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Friday Night Winter Track Racing #5

Dunc Gray Velodrome, July 16, 2004

Oh what a night

By Paul Craft

What a Night! 7 Junior Development riders, 66 main event riders, 5 Divisions, 36 races and $250 cash prizes.

The Big feature race was "The Ivan Colig MortgageMaker 1km Wheelrace". The Top 4 riders from the divisional Scratch races qualified for a chance at $200 first prize for this prestigious wheelrace.

The 4 Div 1 qualifiers all started from Scratch, Div 2 from 55m, Div 3 from 95m and Div 4 140m. The rumour was that Shaun Hopkins had employed the help of fellow Australian Champion Peter Fitzpatrick to aid him in his ambitions to win the cash prize. The rumours were confirmed when Fitzy was seen toeing Hoppy at an unbelievable pace for the first 3 laps. The perfect lead-out left Hoppy to overcome 4 riders including Paul Worby who had gone it alone off the front.

In the end Hoppy had it all wrapped up with 100m to travel for a comfortable victory. Although it may seem the handicaps favoured the scratch riders, the placing's revealed that a Div 1 claimed first, a Div 4 held on for second and a Div3 rider came home for third.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Ivan Colig and MortgageMaker for supporting this great event. You can contact Ivan on ivan.colig@mortgagemaker.com.au or visit the MortgageMaker website on www.mortgagemaker.com.au.

The explosive 1 lap screamers saw some interesting match-ups as 4 riders did battle in each heat to complete the lap from a standing start. Dan O'Callaghan recovered from his first false start in which he crashed, to win his heat in 21.9seconds for the 270m. However there was no doubting that the fastest rider of the night was once again Shaun Hopkins who edged out Peter Fitzpatrick in a time of 20.25 seconds that equates to 18.95seconds for the 250m lap. Any faster and we will have to go to a tribunal to determine if he has equine or human blood.

Round fours endurance race this week was the snowball. In a piece of tactical genius Joel Chant and Alan Townsend shut shop on the Div 3 race. Generally in a snowball race the riders with aspirations of victory hold back in the first few sprints which are worth minimal points. So when Joel and Alan went hell for leather in the first sprint the bunch followed at a safe distance but were fooled when they realised that the duo were continuing on with there pre-planned attack. The two Parramatta teammates simple swap turns in winning the points and consequently continuously swapped the lead of the race. In the End it came down to the final sprint worth 10 points, Which Joel Chant managed to win for an impressive overall victory. The pair did so well that no other riders managed any points thus no third place was awarded.

The final round of the night was the much anticipated NSWIS + NSWCF Time Blaster won by promising first year U19 rider Anthony Bennett, in a time of 9 minutes 36 seconds (46.9km/h). This eclipsed the previous time by 14 seconds and scored the talented young rider $50. The "Time Blaster" will be on again in one fortnight's time and will once again be worth a mere $50 for the winning rider who can beat 9min 36sec.

Next year I might invest in horse barriers for the start of the 1 lap Screamer.

Till next week, Paul.


Mortgagemaker Junior Development demonstration.
Demo 1 Brendan Loie
Demo 2 David Moiler
Round 1: Warm up scratch Race winners; qualifiers for Ivan Colig Wheelrace
Div 4
1 Paul Worby
2 Peter Flinn
3 Daren McNeil
4 Richard Lang
Div 3
1 Matt Smith
2 Brad Craft
3 Joel Chant
4 Geoff Worthington
Div 2
1 Roland Lang
2 Graham McClimont
3 David South
4 Ivan Colig
Div 1
1 Shaun Hopkins
2 Peter Fitzpatrick
3 Michael Mellish
4 Anthony Bennett
1 Jason Roberts
2 Ben Trojko
3 Josh Dolan
4 Rod Wagner
Round 2: The Ivan Colig Finacial Consultant MortgageMaker 1km Wheelrace
1 Shaun Hopkins (Div 1)
2 Matt Smith (Div 3)
3 Paul Worby (Div 4)
4 Anthony Bennett (Div 1)
Group Handicap Novice
1 Chris Murray (130m)
2 Kevin Stubbs (130m)
3 Ben Trojko (Scratch)
4 Jason Roberts (Scratch)
Handicap Miss 'n' Out Div 4
1 Neil Land (Scratch)
2 Paul Regattieri (130m)
3 John Awakian (130)
4 Tanya Bosch (130)
Handicap Miss 'n' Out Div 3
1 Alan Townsend (Scra)
2 Jason Frazer (130m)
3 Deena Faulkner (130m)
4 Matt Brown (Scratch)
Handicap Miss 'n' Out Div 2
1 Dan O'Callaghan (Scratch)
2 Jim Gray (Scratch)
3 Alex Simmons (Scratch)
4 Geoff Hopkins
Handicap Miss 'n' Out Div 1
1 Stuart Millar (Scratch)
2 Dean Preddy (130m)
3 Brett Johnston (Scratch)
4 Michael Poppelwell (130m)
Round 3 1 lap Screamer
Drag-race Div 4 Heat 1
1 Darren McNeil
2 Richard Lang
3 Peter Flinn
4 Paul Worby
Drag-race Div 4 Heat 2
1 Niel Land
2 John Awakian
3 Ruth Oxlade
4 David Birss
Drag-race Div 4 Heat 3
1 Teagan Hines                                23.51
2 Tanya Bosch
3 Russel Brown
Drag-race Div 4 Heat 4
1 Paul Regattieri                             23.44
2 Niel Leifels
3 Brian Hopkins
4 Alec Lazich
Drag-race Novice Heat 1
1 Jason Roberts                               23.31
2 Josh Dolan
3 Ben Trojko
4 Rod Wagner
Drag-race Novice Heat 2
1 Kevin Stubbs                                24.59
2 Gorden Bradshaw
3 Chris Murry
4 Scott Chapman
Drag-race Div 3 Heat 1
1 Joel Chant                                  21.84
2 Matt Smith
3 Geoff Worthington
4 Brad Craft
Drag-race Div 3 Heat 2
1 Terry Scarr                                 21.32
2 Michael Leach
Drag-race Div 3 Heat 3
1 Alan Townsend                               21.88
2 Jason Frazer
3 Matt Brown
Drag-race Div 3 Heat 4
1 Andrew Grant                                22.56
2 peter Ganss
3 Deena Faulkner
Drag-race Div 2 Heat 1
1 Roland Lang                                 21.63
2 Ivan colig
3 Graham McClymont
Drag-race Div 2 Heat 2
1 Dan O'Callaghan                             21.90
2 Alex Simmons
3 Phil McKnight
4 Sarah White
Drag-race Div 2 Heat 3
1 Geoff Hopkins                               21.44
2 Jim Gray
3 John Dean
Drag-race Div 1 Heat 1
1 Shaun Hopkins                               20.25
2 Peter Fitzpatrick
3 Anthony Bennett
4 michael Mellish
Drag-race Div 1 Heat 2
1 Dean Preddy                                 21.72
2 Stuart Miller
3 Michael Poppelwell
4 Craig Eather
Drag-race Div 1 Heat 3
1 Patrick Bolan                               21.80
2 Phil Dixon
3 Daniel Ellis
Drag-race Div 1 Heat 4
1 Brett Johnston                              21.10
2 David Brown
3 Peter Barnard
Round 4
SnowBall Div 4 + Novice
1 Richard Lang                                   29 pts
2 Paul Worby                                     21
3 John Awakian                                    5
SnowBall Div 3
1 Joel Chant                                     35 pts
1 Alan Townsend                                  20
3 Bunch                                           0
SnowBall Div 2
1 Phil McKnight                                  24 pts
1 Roland Lang                                    17
3 Ivan Colig                                      6
4 Graham McClimont                                5
SnowBall Div 1
1 Phil Dixon                                     27 pts
2 Daniel Ellis                                   18
3 Anthony Bennett                                 7
3 Michael Poppelwell                              3
Round 5
Scratch Div 3 and Div 4 Combine
1 Matt Smith
2 Brad Craft
3 Joel Chant
4 Micael Leach
NSWCF + NSWIS Time Blaster
Scratch Div 1 and Div 2 Combine
1 Anthony Bennett                              9.36
2 Micheal Mellish
3 Roland Lang
4 David South 
Local results 2004