Stage 12 - September 20: Ordino - Est. d'Esquí Ordino Arcalis, 17.1 km

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After having checked the strength of the main protagonists in Pal, the second day in Andorra finishes in Ordino-Arcalís and, here, the riders will work completely individually. They will climb from 1.290 metres to the 2.230 metres we find on the top. All throughout the central area, the slopes reach the 8,8 % gradient after having climbed El Serrat. During the most recent climb timetrial, the one which took place between Grenoble and Camrousse, during the last tour, the riders covered 32 kilometres and the performance of Beloki, Laiseka, Sevilla and Galdeano was really good. After 13,5 kilometres, Joseba Beloki had made a time of 20:11 and after 21,5 kilometres he had made 43:42. Oscar Sevilla used 26 more seconds, and 39 seconds more, adding the two distances. Lance Armstrong made a time of 19:41 and 42:22 reaching the 32 kilometre in 1:07:27.

Signing time /Rassemblement de départ et signature: A partir de las 12:50 en Ordino (ctra. CG-3).

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