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2001 US CX Nat's

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Domaine Chandon, Yountville, California, USA, December 14-15, 2002

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Elite Men

Complete Live Report

15:00 PST    
Welcome to Yountville for the Elite Men's event of the US Cyclo-cross Nationals, the final event of this series. Last year's national champion Todd Wells will be looking to defend his title, but he's got plenty of stiff competition.

With more than 11 inches of rain falling this weekend, the course is a mud bowl. But it's not just mud that will make things tricky for the riders, as some sharp rocks below the mud have been causing flats for riders in the other races.

15:05 PST    
The Elite men have launched from the line for the one hour test. It looks like the early leader is Jonathan Page, with Wells and Gullickson right behind!

15:07 PST    
Gullickson is blocking for Wells, with Page still in front. All of the favorites are right up front where they should be. Page and Wells had an estimated 12 second gap coming through the start/finish area. They have set the fastest lap time of the weekend.

15:10 PST    
The first lap was covered in 4:44, with Jonathan Page setting the mark. Riders are already pulling out with mechanicals. It's madness in Napa.

15:12 PST    
Page has dropped Todd Wells, while Travis Brown has taken over third spot from Gullickson. Through the barriers, Page's time on the European 'cross circuit is paying off. Travis Brown is coming up with Gully in tow, while Tim Johnson is trying to close in.

15:16 PST    
Through pit #1, Page is now about 5 seconds ahead of Travis Brown. Page is maintaining his solo advantage into the barriers. Todd Wells is in second while Travis Brown is in fine form. Gullickson is coming up behind, with a slight advantage on Tim Johnson.

15:19 PST    
The mechanics are working furiously in the pits to keep the bikes clean. Page has about 10 seconds in hand with Wells chasing behind. Dale Knapp is making a move towards the leaders as riders are breaking up into small pairings out on the course.

15:22 PST    
Jonathan Page is emerging from the vineyards, pounding away up front. He's got a big gap on Travis Brown, who has just taken over second place from Todd Wells. Into the pudding bowl, Wells has gone down! Gully goes by Wells.

15:24 PST    
Brown is in second with Gully in third and closing in. Wells is up, with Tim Johnson chasing just behind. Page has 30 seconds on Brown, while Gully is mounting a new challenge.

15:26 PST    
Riders like Steve Tilford, Dale Knapp, and Johnny Sundt are all moving up through the ranks. Up front, Page is maintaining his 30 second lead. Travis Brown might be riding the 'cross race of his life.

15:28 PST    
Page is on a mission, with the 'cross World's in Monopoli, Italy on his mind. At his next time through the start/finish, Page will have six laps to go. The wind is kicking up and it's wet and wooly at Domaine Chandon.

Gullickson is challenging Brown for second spot and Todd Wells is recovering from his fall. Brown's got a slight gap on Gully.

15:30 PST    
Former U23 champ Jackson Stewart has moved up to 6th place, chasing Tim Johnson in 5th. For the moment, there's no stopping Jonathan Page.

15:35 PST    
Page's focus is incredible as he continues his solo lead up front, and at this point he's got 29 minutes to go. Five laps to go for Page, while behind Travis Brown is being challenged by the Gully/Wells duo. Wells gets around Brown and is on fire! So is Page, who has a minute lead.

15:38 PST    
Tim Johnson is riding consistently in fifth place, but he'll have a lot of work to do to challenge the front-runners. Page makes his way through the 'Shimano Party Zone,' still holding onto a healthy lead. The battle is for second place right now, and it's Gully who's taken over second spot ahead of teammate Wells and Travis Brown.

15:41 PST    
Page's gap ahead of Gullickson, Wells and Brown is 1:10! Brown is hanging on behind the Mongoose duo, letting Gully and Wells set the pace to chase Page.

15:45 PST    
Dale Knapp is in 8th, chasing hard to catch the leaders, but he's not there yet. Page is on a flyer, going all out on the paved section.

In the race for second, Gully is attacking on the uphill run to pit #2. Wells and Brown have to dig deep to keep pace. Brown's right behind with Wells in the wings. Three laps to go.

15:47 PST
Wells has countered and Gullickson sits up, forcing Brown to chase down last year's champion Wells. Brown hasn't chased yet, sitting just behind Gully. Andy Jacques-Maynes has Tim Johnson in his sights while Dale Knapp continues his charge in search of a top five position.

15:51 PST
With less than two laps to go, this could be Page's day. Just as Ann Grande finally took her Elite Women's national title, Page has enjoyed plenty of success, but never the prize of national champ. He's through pit #2, over the barriers, and heading towards the pudding bowl. Page actually went down but is back up and still has a huge lead.

Wells is alone in second while Gully marks Travis Brown, who's working his way past Gullickson.

Page, despite a minor crash, holds a lead of 1:10 with two laps to go.

15:53 PST
Travis Brown is facing a serious double team from Wells and Gullickson. Johnson is still hanging onto his 5th place, the last step on the podium in Napa. Dale Knapp is in 7th place, chasing Andy Jacques-Maynes. Jackson Stewart is in 8th spot.

15:57 PST
There's no stopping Page, who's taking time on every lap. In the lead from the gun, Page is through the start/finish for the bell lap. One to go!

Gullickson has taken over second place with Brown on his wheel and Wells just a few meters behind. Now it's Brown taking second place. The podium places will come down to the wire.

15:59 PST
Andy Jacques-Maynes has stolen 5th place from Tim Johnson while Dale Knapp continues his excellent ride in 7th place. Jackson Stewart, wearing #8 on his jersey, holds 8th place.

16:01 PST
Jonathan Page is still in complete control, digging deep for the national title. Less than a half a lap to go!

16:03 PST
This is Page's race, start to finish. He's done it!

Racing for second, it's Brown who just gets second place ahead of Todd Wells. Gullickson claims 4th place, while rounding out the podium for 5th is Andy Jacques-Maynes, who dukes it out against Tim Johnson.