DNF Sterling Magnell 
DNF Tristen Schouten 
DNF Leo Frayre 
DNF Shawn Mccormack 
DNF Bill Short 
DNF Al Senft 
DNF Jonathan Heidemann 
DNF Joey Dantoni 
DNF Kent Bostick (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Aron Huerta (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Michael Luther (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Edgar Nunnelly (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Mike Zingaro (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Nathan Rogut (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Zac Lytle (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Eddy Hilger (Mercy Cycling)
DNF Kevin Noone (Bicycle Action Project)
DNF Michael Lange (cbike.com)
DNF Eric Walters (cbike.com)
DNF Erik Tomlinson (cbike.com)
DNF Scott Walters (cbike.com)
DNF Joshua Carter (cbike.com)
DNF Christopher Hulse 
DNF Joseph Papp 
DNF Dejan Smaic 
DNF Robert Rhamy 
DNF Rich Davis 
DNF Kurt Fletcher 
DNF John Gore 
DNF Hayden Godfrey (7UP/Nutra Fig)
DNF John Lieswyn (7UP/Nutra Fig)
DNF Oscar Pineda (7UP/Nutra Fig)
DNF Doug Ziewacz (7UP/Nutra Fig)
DNF Jacob Rosenbarger (Jittery Joe's)
DNF Michael Ley (Jittery Joe's)
DNF Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/GP)
DNF Dave Sedgwick (Bianchi/GP)
DNF Paul Ellis (Bianchi/GP)
DNF Billy Masterson (Excel Sports)
DNF Gord Fraser (Team Mercury)
DNF Scott Moninger (Team Mercury)
DNF Mike Sayers (Team Mercury)
DNF Chris Wherry (Team Mercury)
DNF Ryan Barnett (Krystal/NCCC)
DNF Travis Hutchinson (Krystal/NCCC)
DNF Brian Forbes (Jelly Belly)
DNF Ernie Lechuga (Jelly Belly)
DNF Jason McCartney (Jelly Belly)
DNF Remi McManos (Jelly Belly)
DNF Cory Steinbrecher (Jelly Belly)
DNF Chris Baumann (Sierra Nevada)
DNF Kenny Labbe (USPS)
DNF Andrew Crater (Ofoto-Lombardi)
DNF Colby Pierce (Ofoto-Lombardi)
DNF Eric Saunders (Ofoto-Lombardi)
DNF Frank Overton (Pro Peloton)
DNF Redisa Cubric 
DNF John Seehafer (Pro Peloton)
DNF Jesse Bartholemew (ABD Cycle Ckub)
DNF Darryl Uhler (Suburban Homes)
DNF Dan Bowman (Suburban Homes)
DNF Ryan Barrett (Schroeder Iron)
DNF Bryce Mead (Turin)
DNF Roberto Gaggioli (Schroeder Iron)
DNF Rodney Hill (St. Louis Cycling)
DNF Chad Nikolz (Ash Mead)
DNF Jason Huvling (Cajun Cyclists)
DNF Jon Hill (Big Shark)
DNF Chris Mosk (Nomo)