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American Velodrome Challenge - NE

California, USA, July 20-21, 2007

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Race 2 - July 21:

Hometown hero Jacques-Maynes dominates marquee event

In a star-studded field the National Racing Calendar (NRC) points leader Ben Jacques-Maynes (Team Priority Health) had one goal of the weekend and it was to win the John Peckham Memorial Race. During the race, Ben Jacques-Maynes had John Peckham, who was killed by a drunk driver only a year ago, on his mind. Jacques-Maynes accomplished his goal, finishing with 40 points, while Kenny Williams (Cody Racing) took second place and Matthew Johnson (5 Star Finish) finished third.

"I wanted to dedicate this victory to John Peckham and I knew him from the group rides," said Jacques-Maynes. "During the ride, I kept thinking of John Peckham and I was really happy I won this race."

In the Elite Sprints, Josiah Ng of the Momentum Cycling set the tone all weekend by pulling an extremely fast 10.9 at Hellyer Park Velodrome, just barely missing the 10.88 flying 200m record set by Jeff Solt. Throughout the rounds and repachages, the Momentum Cycling team dominated the field, fending off some challenges by a very fast Matt Barlee (Fast Twitch) and Angelo Martelli (SBW).

Travis Smith (Momentum Cycling) also continued with his amazing recovery from a major hip surgery suffered in the World Championship Keirin in Spain by placing a very fast 11.3 time and finishing fifth. In the finals, Josiah Ng won two matches from Adam Duvendeck but It was not easy as it looked. Duvendeck gave his teammate an extremely hard time every time they raced. Nearing 40 mp/h, Ng was able to nip Duvendeck at the line, showing the world he's ready for the World Cup races this upcoming fall.

In the Women's Stratch 5 kilometre race, Shelley Olds (Proman/Pradigm) burst into the national level scene including Cari Higgins (Cody Racing), Anna Lang (Karl Strauss/SDBC), Becky Quinn (Leader Bikes/Big City Velo) and Jennie Reed (Momentum Cycling Team) by taking off to the front with about eight laps to go and never looked back. The stunned field kept throwing chase after chase but nobody was able to reel Shelley Olds in.

As the sun set and a chill rolled into the Bay Area, the flying lap record attempts weren't made under ideal conditions. Several riders posted 19 second laps until Ng threw the hammer down by setting a 18.86 seconds, barely missing the Steve Alfred record at 18.00 seconds set just one year ago. "I only had one attempt in my legs and the conditions weren't great but I will be back next year and I'll get the record," said Ng.

Duvendeck finished second and Stephen Hill (East Point Track Club P/B Ethic) finished third, bouncing back from a severe stomach virus which slowed the 2006 National Elite Kilo Champion during the weekend.

"This is really on the T-town scene," said Duvendeck. "The fans we had on Friday night was awesome and it was just packed. I really hope this continues and I want to come back to race again. I just had tons of fun racing with all the best at this Hellyer Park Velodrome."


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Images by Garrett Lau/garrettlau.smugmug.com


Men's scratch
1 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health)                         
2 Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage)                         
3 Eric Hollenbeck                                              
4 Giovanni Rey (BPG/Montano Velo)                              
5 Luttrell Ryan (Cody Racing)                                  
6 Larry Nolan (AMD-Discovery Channel Masters)                  
7 Travis Smith (Momentum Cycling)                              
8 Joshua Weir                                                  
9 Steen Rose (Freedom Chevy/Joe's pro Bikes)                   
10 Kevin Suhr (Cody Racing)                                    
11 Steve Pelaez (Adobe/Schwalbe p/b Lombardi Sports)           
12 Matthew Johnson (5 Star Fish)                               
13 Matt Chambers (Guiness)                                     
14 Jesse Mendonca (BPG/Montano Velo)                           
15 Shaun Wallace (Guinness Cycling)                                                 
Team sprint
1 Momentum Cycling                                      1.05.40
 Josiah Ng                                                     
 Adam Duvendeck                                                
 Travis Smith                                                  
2 Team Skroat                                           1.07.50
 Bobby Walthour                                                
 Matt Barlee                                                   
 Joshua Weir                                                   
3 Msm Maxflow                                           1.14.50
 Stephen Hill                                                  
 Mark Altimarino                                               
 Matt Martinez                                                        

Masters Miss-and-Out
1 Shaun Wallace (Guinness Cycling)                             
2 Steve Pelaez (Adobe/Schwalbe p/b Lombardi Sports)            
3 Tom Fahey (Webcor / Alto Velo)                               
4 Lawrence Nolan (AMD-Discovery Channel Masters)               
5 Rick Adams (Easton/Specialized/LGBRC)                        
6 Michael Hernandez (Safeway/GA Communications)                
7 Chris Best (Team Dare)                                       
8 Mark Rodamaker (Webcor/Alto Velo)                            
9 Joel Robertson (TeamOakland/Kaiser)                           
Masters Keirin
1 Steve Pelaez (Adobe/Schwalbe p/b Lombardi Sports)            
2 Christopher Best (Team Dare)                                 
3 Adam Smith (Guinness)                                        
4 Chris Tanner (Easton/Specialized/LGBRC)                      
5 Mark Rodamaker (Webcor/Alto Velo)                            
6 Terry Tenette (AMD discovery)                                
Elite Women Match Sprint
1 Jennie Reed (Momentum Cycling)                        0.12.20
2 Anna Lang (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                         0.12.70
3 Cari Higgins (Cody Racing)                            0.12.80
4 Becky Quinn (Leader Bikes/Big City Velo)              0.13.30
5 Elizabeth Newell (Unattached)                         0.14.50
6 Alicia Arnold (MontanoVelo Track)                     0.14.70
7 Courtney Gertner (DBC)                                0.14.50

Men's sprints
1 Josiah Ng (Momentum Cycling)                          0.10.90
2 Adam Duvendeck (Momentum Cycling)                     0.11.20
3 Matt Barlee (Fast Twitch)                             0.11.30
4 Angelo Martorell (SBW)                                0.11.70
5 Travis Smith (The Track Team)                         0.11.40
6 Joshua Weir (Joshua Weir.com)                                
7 Stephen Hill                                          0.11.70
8 Bobby Walthour (Team Walthour)                                                
Women's scratch 5 kilometre 
1 Shelley Olds (Proman/Paradigm)                               
2 Jennie Reed (Momentum Cycling)                               
3 Anna Lang (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                
4 Becky Quinn (Leader bikes/Big City Velo)                     
5 Jennifer Triplett (Avanti TiCycles)                          
6 Cari Higgins (Cody Racing)                                   
7 Annette Hanson (Avant TiCycles)                              
8 Mary Maroon (Rock Lobster)                                   
9 Julie Granshaw (Morgan Stanley/24HR Fitness/Specialized)     
10 Elizabeth Newell (Unattached)                               
11 Jen Coler (Team Oakland)                                    
12 Christiane Rekai (Byrne Invent)                             
13 Kelly Bartholomew (PROMAN/Paradigm)                         
14 Niki Cranmer (PROMAN/Paradigm)                              
15 Tracey Ford (PROMAN/paradigm)                               
16 Alicia Arnold (MontanoVelo Track)       

Women's Miss-and-Out
1 Jennie Reed (Momentum Cycling)                               
2 Becky Quinn (Leader Bikes/Big City Velo)                     
3 Anna Lang (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                
4 Cari Higgins (Cody Racing)                                   
5 Annette Hanson (Avant TiCycles)                              
6 Mary Maroon (Rock Lobster)                                   
7 Nicola Cranmer (PROMAN/Paradigm)                             
8 Elizabeth Newell (Unattached)                                
9 Kelly Bartholomew (PROMAN/Paradigm)                          
10 Jennifer Triplett (Avanti Ticycles)                         
11 Caitlin Mccullough (Stanford)                               
12 Julie Granshaw (Morgan Stanley/24HR Fitness/Specialized)    
13 Courtney Gertler (Davis Bike Club)                          
19 Christiane Rekai (Byrne Invent)                             
20 Alicia Arnold (MontanoVelo Track)                           

Masters Points Race
1 Michael Hernandez (Safeway/GA Communications)                
2 Eric Hollenbeck (NA)                                         
3 Mark Rodamaker (Webcor/Alto Velo)                            
4 Shaun Wallace (Guinness Cycling)                             
5 Richard Digennaro (Solo Velo)                                
6 Kelly Silberberg (Team Spine)                                
7 Brian Peterson (Webcor/Alto Velo)                            
8 Rick Adams (Easton/Specialized)                              
9 Andrew Nevitt (Safeway/G.A. Communications)                  

Cat 3 Tempo
1 Daniel Tisdel (AMD-Discovery Channel Juniors)                
2 Joel Robertson (TeamOakland/Kaiser)                          
3 Matias Elgart (Montano Velo)                                 
4 Rory Osbrink (ALTO VELO/WEBCOR)                              
5 Nicholas Harter (kondra systems / peninsula velo)            
6 Trevor Kosa                                                  
Cat 3 Points Race
1 Joel Robertson (TeamOakland/Kaiser)                          
2 Rory Osbrink (ALTO VELO/WEBCOR)                              
3 Daniel Tisdell (AMD-Discovery Channel Juniors)               
4 Nicholas Harter (kondra systems / peninsula velo)            
5 Trevor Kosa                                                  
6 Erik Ostly (Easton/Specialized-LGBRC)