Stage 8 - September 15: Reinosa - Alto Cruz de la Demanda, 195 km

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In practice, the teams which have their men among the best positions will have to control. Those who were not very busy the day before will only have a single purpose: trying to break away from the group at the very beginning of the race in search for the victory. Numerous breakaways are the dangerous ones. From Ezcaray to the top there are 27 kilometres. There is a 7% average slope. Fight is always a reality when the riders had already clilmbed 15 kilometres with a 14% gradient. Last time it was climbed was in Vuelta 96, being the start in Cabarceno. Those were 220 kilometres. Banesto, Kelme, Mx Onda fought hard for the victory. Jose María Jimenez seemed the virtual winner but Zuelle turned up and snatched first place from him leaving Dufaux, Jalabert and Rominger behind. El Chaba lost 8 seconds and Marcos Serrano and Fernado Escartín 15. Zuelle defended his leadership brilliantly.

Signing time /Rassemblement de départ et signature: De 11:25 a 12:10 en el Parque los Obesos.
Call /Appel: A las 12:15.
Pre-start time /Départ fictif: A las 12:23 por: Marqués de Reinosa, Peñas Arriba, Pl. Diez Vicario, c/Mayor, Fuente de la Aurora, Avda. de Cantabria, Avda. de Burgos y Requejo. Total: 2,8 Kms.

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