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Photo ©: Swift

US Cyclo-cross Championships - CN

Kansas City, Kansas, USA, December 13-16, 2007

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Race 12 - December 16: Collegiate Men

James Driscoll (University of Vermont)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Images by Jonathan Devich/

Images by Mitch Clinton/www.clintonphoto.com

Images by Kurt Jambretz /www.actionimages.cc


1 James Driscoll (University of Vermont)              39.37
2 Joey Thompson (Fort Lewis College)                   1.37
3 Aaron Bradford (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)             1.39
4 Braden Kappius (Colorado School of Mines)            1.39
5 Isaac Neff (Indiana University)                      2.02
6 Mike Anderson (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)              2.38
7 Eric Thompson (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)              2.51
8 Benjamin Sonntag (Fort Lewis College)                3.07
9 Mike Sherer (Indiana University)                     3.08
10 Christopher Parrish (Western Washington Univers)    3.29
11 Ryan Iddings (Seattle Pacific University)           3.59
12 Mcconnell Franklin (Middlebury College)             4.08
13 Jeffrey Buckles (Virginia Commonwealth Univ)        4.20
14 Scott Stewart (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)             4.25
15 Kurt Refsnider (Cu Cycling)                         4.37
16 Adam Snyder (Fort Lewis College)                    4.42
17 Christopher Hamlin (University Of Vermont)          4.44
18 David Fleischhauer (Western Washington Univers)     4.48
19 Greg Carpenter (Fort Lewis College)                 4.51
20 Chris Consorto (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)            5.04
21 Cody Deane (University of Nevada - Reno)            5.12
22 Mark Smelser (Ksu Cycling)                          5.16
23 Brad Cole (CSU Rams Cycling)                            
24 Chris Ellis (Western Washington Univers)            5.27
25 Noah Singer (Fort Lewis College)                    5.31
26 Toby Marzot (Dartmouth Cycling)                     5.38
27 Chad Wells (Fort Lewis College)                     5.42
28 Edward Meyer (Dartmouth Cycling)                    5.43
29 Conor Mullervy (Mesa State)                         5.47
30 Kevin Mullervy (Mesa State)                         5.47
31 Jonathan Awerbuch (Dartmouth Cycling)               6.00
32 Oscar Clark                                         6.35
33 Taylor Lane (University of New Mexico)              6.37
34 Shad Schreiner                                      6.43
35 Mitchell Comardo (U of Houston)                     7.14
36 Charles Florek (Rutgers University Cycling Te)      7.25
37 Brad Perley (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)               7.28
38 Scott Jackson (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)             7.45
39 Jerid Gooding (Appalachian State U Cycling)         7.51
40 Ryan Gamm (Miami University)                        8.14
41 Tyler Green (Portland State University)             8.19
42 Mitchell Peterson (Uniersity Of Utah)               8.20
43 Josh Lipka (University of New Hampshire)            8.22
44 Duncan Mcgovern (Whitman College Cycling)           8.25
45 Bradley` Sullivan (Ksu Cycling)                     8.26
46 Steven Hunter (Portland Community College)          8.28
47 Joel Koester (Portland Community College)           9.03
48 David Greenblatt (UW Madison)                       9.25
49 Eric Edlund (Mit Cycling)                          10.03
One lap down
50 John Giles (Ku Cycling)                                 
51 Aspen Gorry (University of Chicago Cycling)             
52 Brady Beckham (University Of Missouri - Colum)          
53 David Forkner (Appalachian State U Cycling)             
54 Alex Hannah (Appalachian State U Cycling)               
55 Mitchell Kersting (University Of Kentucky)              
56 Kip Spaude (Lindsey Wilson College)                     
Two laps down
57 Zach Greenwood (Cu Cycling)                             
58 Michael Fooshee (University Of Missouri - Colum)        
59 Chris Hall (CSU Rams Cycling)                           
60 Gregory Battista (University Of Michigan)               
61 Mike Smith                                              
62 Francis Hamre (Midwestern State University)             
63 Ian Knabe (University Of Florida)                       
64 Justin Tucker (Appalachian State U Cycling)             
65 David Kim (Rutgers University Cycling Te)               
66 Morgan Whiterabbit (Augsburg Cycling)                   
67 Michael Wilson (Appalachian State U Cycling)            
68 Andrew Thompson (Army)                                  
69 Joseph Gilch (Rutgers University Cycling Te)            
70 Brandon Bundy (Ku Cycling)                              
71 Weston Pope (Lindsey Wilson College)                    
72 Jerome Haas (CSU Rams Cycling)                          
73 Brandon Ewers (Texas State University - San)            
74 Benjamin Showman (Army)                                 
75 Jonathan Schottler (University Of Missouri - Colum)     
76 Louis Reilly (University Of Missouri - Colum)           
77 Unkown                                                  
78 Richard Kassan (Rutgers University Cycling Te)          
79 Alistair Sponsel (Princeton University)                 
80 Caley Fretz (CSU Rams Cycling)                          
81 Jason Sears (Mit Cycling)                               
82 Ian Delaney (Whitman College Cycling)                   
83 T.G. Taylor (CSU Rams Cycling)                          
84 James Young (CSU Rams Cycling)                          
85 David Thomas (Uw-Whitewater)                            
86 Eric Schildge (Dartmouth Cycling)                       
87 Erik Wilburn (Army)                                     
88 Gonzalo Escobar (Lees-Mcrae Cycling Team)               
89 William Palm (Mit Cycling)                              
90 Ben Chaddock (Whitman College Cycling)                  
91 Andrew Glaser (Rutgers University Cycling Te)           
92 Jeffrey Lukach (University of New Hampshire)            
93 Michael Lalla (Midwestern State University)             
94 Michael Koballa (Appalachian State U Cycling)           
95 Stefan Swecker (Lindsey Wilson Colege)                  
96 John Spring (Ku Cycling)                                
97 Andrew Slater (Ku Cycling)                              
98 Jesse Dekery (Fort Lewis College)                       
99 Alex Krienke (Army)                                     
100 Eliseo Papa (Mit Cycling)                              
101 Don Yungher (Rutgers University Cycling Te)            
102 Stuart Louder (Virginia Commonwealth Univ)             
103 Unkown                                                 
104 Dan Seaton (University of New Hampshire)               
105 Brian Nieport (University Of Cincinnati)               
Three laps down
106 Nick Loomis (Mit Cycling)                              
107 Peter O'donnell (Cu Cycling)                           
108 Nathan Miller (University of New Hampshire)            
109 James Brown (Lindsey Wilson College)                   
110 Jake Zimmerman (Lindsey Wilson College)                
110 Joseph Grimm (Army)                                    
DNF Sean Noonan (Carleton College)                         
DNF Josh Jamner (Colby College)                            
DNS Erik Turner (UC Irvine)                                
DNS David Hutton (Miami University)                        
DNS Geoff Pendry (University Of North Carolina)            
DNS Ryan Rish                                              
DNS Sasha Cuerda (Illini Cycling)                          
DNS Kyle Mcgilvray (Western Washington Univers)            
DNS Logan Wetzel (Western Washington Univers)              
DNS Noah Niwinski (Appalachian State U Cycling)            
DNS Jake Boyce (St. Olaf)                                  
DNS Ben Ollett                                             
DNS Ryan Barlow (CSU Rams Cycling)                         
DNS Chris Peterson (Cu Cycling)                            
DNS Jim Lennon                                             
DNS Matt Beck (University of New Mexico)                   
DNS Stephen De Lisle (University of Virginia)              
DNS Phillip Gardner                                        
DNS Tony Wagner (Uw-Milwaukee Cycling)                     
DNS Ryan Fisher (University Of Florida)                    
DNS Bryan Mcvey (Virginia Tech)                            
DNS Kyle Williams (University Of Iowa)                     
DNS Kevin Wolfson (Dartmouth Cycling)                      
DNS Whitney Jones (Fort Lewis College)                     
DNS Benjamin Coleman (University Of Vermont)               
DNS Eric Gardiner (Utah State University)                  
DNS Jamie Godfrey (Appalachian State U Cycling)            
DNS Matthew Williams (Warren Wilson College)               
DNS Mark Vareschi                                          
DNS Patrick Hurley                                         
DNS Joe Horvath                                            
DNS Oscar Clark                                            
DNS Michael Hosey                                                           

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