Stage 6 - September 13: Cangas de Onís- Torrelavega, 180.6 km

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After the "fight" at Los Lagos, the modest riders always try to show their strength; the stronger ones will have to control and defend what they got the day before, but between Cangas de Onís and La Hermida -the first hundred kilometres- the first relevant fight will arise. The last 78 kilometres are considered quite difficult as the riders will have to go along three second-category climbs which guarantee a high level of speed on the way to Torrelavega. There are many riders who will be undisputed protagonists between the stage at Los Lagos and the time trial at Torrelavega.

Signing time /Rassemblement de départ et signature: De 11:35 a 12:20 en la Zona Deportiva.
Call /Appel: A las 12:25
Pre-start time /Départ fictif: A las 12:33 por: Puente Llerado y Avda. de Covadonga. Total: 1,9 Kms.

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