Why not make a weekend of the race, and take a look at what the area has to offer?

Eighty three kilometres along the Pacific Highway from Coffs Harbour is the peaceful district capital of Grafton, on the wide Clarence River. The "Big River" is the largest river system on the north coast and, with its tributaries, drains a vast area of northern New South Wales. Northeast of Grafton, the river widens as it approaches the ocean and branches out into a network of waterways and channels. There are more than a hundred river islands, on many of which sugar cane is grown.

Normally a quiet place, where the main attraction is cruising on the river or visiting some of the historic buildings preserved by the National Trust, Grafton comes alive for the Grafton to Inverell Cycling Classic, Australia's biggest one-day cycling classic.

While in Inverell, why not take the opportunity to visit the many attractions available in the area. Revisit the past at the Pioneer Village, enjoy the Transport Museum or see the Magnificent Draught Horse display at The Draught Horse Centre.

Feel the excitment of finding gems at one of the many fossicking areas; the area between Glen Innes and Inverell, 67km to the west, is one huge gemfield. Diamonds, as well as three-quarters of the world's sapphires, are mined in the area. The district is rich with arts, crafts, locally produced wines and a wonderful array of olives and olive products. The District is rich with arts, crafts, locally produced wines and a wonderful array of olives and olive products. Copeton & Pindari Dams offer all water sports and camping; also the National parks are a very interesting area to visit.

For more information on these and other attractions, call in to see the friendly staff at the Visitor Information Centre, Campbell Street - Inverell.

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Drive or Ride the World Heritage Way - to history, scenery, adventure

The World Heritage Way… it's a journey of 160km through our nation's history - and some of the world's most spectacular scenery. It's a journey where the Tablelands meets rainforest and sea… where side trips bring to life all the romance of the past; pioneers, bullock drays, gold fever, pub shanties, Cobb and Co, bushrangers.

It's a journey where two national parks whose World Heritage listing equate them with the Pyramids of Egypt and the Grand Canyon - starkly, magnificently contrasting: Gibraltar Range with massive granite tors, Washpool with lush rainforest - and a network of other national parks and nature reserves. It's a journey linking two historic, strategically located towns with immense appeal: Glen Innes, in the New England Tablelands, at the junction of the New England and Gwydir Highways, and Grafton, on the Clarence River, at the intersection of the Pacific and Gwydir Highways.

The World Heritage Way is part of the Gwydir Highway which takes its name from the Gwydir River, named by the explorer Allan Cunningham in 1827 in honour of Lord Gwydir, Deputy Great Chamberlain of England. For more information, contact

Big Sky Express, a community run airline funded by the Coonabarabran, Gunnedah and Inverell communities, and operated by Transair, a Brisbane based airline, provide return flights to Inverell.


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