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Bicycling Australia Show

Sydney, Australia, October 21-23, 2005

Not just a little Down Under expo

By John Stevenson

Over the weekend of October 21-23 the Bicycling Australia show was the annual opportunity for the Australian bike industry to get together, hang out, do a little business and display its wares to dealers and rider.

As you might expect at a show coming toward the end of the August-October trade show season, there wasn't much that we hadn't already seen at Eurobike, EICMA, Interbike and London, but there was a significant mount of interesting stuff from local companies, plus the chance to catch up with a few folks whom we'd missed in the insanity of the bigger busier shows. And with summer coming to Australia as the winter begins to bite in the northern hemisphere we weren't too surprised to bump into a few industry figures who'd decided a few days in warmer climes sounded like a good idea!

For starters, we'll look at a few of the homegrown Australian companies that had new and interesting stuff at the show.

Show coverage





Part 1

October 21-23

Homegrown hardware from Baum, Leggera-Teschner & Knog


Part 2

October 21-23

Cervelo - lighter, Stiffer, stronger


Part 3

October 26

More than just a bike show - extra attractions and overseas visitors