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Bayern Rundfahrt
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Eurobike show

Germany, August 31-September 4, 2005

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Part 5 - Rockin' Rubber From DedaTre

Deda RS Corsa
Photo ©: Deda
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Cyclingnews took a close look at Deda's all new for 2006 DedaTre tyre line at the Eurobike show. Last year, Deda launched its new line of high-end, high quality bicycle tyres called DedaTre and this year the tyres have been used to great success, with Fassa Bortolo's Alessandro Petacchi has riding to 22 wins so far this year on them. Another Alessandro, this time Valverde of Iles Balears rode his DedaTre rubber to a Tour de France stage win ahead of Lance Armstrong on Courchevel.

DedaTre's new manager Ambrogio Motta, with many years of experience in the bicycle tyre sector told Cyclingnews, "We've decided to re-focus the entire DedaTre tyre line for 2006, with plenty of new tubular, open tubular and clincher models." DedaTre's top tubular model is the Olimpico, a 295 gram weight handmade in Italy tubular with a "puntinato" tread that is reminiscent of Clement's beloved Strada 66 model. With 300tpi cotton casing, puncture resistant belting and latex tube that's available with natural latex or black sidewalls, Olimpico is a state of the art tubular. "We've also created two other tubulars that focus on different needs", explained Motta. "Wet-Con has a 300tpi cotton casing and latex tube, that has the same features as the Olimpico, with a special wet weather rubber compound and rigato-spina tread for wet conditions."

DedaTre Grinta
Photo ©: Deda
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DedaTre also has another new tubular for the toughest condititions called Nord, an appropriate name for a tubular designed for the slippery, muddy cobblestones of northern France and Belgium. "We have made the Nord with a larger, 24mm section that is adapted for the rough pave' roads, with a 300tpi cotton casing, latex tube that weighs 310 grams and has the famous spinato-rigato tread pattern as historical tubular tyres for Paris-Roubaix," Motta told Cyclingnews. DedaTre's entry level training tubular for 2006 is called Mondiale, with the legendary tread pattern of the Clement Elvesia tubular, updated with a full black 23mm diameter, 270 tpi casing, puncture resistant belting and butyl tube inside that weighs in at 340 grams.

Toping DedaTre's offerings in the wired-on category is the RD Corsa open tubular, a handmade 23mm diameter tyre with a 300tpi cotton casing, puncture resistant belting and spinato/puntinato tread that is instantly recognizable. Available with natural latex or black sidewalls, RD Corsa is a fast, functional open tubular. DedaTre's top clincher RS has a dual compound tread, 120 tpi foldable Nylon casing, puncture resistant belting that weighs 210 grams and is available with all black sidewalls, or twin-tread with black sidewalls. DedaTre's entry level clincher is called Grinta and this determined young 240 gram clincher has a 23mm section, 60 tpi foldable Nylon casing, puncture resistant belting and unique ribbed and sculpted tread.


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  • Deda RS Corsa - now available with 'none more black' sidewall.
  • DedaTre Grinta - a new training tyre for those days when you don't want to wear out your Corsas.

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