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Friday night Winter Track Racing

Dunc Gray Velodrome, Sydney, July 22, 2005

Friday Night Winter Track Racing this week commenced with a moment of silence in the memory of Amy Gillett and to send our thoughts and best wishes to Alexis Rhodes, Louise Yaxley, Katie Brown, Lorian Graham and Katie Nichols. Our thoughts were also with their family, friends and all those involved in this horrible tragedy, including the team coach Warren McDonald.

Despite the sombre start, the night turned into one of the most exciting fast moving nights ever. Again a fantastic field of 80 riders spread over 5 grades entertained the spectators throughout the night. Additionally, we had Hoppy and Browny on the tandem, offering a challenge to anyone for a 200m fly.

Hoppy/Browny Vs Barnard 200m fly

The first challenger to take on the formidable duo was the 200m fly Masters 3 World record holder Peter Barnard. Barnard recorded a respectable early-season time of 11.80 seconds. The Tandem looked a bit shaky at first but still managed to go one up with a time of 11.62 seconds. Whilst speaking to the Olympic Champion, David Short, the audience was informed that his Olympic time was 10.72.

Hoppy/Browny Vs Bolan 200m fly

Next up to the plate was the U19 Patrick Bolan who has impressed many with his immense turn of speed. The young Bolan burnt up the track in a time of 11.78 seconds to beat old-man Barnard's time, but fell short of the tandem's top speed. Hoppy and Browny lined up hell bent on beating their previous time. This time they looked a lot smoother and visibly faster, recording a time of 11.31 seconds.

Round 2 Feature Race

The Velocraft 1km Wheelrace

For Div 2

Jason Roberts, who started from scratch, has been showing fantastic form of late and was keen to do well in this prestigious race. Out in front, Sara White was also ready to take advantage of her 80m start.

On the start Matt Guillan, who was off 40m, had a mishap and took a soft fall sliding off the track. Despite the Commissaire deeming it safe to continue the race, the back markers were baulked and by the end of the first lap a significant gap had opened between those in front of the crash and those who started behind Matty.

Unfased Jason Roberts was still determined to go for the win and he made contact with the leaders with about 150m to go but could not pass them. Smart riding from Grant Fraser (20m) allowed him to come off Roberts and attack the wall of fanned out riders in front of him. On the line it was four riders all throwing and all within centimetres of the win. After a quick discussion the results were Mark Scribbins first, Fraser second Bruce Masson third and Andrew Grant fourth.

For a great bargain on racing gear contact Brad Craft from Velocraft on Velocraft@ozemail.com.au or check out his shop at http://stores.ebay.com.au/Velocraft

Round 3


A unique style of sprint racing that surprisingly works really well. In this race the winner of the first sprint wins the race and can now withdraw from the race. On the very next lap the winner of that sprint claims second and so forth until we have our four place getters.

You will understand how intriguing this race is when you follow the plight of Michael Mellish in Div1. Always keen for a win Michael placed himself well for the first sprint and initially took on Peter Spencer for the victory. Michael quickly realised that Peter was the faster man and wisely dropped onto his wheel. Peter Spencer 1st Place .

Michael was now perfectly positioned to claim the next sprint and hence a very respectable second place however, Patrick Bolan had also been attentive and came at Michael with 200m to go. The two sprinted side by side all the way to the line burning a massive amount of energy. On the line, half a wheel separated the two youngsters. Patrick Bolan 2nd Place

Having just sprinted hard Michael now had a 50 metre lead over the bunch and had no choice but to salvage some pride and continue on to claim third place. However 250m is a long way when you are stuffed. Justin Tomlinson burst out of the bunch and passed Michael 30m before the line. Justin Tomlinson 3rd place.

Michael is now in a world of pain and Grant Law easily wins the bunch sprint. Grant Law 4th place

Results for Michael = zero
Pain Level = Lemon juice in the eye.

Round 4

Mystery lappers

In this race the riders have no idea when the bell is going to ring to indicate the final lap, hence positioning is very important. One tactic is to pre-empt the bell and break away solo in hope that you are away coming into the last lap. This worked famously for Darren Kelly in Div 4 who took the victory with this tactic.

This did not work for Carl Holleman who spent what seemed like an eternity off the front of the bunch but never received the bell. In the end he was reeled in by the bunch and had no energy to participate any longer.

Results for Carl = zero
Pain Level = Cutting your finger nails too short.

Round 5

Combines + CNSW Time Blaster

The target for the time blaster was set last week by Justin Tomlinson at an amazing 9 min 06 seconds. Starting with a great bunch of 20 committed riders the pace was a consistent speed but fell 7 seconds short of the target after 10 laps. This stirred the bunch into action and riders began dropping off the back succumbing to the incredible pace. After 20 laps the group now only 6 strong was a mere 4 seconds down on schedule. The riders could now smell the money and had the bit between their teeth driving hard. A few laps later only four riders remained - Justin Tomlinson, Peter Spencer, Michael Mellish and Anthony Bennett (the latter being dropped with 5 to go). Coming into the last lap the crowd were on their feet cheering in the knowledge that it was going to be ridiculously close.

As they crossed the line the clock stopped at 9min 06.32 seconds. There is no prize for equaling the time.

Results for Justin, Michael and Peter = zero Pain Level = Deep Heat in your underwear.


Round 1
Junior Development Demonstration
1 Bree                                    
2 Andrew                                  
3 Jade                                    
Warm up scratch
Div 4B
 Brendon Fehan                            
Div 4A
 David Zulian                             
Div 3
 Paul Worby                               
Div 2
 Jason Roberts                            
Div 1
 Patrick Bolan                            
Round 2 - The Velocraft 1km Wheelrace
Div 2
1 Mark Scribbins                          
2 Grant Fraser                            
3 Bruce Masson                            
4 Andrew Grant                            
Tandem V's Barnard 200m fly
1 Hopkins/Browne                          
2 Peter Barnard                           
Round 3
Win' n' Out
Div 4b
1 Brendon Fehan                           
2 Adriano Maradini                        
3 Donna Meehan                            
4 Justin Maindetsma                       
Div 4a
1 Kaarle McCullock                        
2 David Zulian                            
3 Bede Kelly                              
4 Graham Tierney                          
Div 3
1 Geoff Worthington                       
2 Paul Worby                              
3 Michael Leach                           
4 Paul Worby                              
Div 2
1 Jason Roberts                           
2 Scott Law                               
3 Matt Guillan                            
4 Peter Brooks                            
Div 1
1 Peter Spencer                           
2 Patrick Bolan                           
3 Justin Tomlinson                        
4 Grant Law                               
Tandem V's Bolan round 2
1 Hopkins/Browne                          
2 Patrick Bolan                           
Round 4 - Mystery Lapper
Div 4b
1 Brendon Fehan                           
2 Sandra Beaumont                         
3 Adriano Maradini                        
4 Peter Raferty                           
Div 4a
1 Daren Kelly                             
2 Bede Kelly                              
3 Alistair McCausland                     
4 Niel Davis                              
Div 3
1 Paul Worby                              
2 Jorden Fawks                            
3 Michael Leach                           
4 Richard Mulbery                         
Div 2
1 Grant Fraser                            
2 Scott Law                               
3 Jim Gray                                
4 Andrew Grant                            
Div 1
1 Grant Law                               
2 James Schnieder                         
3 Justin Tomlinson                        
4 Michael Mellish                         
Round 5 - Combine "Fast Group"
1 Bede Kelly                              
2 Brendon Fehan                           
3 Liam melvile                            
4 Alex Tomlinson                          
Combine "Faster Group"
1 Jason Roberts                           
2 Carl Holleman                           
3 Richard Makin                           
4 Peter Harvey                            
CNSW Time Blaster
1 Justin Tomlinson                        
2 Michael Mellish                         
3 Peter Spencer                           
4 Anthony Bennett                         

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