Stage 5 - September 12: Gijón - Lagos de Covadonga, 160.8 km

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Fifth stage and first important test. Few kilometres to find war and control combined. Before reaching El Mirador del Fito three "snacks" for adventurers can be found. There will be launches of attacks after climbing El Infanzón and La Madera. El Fito offers 19 kilometres, climbing along the North side with a slope of 568 metres and an average uphill over the 8 per cent. A 10-kilometre-long descent to Arriondas and from La Hospedería del Peregrino to the top we find a 975 metre-long descent, a 14,2 kilometre-long climb and the first big trouble near La Santina with a stretch with a 15 per cent gradient, another one in La Huesera with similar characteristics, a third one in El Collado with 14 per cent gradient and another one in El Mirador de la Reina. It seems to be Roberto Heras the man to score, having been third on top last year after Zintchenko and Igor Pugaci. The 146 kilometres of the previous year were covered at an average speed of 40 kilometres an hour. In 1997, on the 15th stage, the riders went through a very similar route. That year at Los Lagos, Pavel Tonkov was the winner followed by Zuelle 18 seconds later, Jose María Jiménez 24 and Escartín 27 seconds after the winner.

Signing time /Rassemblement de départ et signature: De 11:55 a 12:40 en el parking del Estadio El Molinón.
Call /Appel: A las 12:45.
Pre-start time /Départ fictif: A las 12:53 por: Avda. de El Molinón, Av. Rufo García Rendueles, Jardines El Náutico, Dominguez Gil, San Bernardo, Munuza, P. El Carmen, Felipe Menendez, Rodriguez Sampedro, Pl. Padre Máximo Gonzalez, Mariano Pola, Av. de Galicia y Av. Argenrtina. Total: 6,9 Kms.

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