Stage 7 - September 14: Torrelavega - Torrelavega, 44.2 km

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The route will be hard and will help create differences. In the last Giro de Italia, Abraham Olano covered the distance of 55,5 kilometres in 1:12:51 and Unai Osa in 1:15:42, Alvaro González in 1:18:29 and Marco Pantani in 1:18:40. In the last stage of Vuelta a España 2000, Santos González covered the 38 kilometres with an average speed of 50,183 kilometres per hour in 45:26, six seconds less than Casero and 1:01 less than Olano. Roberto Heras, without preassure, arrived 1:59 later. In the 9th stage, in Tarragona, Abraham Olano covered the 37,6 kilometres in 45:02 with an average speed of 50,096 kilometres per hour. Santos González arrived 13 seconds later, Angel Casero 15, Hruska 43, Ullrich 1:01, Igor González 2:00, Roberto Heras 2:17 and Oscar Sevilla 2:50, for instance.

Signing time /Rassemblement de départ et signature: A partir de las 12:15 en la c/Julián de Ceballos.

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